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Circle of Souls Guestbook Archive

Spanning from early 1997 to 2000

Name: Megaloaf
Posted on: 28-Jul-00 11:39 pm

Dude, you guys need lives. Killing all blues at crossroads is not cool.

Name: Lilith
Posted on: 20-May-00 04:10 pm

ummm kick ass

Name: whitemagic
Website: circle of souls
Posted on: 24-Jun-99 08:47 am

I think this web site is excellent keep up the good work guy's and girls .

Name: Entres
Posted on: 13-Mar-99 12:05 pm

Hail all. I don't know if you will be traveling to EQ or not but did want to let everyone know that currently there is a debate going on at Lord Nasher'sLounge/Cazic-Thule, Fennin Ro, Rathe, Tarew Mar Folder to try and keep the NWNcommunity together as much as possible within EQ. Basically we are trying to selecta shard or server for all of NWN to log into and play on.

The deadline for casting your vote on aparticular server is this Sunday at 10:00 p.m. PST. If you are from NWN andare planning on going to EQ, please be sure to go and vote on the server.

The servers being considered are:Cazic-Thule, Fennin Ro, Rathe, Tarew Marr. If you have a preference, please vote onone of them. I would ask that prior to casting your vote, you consider reading thefolder Lord Nasher'sLounge/OK, what server for Retail?

Voting is limited to one vote per persongoing to EQ and people from NWN only. Also, keep in mind that this is an OOCdecision and not an IC one.

Hope to see you all in "their world" next Tuesday!


Note: I do not have the URLs to all the old guild message boards & I do not have a complete NWN mailing string or ICQ list anymore. Please get the above information out to friends from NWN. Thanks!

Name: War Knight
Website: The KAAOS Hellhole
Posted on: 16-Dec-98 10:07 am

Ok gimps, your favorite KAAOS God is putting together the '99 NWN Chicago Bash. Email me at warknight@aol.com if you wish to be put on the mailstring. We are looking at the usual time of mid-April.Later mortalsWar Knightyur God

Name: Pugb0y
Posted on: 23-Nov-98 05:19 am

hello kiddies;>

Name: Lord Arews
Posted on: 12-Oct-98 10:56 am

Hello, im sure you have nodda clue who I am, but I am a warrior, probably like your self just from a different Realm, one known as DSO I followed a link in OMMs Guest book, and just was looking into you, you seem like a pretty cool guild, with a nice web sight, though I just wonder if your as good at killing in your realm as you brag about. =)

Name: Jon Q
Posted on: 13-Sep-98 09:10 pm

You guys are pretty creative.

Name: Demmy
Posted on: 27-Aug-98 01:05 am

ROFL Eryi, even I know who the 3rd Soul was. Shame he let his goodie side get the best of him, and he turned away from the darkness within him. ;>on a diffrent note. Post all yer rants, raves, whines, bitches, and general comments on the new Soulie boards. Soul Board! ya know ya wanna. -G-

Name: WGW Daphne
Website: wyvern's roost
Posted on: 21-Aug-98 11:33 pm

Please drop by and say hello, we have much interest in hearing what you have to say in terms of organizing. Stop in the Diaries and post.. you know how it goes Master.. you have led guilds a time or two... even at the onset of this guild.... if I recall correctly.

Name: Eyridyne
Posted on: 21-Aug-98 11:28 pm

After reading thy history, my head aches slightly. Methinks Master thou hath forgotten a thing or two. :P Come to UO and find me.. in my alter ego as Daphne. My beloved Kai is there as Shinto. We are on the Sonoma shard and very happy. We shall remind you of whence you came... if you like ;p And it all did begin with Wrencher, Master, one other... remember his name? I do.

Name: Blackie Magic
Posted on: 16-Aug-98 10:30 am

Hey Guys.. just thought i would drop in on yas:)Site looking good so far.. Cant wait to see the finished product!!Blackie

Name: Master
Posted on: 24-Jun-98 12:17 pm

Had to stick this in here just to laugh at it later - a repost from the COS Private boards on Monarchy!
Wednesday June 24 9:54 am EDT

Report: CoR Sues SoulCorp: Names SoulMaster as offender

NEW YORK (Reuters) - CoR (Crusaders of the Realm) today announced a pending lawsuit in federal court against the notorious Corporation of SOUL, otherwise known as SOULCORP.

