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This local landmark is a bare-topped, conical hill that commands a splendid view of the valley of the river Dessarin to the east. This lookout has often been used in time of trouble to watch for advancing orc or barbarian tribes coming down from the North and east. It is named for the famous ranger Berun, who met his end here at the hands of such a horde. He failed to stop the orcs, but slew over 300 single-handedly before he was overwhelmed. Bandits watch here for the approach of likely victims. Northern legend has it that a dwarven tomb lies under the hill, rich in golden armor treasures, but none has ever found it, and dwarves know nothing more of it than legend.

Game Notes: At one time a thriving settlement was located near this landmark. Then, one day monsters began to appear. At first the settlers fought for their homes, but it was all in vain. Those that weren't killed, left and only ruins remain, guarded by fierce creatures. Rumors say that some dark, malevolent creature commands all the monsters of this area.

Berun is a dangerous place where the player can be attacked by both monsters and evil adventurers. Only highly experienced characters have any chance of surviving.
(PvP Region)

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