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Government: First Captain Haeromos Dothwintyl, a retired stonemason. Port Llast is a close ally of Neverwinter.
Population: 700
Economy: Stonework, fine and rough.
Militia: 50 local men, mostly retired stonemasons, a garrison of 50 Neverwinter troops, and a 30- man garrison from the Lord's Alliance.

This sleepy little coastal village between Neverwinter and Luskan is known mainly for its skilled stonecutters. Luskan covets the fine harbor, seeking a more southerly berth for its numerous warships. In olden days, when Luskan (the Illusk) was held by orcs and hostile duergar, this village was a thriving city, the "last port," the northernmost access to the mineral wealth of the North. Then it was 20 times as populous as today. Orc raids destroyed that magnificent city, but shattered remnants of mighty walls still ring the village (though much has been plundered or used to repair local homes). Portions are used as gardens, graveyards or have returned to the forest.

Game Notes: Port Llast is a moderately difficult region where some of the deadliest creatures of the realms may be found.
(Non-PvP Region)


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