The lawsuit stems from a continuing rivalry on "Monarchy" (www.monarchy.com) - an online turn-based text game. A prominent member of CoR, Latta, alleges SoulMaster and associates have constantly undermined his legal right to "have fun and interact in a game where CoR can be free to express itself without undue recourse." Apparantly, SoulMaster and associates have publically been kicking Latta's ass all over Monarchy, and have no intention of stopping.

Representatives of SOULCORP were difficult to locate, but the following statements were released from SOULCORP's camp.

"They can kiss our arses! Damn KORT wannabes." - Souldemon

"CoR? LickBalls!" - SoulMaster

The statement also indicated that SOULCORP has no ill will toward any member of CoR, but merely wishes to "eradicate all wusses" from said venue. And included CoR in its list of alleged or proven wusses...a list detailing many guilds, including such "dead" guilds as OMM.

More on this breaking story as it develops.

Note: SOULCORP has been named in numerous lawsuits in the past year, ranging from harrassment, slander, libel, attempted murder, murder, premeditated murder, assault, battery, mental anguish, jaywalking, and various parking violations - none of which have been proven. The witnesses amazingly refute the prosecution's accusations on a regular basis.^REUTERS@

In other news, Xinjin, reputed leader of the Shadow Group known as Circle of Assassins, was asked how he felt about such associates being accused of such crimes.

His response - "Soul who?"

Website: OMM Guildhall
Posted on: 29-May-98 04:17 pm

LOL SOUL ROFLOL LOL ROFLOLHahahahhahahahaits a joke right Soul?hehe Heyas SoulbitesLTNSIam Back you are stillnot Worth my time and effort hehehe

Name: Demmy
Website: Demmy's Crypt
Posted on: 26-May-98 07:27 am

LOL Gotta luv them OMM newbs. Speaking of still being around, ya'll wusses are still around? Thought ya'd of died out by now. If yer sorry ass ever gets to LoE be sure to look me up, I'll personally introduce ya to the gate once again.
Ta ta fer now kiddies.

Name: Ringthanes
Posted on: 01-May-98 08:42 pm

Master the site kicks ass, as I figured it would.

Name: PyroGuy
Website: PyroGuy's Web World
Posted on: 28-Apr-98 06:57 pm

Wow. What a weird page. I dunno what's on it cuz the computer's loading really slow. I'm enjoying the firey pics, though.

Name: Ringthanes
Posted on: 28-Apr-98 01:02 pm

Bro Soul's, the site rocks, especially the old NWN shit. I was dying at the capped museum. To reminisce of the "old days" was kewl, but prep for Kharduum boys..It's gonna rock!!Latah bro's~Rings~

Name: SoulMaster
Posted on: 21-Apr-98 04:13 pm

Hey ranma...didn't I beat your ass like a silly little girl a few times? LOL...talk of newbs, you only insult yourselves you wannabe.

Check the pics, they speak for themselves.

Where the hell is that OMM-Raid when ya got an infestation startin'

Name: OMM ranma
Posted on: 20-Apr-98 06:23 pm

so you newbs are still around. why dont you guys get a life and stay on your own web page Soul newbs.

Name: Extra
Posted on: 31-Mar-98 01:32 am

Just checkin to see what yer site looked like. Leavin just a little ity bity piece of my soul for ya :)

Name: Pope
Posted on: 25-Mar-98 10:48 pm

Heheh, enjoyed the site.

Name: SSB Deluge
Posted on: 01-Mar-98 12:56 am

Nice place you got here, though a bit short of ale. Love yer personal add to Master, mayhaps one of the BR wenches would fit the bill ;p

Name: Beast
Posted on: 19-Feb-98 07:06 pm

love tha page bro ;> *THUD!*

Name: Ishmael
Posted on: 15-Feb-98 08:32 pm

i i gotta say, u have a cool page my man i was hopin u had the pre-beta files from ealier here so i could grabem and then grab the others u put up too, but i don't see'm....btw, your music kinda hangs up at the end right before it loops...not sure why, i'm usin NN 4.01

Name: CARam0N
Posted on: 10-Feb-98 11:24 am

Paladin 4ever! Restore my stomping ground, with physical attack allowed, so I can destroy the scumbag evil living within! includes Kaaos, ITB, etc.

