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Economy: Trade town
Population: 600

Located about a seven day ride north of Waterdeep, Red Larch stands atop a long, low ridge that serves as the westernmost edge of a region of monster infested hills. The ridge was once crowned by a landmark brilliant red stand of larches, but the trees were felled long ago by the region's first settlers. Red Larch is also known for it savory crumblecakes, the sisters that run the Swinging Sword inn are known to serve especially tasty crumblecakes. The town also had the benefit of the artifact that touched the lives of the townspeople of Westbridge and have also sent to Lord Nasher for assistance in regaining it.

Game Notes: This region is wild and dangerous, you are just as likely to be attacked by monsters from the hills. The townspeople have tried to keep the various monsters from invading the town but they seem to find ways into the town and immediate surrounds anyway. Be very careful in any location in this area. If you wish to help Red Larch in it's search you should be a highly experienced adventurer.
(Non-PvP Region)


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