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(Past Wharves, across the bridge)
Government: Elected mayor.
Population: 140
Economy: Farming
Militia: None. In times of need, the farmers gather to form a militia of sorts.

Located east of Neverwinter, Floodblest is a small village of farmers. Travelers often stop in Floodblest to rest before continuing onward to either Neverwinter or Nightsedge. The Rankled Boar Inn is a comfortable place to refresh yourself and adventurers can resupply themselves at Sinda's Trading Post. A small temple to Chauntea, the Goddess of Agriculture is also located within this small village. Recently, the village has fallen on hard times. Many have fallen ill to some mysterious disease. The lord mayor suspects that an evil spell caster has taken up residence somewhere near the village and is the cause of the ill-luck. According to the Mayor, their well went dry at the start of the illness. Explorers have discovered that the well is an entrance to somewhere, but those that ventured too far were never heard from again. The lord mayor has requested aid from Neverwinter.

Games Notes: Patrolled regularly by Lord Nasher's elite guard, travelers need not fear being ambushed by evil adventurers. However, monsters often evade these patrols and so travelers should be on the lookout. Moderately experienced characters will be able to survive, but less experienced may find themselves closer to Neverwinter.
(Non-PvP Region)

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