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Merchant ships are a common sight near the docks of Port Llast, but the arrival of the Gallant Prince was anything but common. Slowly drifting in from the sea, the Gallant Prince with tattered sails and rotting wood looked more like a ghost ship than a merchant vessel. Those who helped tow the ship to the docks, found no one aboard. Well, no one was found on the decks that is. No one was brave enough to check the whole ship. What had happened to the crew? Frightened by the unknown, the Port authorities have sent a message to Lord Nasher for aid.

Due to the arrival of the Gallant Prince, Port Llast Harbor is now quite deserted apart from the brigands and monsters that now frequent the area and the entrance to the harbor has been hidden from the townspeople. Most locals never knew or have forgotten the method to lower the bridge between the Piers, help will not be found with the locals if you wish to search the entire area.

Game Notes: Lord Nasher's private guard has no authority on any merchant vessel and so cannot prevent ambushes by evil monsters. Due to the nature of the mystery surrounding the Gallant Prince, inexperienced adventurers should not attempt to board the ship as even moderately experienced may not survive.
(Non-PvP Region)


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