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Circle of Souls History

2011 - 2012

Circle of Souls was drawn to Star Wars and the promise of space combat and lightsabers without all the crap that made Star Wars Galaxies a waste of time. World of Warcraft had begun to bore even the most diehard members and it was time for a change, SWTOR was built up to be the World of Levelcraft killer and at first, it didn't disappoint.

Unfortunately, once everyone hit max level...the game fell off. PvP combat, while fun, was no different then WoW and the raids were not much better. Members began abandoning ship and discarding our lightsabers and that was all she wrote for our foray into space. At this point, most dabbled around with other games, a few jumped into Battlefield 3 and other First Person Shooters, and some even occupied the time with Facebook games. These games kept our interest until the summer of 2012, when a new game caught our attention....

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