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Government: Elected Lord Mayor
Population: 310
Economy: Small businesses
Militia: The Lord Mayor maintains a small personal guard and a militia. About 40 warriors make-up the militia.

Located on the very edge of the mysterious Neverwinter Woods, Nightsedge is constantly in danger. Recently, the danger has increased dramatically with orcs attacking the small town constantly. The Lord Mayor is more than a little worried since these orcs aren't the Trollmoor Orcs that are usually found in this region but some other kind. Outnumbered, the Lord Mayor has pleaded with Lord Nasher to send any help. Lord Nasher has responded by asking all adventurers to travel to Nightsedge to help in the town's defense.

Game Notes: Lord Nasher's elite guards patrol this area at the request of the Mayor of Nightsedge. Consequently, travelers should not fear being ambushed by evil adventurers. However, monsters are another matter. The patrols cannot be everywhere so care should be taken. Characters who plan to aid Nightsedge should be moderately-highly experienced.
(Non-PvP Region)


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