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Government: Five High Captains: Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack, and Rethonor, presumed to be retired pirates.
Population: 16,000 (humans only!)
Economy: Trade and piracy. In peacetime, the city's warships act as "unsanctioned" pirates (the High Captains direct them, but pretend they are independents acting in defiance of Luskan law), trying to make all shippers use only Luskan ships or only Luskan as a port by preying on all other ships, and on all shipping that visits Waterdeep.
Militia: The city has a standing army of 200 spearmen, and a navy of 14 warships (dragonships), armed with 70 archers each. Luskan is involved in an "ego" war with Ruathym. Neither side will admit defeat so clashes continue. Waterdeep has threatened involvement if the two nations refuse to negotiate an end to the conflict.

Luskan is a seafaring merchant city, home to fierce, proud and warlike Northmen. This important northern port city is located at the mouth of the river Mirar, a swift and icy, cold and rocky, unnavigable river.

Although it seeks merchant trade, visitors are few and often made to feel unwelcome. This probably has much to do with the fact that Luskan is a known harbor for northern pirates, if not an outright sponsor of their activities. Inns that serve travelers are rare; [The Cutlass, a notorious dive on the docks (a pirate haven no doubt) and the Seven Sails Inn are the only known lodgings in the city.]

Luskan wages almost constant war against naval powers that it's Captains feel they can defeat; recently they crushed Ruathym. In the past, they have been defeated by Mintarn and Orlumbor (supported by Waterdeep and Amn) and slaughtered on the seas, by the ships of Lantan, who they no longer even speak of. Luskan warriors often raid inland, particularly when sea vigilance makes raiding the coast difficult.

The Zhentarim are said to be attempting an alliance with Luskan (but it as unknown as to their success).

Game Notes: The city of Luskan cannot be reached in Neverwinter Nights.


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