Posted on: 29-Jan-98 10:55 am

--AND THE GATE OPENS!!--WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!KEF IN!--quickly adds site to favorites--Bro's!! (and you to Demon;pp) Gone to long but back from the depths. I look foward to LOE where I see the SOUL'S have already made there presence known. Hip me to the COS so I don't have to join KEF GATE

Name: Entreri
Posted on: 25-Jan-98 10:13 am

;p Got any bean dip?

Name: Luna Rhad'hamaerl
Website: Luna's Moon
Posted on: 19-Nov-97 10:07 pm

Oh the site looks kick ass!!!! Very nice... but I'd expect nothing less from my SOULIES! <>from the Soulies Official Blonde Mascot

Name: Demmy
Website: Barney Homepage
Posted on: 15-Nov-97 08:22 pm

Sweet bro, ya got the guestbook back up ;p
Thought this had gone and died away LOL

Name: Master
Website: Barbie's Playhouse
Posted on: 28-Aug-97 03:39 pm

Now dammit Binder...don't make me fucking gate you.

LOL...glad to see the stragglers finding their way back...things are a bit different this time around...will be re-doing the web site soon.

Name: Binder
Website: This one ;P
Posted on: 10-Nov-97 02:37 pm

Hehe, alrighty Master, BTW...if you need any help on the page just tell me.

Name: Demon
Website: NiE Home Page!!
Posted on: 27-Aug-97 15:58 pm

Binder, Welcome back bro, ya made it back just in time. The KORT-ERIFFIC Fun is just bout to begin!!!
Lusty! Hon!!! Ya don't know how good it is ta see ya again ::grins::

Name: Soulbinder
Website: Souls.Com Har!!
Posted on: 27-Aug-97 01:56 pm

--a dark hole appears in the Soul compound and Binder steps out-- You all didn't think I had left you did you? Well I'm back from my journey and here to stay, Demon, let's go kill a few NiE's for old time sake? Hehe, see you all soon... --Binder stalks off, looking around for something to do--

-=Binder=- Your soul shall be binded with the darkness that rules this foreboding world!

Name: S0UL Lust!! aka Lusty :p
Posted on: 08/26/1997 6:03 pm

Hail S0UL's!! I've missed you all very much. ::grin::

Name: Demon
Posted on: 08/25/1997 3:29 pm

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the sight of destruction!!!!
LOL, anyways I -finally- got the f'n background to come out on my post a message page, Aftah 3 days of screw'n round with it ;x
On another note, see bout yer ancient Guild bro, if they's will take the three of us, if not we'll still all hang tagether just like da old days -weg-
OMM 4-life!!!!!!!

Name: Da Demon
Posted on: 08/19/1997 2:39 pm

Gotta start this off by saying...
Ok's, now on to the fun stuff, I'm thinkin that I wanna be in pre also ;p
But as soon as Fred gets all that shyte fixed we'll get our chance (I hope) LOL.
Looks like the Soulie's are back ::WEG::
~Da Demon

Name: Master
Posted on: 08/04/1997 3:05 pm

Whelp, this damn thing is friggin werkin again...so here I am...come and get me. ROFL...wish you fellas could join me in Pre...this game will work for now.

Name: SoulDemon
Posted on: 07/24/1997 1:01 pm

Welp, looks like its time ta bring da Demon outta retirement C-yas all goodie like types over in LoE, if yas nice I might let ya live long enuf to enjoy it ;> Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Demmit!!!!

Name: Hawk Moon
Website: Lords Of Empyria
Posted on: 07/18/1997 12:48 am

Dear Soul Master, LOL, you are sooooooooo funny your self. (regarding the post you left in the question area of LOE web site) I would tweak your cutsey little cheek but my touch might burn your wicked little skin for I belong to a small group of entities who are not bound by the good or evil of this plane, we have not the same "souls" as your victims and are untouchable by any realm except the one we come from. We can tread in all places and be touched by none. Your web site is very good, love the effects. Who's the creative genious? Your evilness is in "good" taste -BG-

Name: the fury(ssb fury)
Posted on: 06/20/1997 3:32 pm

I agree with master and wraith. FUck them all. And wraith i'll be there to dm ya if ya want. Now where'd i put my saves. = . Let me back in Master, I never should have left you guys!

