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Circle of Souls Application

To turn in an application, you will need to be registered on the COS Forums. Once registered you will be able to fill out the below questions. A member will get back with you in-game or on the boards.

Circle of Souls is comprised of 3 tiers:
  • Members - The Full Members of COS

  • Recruits - Affiliates working toward Membership in COS

  • Affiliates - Friends of the guild who play with us, or Trial Recruits

As an applicant, you will start out as an Affiliate.

Regarding in-game Raids: If you are joining COS so that you can raid...think twice. We are a casual-gaming guild comprised mainly of working adults, and we raid about 1-2 times a week, usually the smaller dungeons. So if that is your reason, leave now.

Our goal is to find like-minded players to have fun and build relationships that last well beyond any single game. Raiding and obtaining cool stuff in any game is fun and important (sure)...but is secondary.

And sadly...we are so full up with members and so busy, we are not accepting applications at this time. But thanks for dropping by.

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