A dangerous area located between Triboar and Crossergate, the Lost Hills has claimed the lives of many adventurers. According to the Sage of Neverwinter, in ages past the Lost Hills was once a pleasant, beautiful land. Adventurers had nothing to fear travelling along the many paths that connected the two towns. Then a mysterious, malignant force appeared and with its appearance came fierce monsters. What was once a safe journey, now became deadly. To make things worse, the paths began to twist and turn as if by magic! Maps became useless, and those travelers strong enough to face the fierce monsters often found themselves lost. This land eventually came to be called the Lost Hills for the many who lose their way along the confusing paths. Only the very courageous or the very foolish now travel through this dangerous land.

Game Notes: Due to the twisting and turning paths, even Lord Nasher's elite guard cannot regularly patrol this area. Travelers who dare to travel through the Lost Hills should thus be wary of attacks by evil adventurers. The inexperienced should not try to brave this area as deadly monsters roam about frequently. Even those of some experience will find the Lost Hills a challenge.
(PVP Region)

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