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Government: Elected Lord Protector of Crossergate
Population: 890
Economy: Small businesses, farming
Militia: The Lord Protector maintains a small guard to keep the peace. This guard is composed of 40 militia warriors led by an appointed Captain. In times of need, citizens and incorporated into the militia.

Located to the South of Vilnask, Crossergate is a small town that serves as a convenient resting place for weary travelers on their way to or back from Triboar. In fact, resting and restocking in Crossergate is a necessity for travelers continuing on to Triboar since the Lost Hills must be crossed to reach Triboar. To serve the needs of the numerous wandering adventurers that pass through the town, Crossergate has many shops and inns including the famed Western Weapon Shoppe and the Crossergate Curious Items Emporium. Recently, the Lord Protector has reported unusual activity at night where caravans seem to disappear! Fearing some dire plot, the Lord Protector has sought help from the mayor of Neverwinter, Lord Nasher. Lord Nasher in turn has asked the help of various adventurers in solving this mystery.

Game Notes: The Lord Protector of Crossergate has asked Lord Nasher for help in safeguarding Crossergate, and as a result, Lord Nasher's private guard regularly patrols Crossergate preventing attacks on travelers by evil adventurers. Travelers should be warned, however, because monsters often evade these patrols and can attack at any time. Also rumor has it that a mysterious organization has its lair near or in Crossergate. Adventurers should be moderately experienced if they expect to survive here.
(Non-PvP Region)

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