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Circle of Souls History

1996 - 1997.

Circle of Souls was founded as the Souls of Neverwinter in 1996. At that time, two friends had been playing NWN on AOL for a number of years, and decided to start something fresh modeled after an older guild that had been banned for not providing a 'member' list to the NWN authorities.

Eldan and Medar started the group small, with around 5 original members, all friends they knew well. After word began spreading, others silently came forward, interested in playing the 'other side' of the fence, away from rules and structures of their current guilds. Within four months, membership had grown to over 25+ members with applicants being rejected every few days. While NWN lasted, Medar sat as GM with Eldan as AGM. Both were GMs of other guilds as well, so this was an easy task for both.

In June of 1997, AOL closed the doors on NWN forever, basically shitting on its member base of thousands that had played the game for years. Most of the 60 or more guilds organized in the game ceased to exist overnight. The last week of the game, Medar and Eldan discussed their alternatives, and decided to again start fresh. A renaming and a purge was about to occur. You can read the old history here.

The outcome was Eldan and Medar taking over as partners and running the guild first in Lords of Empyria, and then moving on to Ultima Online.

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