Name: Da Pissed Off Wraith
Posted on: 06/19/1997 7:25 pm

Fuck it...! WHY THE HELL DID I FIND AN EVICTION NOTICE ON MY APARTMENT IN THE UNDER!!! ITS THAT FUCKIN SNOWIE BITCH AGAIN!!! FUCK U WHORE!!! AND THAT FAGGOT STEVE CASE!!! LICK THE CUM OFF MY COCK U PUSSY MOTHERFUCKER!!!....... Now that I've vented.. who's gonna DM me on the last day??? I wanna go out with style goddammit!!!

Name: Vagabond
Posted on: 06/19/1997 12:04 am

souls...spread the word within the community but keep it on the hush on the outside...what about if ALL of us move to Ultima. We're talking about a NWN guild! ALl of us under different FACTIONS...keeping our names but with NWN in front of them...for instance... NWN Souldmaster NWN Vagabond NWN ITBSKORP NWN EgoPrime...not bad eh? Primedevil came up with the idea and i fully support it 100%. weve been taking heat on the mercs message board cause everyone looks down at people who play NWN. lets show them exactly what we have...a community of long standing honor and HUGE numbers. post on every message board you can and let everyone else know...lets get this NeverWinterNights Guild off the ground and migrate to Ultima as soon as its out!

Name: SoulMaster
Posted on: 06/18/1997 10:29 am

And oh yea...
Ya Punk Ass Fucktard and Smelly Bitch Slut Ho!

Gimme my damn game back ;P

Name: Vagabond
Posted on: 06/18/1997 8:40 am

Aye, Master, fucking sucks. Keep in touch bro.

Name: SoulMaster
Posted on: 06/18/1997 8:17 am

Well, they finally did it. AOL has pulled the plug on NWN, and we have less than a month of game life left. Sucks to be us. Anyway, I will spend the remaining days of my game time harrassing the shit out of newbs, and owning the wharves. Then I will turn off AOL for good.

Been fun everyone.

I am testing a game called Lords of Empyria. Don't know about PvP, but the game looks to be pretty cool, ya never do know!! I will post around about it in the NWN Folders...see what we cannot get going interest-wise.

Name: Demon
Posted on: 06/15/1997 0:36 am

ROFLMFAO!!! Listen up ya RG Wannabe's..Today I CHALLANGED one of you members to a pvp, ROFL..no I actually Challanged all 4 of your members that were on to a 4-1 fight and this is what I got as a response.."Talk to our GM before I fight you" ::boot:: sounds like yas chicked out, LOL..Welp..tell ya newbs what.. Esp me sometime when ya got more then 1 max'd member on, and then I'll destroy ya ;> LMFAO! RK's..bro..they stole half of our ideas... they got a postion called a Adept, remembers S0UL having one also, well..before..ya know ;> Damn Wannabe's..Wait..I got it.I bet one of us is there GM, thats why there posting here Master, ya didn't tell me you started another guild??! and why the hell wasn't I invited ta join? I wanna be a RG wannabe too!!! LMFAO! wonder if the RG's even know they got wershipers..hmm.. I'll have a talk with um and see ;>

Name: Master
Posted on: 06/13/1997 10:36 am

LOL...and who the fuck are you even talking about? Hey Toes...go back to where ya came from (Wharves) before you get yer scrawny unworthy ass kicked AGAIN all day in the PvP areas. And oh yea...maybe you can eat my shit when I am done embarrassing you this time around.

::Walks off muttering something about pussies, ROFL::

Name: CheToesy (Matron RT)
Website: CheToesy's place of Omens
From: TOL (thats sanc sonnyboy)
Posted on: 1997-06-12 13:39:00

Just Wanted to laught at you pussys who think that you are sooo FUKIN good cause you kick the crap out of a guild who plays trivia, and pvp's only in southwall. CheToesy Ilharess RT the first house of Neverwinter "dangerously cheezy"

Name: Yer Master
From: You so much fucking crack me up
Posted on: 1997-06-11 08:36:00

Lumino, once again, thank you for the extreme worship that you decide to show our little group. Good stuff, I always love it when some newb guild and some nub player comes and visits me. LOL, don't forget to wash behind your ears before going to bed now. It is almost 9:00 pm now and mommy is gonna get pissed at you being on the computer since I am done backdooring her soft ass. See ya in the realms pussyboy.

