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Government: The town is ruled by a council of elders. Ardanac Harpell (NG 9th level magic-user) is the chief elder, a member of the Lord's Alliance.
Population: 130 (1,100 if outlying farms and ranches are included)
Economy: Longsaddle is noted for beef and mutton. Large ranches continue to expand, encroaching further into monster-held frontiers.
Militia: Longriders (ranch-hands) from surrounding estates can be summoned to form a militia of 100 men. Most Longriders fight with spear, bow or lariat.

This tiny agricultural village is home to the Harpell family that has produced a number of influential mages in the North (including Malchor Harpell who now splits his time between Longsaddle and Waterdeep).

The village Elder, Ardanac Harpell, dwells in the "Ivy Mansion," the Harpell's ancestral home, high on a hill, in the center of Longsaddle.

The village has a daily farmers' market, a way-stable, a stirrup maker and bellcaster, and The Gilded Horseshoe, an inn noted for its hospitality and its defensible wooden palisade.

Local stories say that griffins are bothering Longsaddle, preying upon cattle, horses and longriders who stray too far from local ranches.

Problems: Griffons living nearby have slain the residents of several farmholds.

Game Notes: Longsaddle is also a very dangerous place and only very experienced adventures should attempt to explore this area.
(Non-PvP Region)


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