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This forest east of Neverwinter seems to have a magical quality about it, or at least an air of mystical secrecy. The always-warm Neverwinter River, which flows out of the wood, has its source deep beneath Mount Hotenow, a sleepy volcano in the northern wood. Fire elementals are said to live deep within Hotenow. The steep mountains to the North of Hotenow hide griffon lairs.

These woods have never been logged by men (they are feared and shunned by the locals), and even today are largely unknown. The depths are said to harbor dire creatures. Orc hoards always go around the woods, never through them.

Game Notes: The woods are the most dangerous areas in the realms. Travelers should be wary of evil adventurers who will attack at the slightest cause. The fiercest monsters also roam the woods just waiting for the unwary adventurer. (A character should be highly experienced to travel through the woods.) To those who can face these dangers, great treasures await!!
(PvP Region)


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