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Circle of Souls History

2000 - 2004

Following the UO exodus, Eldan and Medar dealt with life, and played random games. Both still belonged to other guilds and clans, and focused on running the show at these other groups. But CoS was always present deep within other guilds. Members still played as CoS in many games.

Life happened quickly...one was already married, the other got married. One had a kid or two, the other laughed at him for it and then started thinking on it. Plenty of Counter-Strike, Quake (pick your version), Warcraft, and a host of other games were played. Dark Age of Camelot happened in a big way, and both were large and in charge there as well. CoS again lurked in the darkness of DAOC, beckoning new members.

But again came the day where both were becoming tired of dealing with constant whining and bullshit, and CoS began thrumming even harder in the back of their heads. They had plenty of friends humming the same tune...

Read on.


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