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Population: Utheraal - 90
Fortress of the North Wind - Confidential
Kraken Fortress - Unknown

Located off the coast from Neverwinter in the Trackless Sea, the Islands are a place of extreme danger. The Kraken Society has its base on the Island of Trisk, and Forts on the Island of Utheraal. Some sanctuary can be found in the village of Utheraal and in the Fortress of the North Wind. None can be had in the Kraken Fortress, or the vast, dangerous catacombs below.

Game Notes: The Islands of Neverwinter pose a hardy challenge to adventurers. An experienced solitary character has hope of survival in some areas, and no hope in others. An experienced party of adventurers is recommended. The lack of any regular patrols has led to attacks by evil characters in the catacombs under the Island of Trisk. The Krakens themselves patrol Utheraal and the Fortress on Trisk but evil characters have been known to attack unsuspecting travelers.
Island of Utheraal - Non-PvP
Fortress of the North Wind - Non-PvP
Island of Trisk (Fortress) - Non-PvP
Catacombs below Trisk - PvP)


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