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Called "The City of Skilled Hands", Neverwinter (pop. 17,000) is the largest town on the rugged coast north of Waterdeep. As the headquarters for all adventurers in the area, it is your base of operations in the game.

Known for its skilled craftsmen and beautiful indoor gardens, Neverwinter derives its name from the Neverwinter River. This clear blue stream, which runs along the northern edge of the city, is warm year-round and doesn't freeze even in the harsh storms of the violent northern winters. No one knows the explanation of this phenomenon, and the river's source lies somewhere deep in Neverwinter Woods, which is shrouded in mystery and feared by all manner of beings.

Protected by the natural barrier of the Neverwinter River, the town's peaceful image belies its violent past. For centuries Neverwinter suffered with the rest of the Sword Coast under the waves of attacks by orcs streaming through the mountains from the east. In recent times the town had been considered relatively safe except for an occasional attack by raiding parties from the north.

During the last few months, however, great dangers have appeared. The areas to the north, east and south of the city have been beset by bandits and monsters, until residents have abandoned many outlying blocks altogether.

Neverwinter and the nearby towns and villages are allied with Waterdeep, the largest city in the area, which lies several days ride to the south. The area is desired by hostile Luskan, which lies several days ride to the north. It is the belief of many in Neverwinter that the Five Captains of Luskan (reputed to be pirates) have dispatched the monsters besieging them to weaken Neverwinter's defenses and pave the way for its eventual conquest.

With all these rivalries surrounding Neverwinter, the climate is one of approaching war. Lord Nasher, its leader, is a retired adventurer who has devoted his life to making this beautiful area a peaceful place to work and live. His alliance with Waterdeep provides a coastal bastion against the aggressive raiders from Luskan.

Lord Nasher will welcome to his castle any adventurer who wishes to help in the defense of the area against its enemies. There are tales of great treasures to be found in this savage land, and Nasher is more than willing to help his supporters gain their fair share of the booty.

The city is built around Neverwinter Square, in the center of which is an ancient garden as old as the city itself. Lord Nasher's Castle and two of the city's temples are located here. Inns and Weapon Shops are found by each main gate, and other stores are clustered in the northwest and southeast sections of the town. Training areas for characters who are ready to advance in level are in the northeast and southwest corners of the walled city.

Lord Nasher's Castle. Enter here to visit Lord Nasher and learn of challenges that may await you outside Neverwinter's gates. After completing one of these quests, you may return here for your reward. You can also choose to go exploring without any specific goal or challenge - Lord Nasher may still reward you for especially heroic victories. The castle itself is a museum which displays many things that the Sword Coast has to offer. The square outside Lord Nasher's Castle is a popular meeting place for groups of adventurers as they prepare to depart on a quest.

Inns. At any Inn you may safely rest, restore hit points, memorize spells, etc. Each Inn charges the same fee for its rooms. Inns are located to the right of each of Neverwinter's three main gates, at the Eastern end of Neverwinter Square and in the North West corner of Neverwinter by the River.

Arms & Armor Shops. Your beginning character comes equipped with a weapon appropriate to his class and no armor. Once you have adventured for a while, you'll have earned enough to come to one of these shops and buy better swords, long bows, armor, etc. An Arms and Armor Shop is located to the left of each of Neverwinter's three main gates.

Temple of Tyr, God of Justice. Healing services are available here. All temples have the same services and charge the same amount.

Temple of Oghma, God of Knowledge. Healing services are available here.

Temple of Helm, the Guardian. Healing services are available here.

General Items Shops. These shops sell various items such as flasks of oil, mirrors, and vials of holy water that may be of use against powerful monsters you may encounter as you get farther away from Neverwinter. Closer to town such items are not necessary to defeat the less powerful monsters you'll encounter.

Silver Shops. These shops sell fine jewelry, armor, and weapons. Silver weapons are used to attack creatures like werewolves, which often cannot be hit by normal weapons.

Jeweler. This shop sells expensive jewels, which are an easy way to carry around large sums of money. Even platinum coins are very heavy and inconvenient to carry, so using jewels this way will keep your character's encumbrance down.

Training Hall. Characters of all classes can train here, raising their level(s) and HP.

Vaults: There are three vault locations in Neverwinter where adventurers may store their extra items, gems and jewelry.

Indoor Gardens. Neverwinter is famous for its indoor gardens, where residents can stroll through green paths any day of the year. This is a popular meeting place for groups of adventurers who desire privacy as they prepare to depart on a quest.


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