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Circle of Souls History

1997 - 2000

Ultima Online was a feeding ground for the newly reformed Circle of Souls. Membership reached 40-50 regular players, and CoS was a large part of the early and mid-game PvP sceneon the Great Lakes server. Eldan took the GM chair during this time, with Medar serving in an advisor capacity. Both still ran other guilds, so CoS ran itself smoothly.

CoS was regularly found PvPing at the Brit Crossroads, any random dungeon, or skirmishing Order Guards in towns. The guild set up a number of 'PvP houses' at the Brit Xroads, and we were constantly enjoying the flow of traffic.

The Wahoo

Even constant PvP became droll when Origin screwed with the code enough to make you constantly rebuild your character. From the early days of GM'ing the hell out of everything you could, to the days of the Tank-Mage, then to the 'special' days of the 7xGM builds for either town fighting or PvPing in the outlying areas, you were constantly 'fixing' something due to a fucked up patch. So CoS became bored...and wahoo'ing ensued.

It could be done with one or two people. The first would get 'killed' in town, typically near a bank. He would of course lose all his belongings in his pack, including his runestone to his house and a house key 'hidden' a few pouches deep. Fuxxored? Not quite. Quickly logging in as another character, this same guy would stealth or hide in his house, and wait for the n00b train to roll in. What happened next was always humorous. A Gate would appear and 1-3 idiots would step through, trying out doors with the stolen key and runestone. They would always find the house, and as soon as 1-2 of them stepped in, they would flag Grey and be killable with no punishment. The member or two hiding would then drop a table in front of the door and close/lock it - trapping the morons inside. 5 seconds later, a couple of dead guys would get THEIR houses looted because they were stupid enough to think they could gate in and out easily emptying our place.

Good, clean, entertaining shit.

But you can only wahoo so much (well...a lot if you add up the years). Origin finally put the final nail in the UO coffin when they 'split' the world into Carebear and PvP. CoS left Ultima Online shortly after.

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