Name: Lumino = BAD
Referred by: I am from Neverwinter
From: RK
Posted on: 1997-06-10 23:16:00

All I can do is laugh at yer rediculous comments. The words that you use, which ye deem insulting, are nothing but the tools of the ignorant...words used by those who have not the vocabulary to think of more effective methods of communication. ROFL! BTW I now own the "Unders."

Name: Master
Website: This one :PPPPP
Posted on: 1997-06-09 08:25:00

LMFAO Lumino! We just took down Guild OMM with only TWO of us. Ya think you can handle it? LOL, not. Take yer best and put em against our WORST, and y'ell see what ya got. ROFLMAO, victorious SOULs, thats what. And by the way, numbers don't mean shit you fool! LOL...

"Lumino: Hehehehe, We got 5000 members!!! We are sooooo fucking cool!!"

Posted on: 1997-06-09 07:59:00


Website: 3;>
Posted on: 1997-06-08 05:08:00

HEY! Ahh... Never Mind ;p Haven't seen any S0ULs in the Unders in a while. Hope the RK wussies didn't scare yah off. You guyz are pretty bad 3;>

Name: Lumino
Website: Hall O' Knights
Referred by: I am from Neverwinter
From: RK
Posted on: 1997-06-06 18:47:00

ROFL! multiply those 3 members ye think we got by 15 and yer getting closer

Name: The Demon
Posted on: 1997-06-06 16:48:00

RK...RK...RK...RK... Nope...never heard of ya..your what again?? Wait..ya said Royal Knights..would that be anything like Royal Guards? Or maybe one of those other Knights guilds...LOL.. Next time your gonna come up with a guild, pick something that isn't already in use. And If your whole 3 members feel lucky Yas can come find me in da unders ;>

Name: the women call me GOD but you maggots can call me Wraith!
From: i defected to OMM ;pppp
Posted on: 1997-06-05 19:30:00

Damn abbil!! I saw that RK crest and shit my pants until I found out that they have a huge fucking army of a whole 3 fucking members!!! ROFLMGDFAO!! Can you say..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! RK.. Learn tha correct form of worship from the other bootlickers here, and bow before yer betters!! If we like ya enuff, we might actually EAT yer unworthy carcasses after we get done torturing and killing you!!! Just think.. What a fucking HONOR for you!! Roflmao!! Now get the hell outta here before I let some of the wannabe s0uls tear you apart to attempt to prove their worthiness! -kicks RK newbie in tha teeth- Come my pets.. here's a toy!!

From: Lords of Freedom
Posted on: 1997-06-05 14:12:00

Hey maggots...Nice place yah got here ;p

Name: Drakenhof Blackmourn
From: Guild Of Chaos
Posted on: 1997-06-05 05:40:00

Impressive webpage!! And SoulMaster, it HAS been too long! Always wondered where you went after you disappeared a couple of years ago!


Website: Hall o' Knights
From: RK
Posted on: 1997-06-04 17:14:00

And a another thing...i'm under ALL THE TIME

Name: SSB Guy
From: SSB
Posted on: 1997-06-04 13:27:00

Hello there. Just thought I'd come visit your site. I like it. Haven't seen alot of you around lately. Ahh well. See ya in the realm. SSB Guy Baron Plunderers

Website: ;p
Posted on: 1997-06-04 02:09:00

Came tah worship yahs... One freakin' hell of a page. I'm out.. Skul~ Feeb. Factory

Name: SSB Vhex
From: Sacred Silver Blades
Posted on: 1997-06-01 14:30:00

Nice home ya got here. If your an evil & vile creature. But alas as soon as I stop shaking. I'm leaveing. Great page. SSB VHEX

Name: Vagabond
Website: PatheticNightmaskFucks
Referred by: I really wanna be a S0UL
Posted on: 1997-05-29 10:11:00

Not too shabby of a site ~ but get rid of that damn repeating Hellraiser Sound, it's killin my head!

From: KEF IN !!!!!!!
Posted on: 1997-05-27 07:29:00


Name: The one and only Demon
From: Take a Guess ;>
Posted on: 1997-05-25 14:19:00


Name: Master
From: This one ;ppp
Posted on: 1997-05-23 14:42:00

Gonna be out fer da weekend...will be checkin me e-mail, and be checkin the boards...will work on getting last year's Guestbook Archive back online after.


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