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Circle of Souls History

2004 - 2008

In late 2004, Medar decided he had dealt with enough bullshit in the Sacred Silver Blades, and after 10 years of sitting as the longest active GM for SSB, he found himself again called back to the CoS perspective on life and gaming.

A few months into 2005 and Eldan and Medar were again talking of CoS. Whatever previously had clicked in Medar's head now snapped and overnight he abandoned SSB, his guild of 10 years. He decided to completely focus on CoS. Not wanting to recruit from SSB, he told nobody of his intentions, but many SSB members cast off their blue cloaks and openly declared their affiliation and membership in CoS. The guild whose members had existed for so many years inside SSB and other guilds again stepped out of the shadows.

By June of 2005, Circle of Souls was again running hard, with a host of solid members having something snap for them as well. Archos, Arcum, Deluge, Dest, Eldan, Grym, Hod, Mac, Magnus, Medar, Ralved, Sammy, Storm, Stru, and Tarkyn were among the earliest contributers to the latest incarnation of CoS. Ram, Drue, Meig, and Pal were also in the early crowd, but left soon after the split with SSB.

CoS made its home on the Archimonde (PvP) in World of Warcraft and while members can still be found time to time running around in the Cataclysm, most have moved on to other games and worlds.

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