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Government: An elected Lord Protector, commander of the militia. For the last 30 years the post has been held by Faurael Blackhammer.
Population: 2,500
Economy: Trade, horses, cattle, farming, caravan services, forged iron goods, and wagons
Militia: A standing militia of 50 men swells to 300 in time of need.

This small town is strategically located where the Long Road intersects Evermoor Way. Gathered armies have often set forth from Triboar to meet orc hordes. Triboar has two good smithies and Skulner Wainwright, a wagon maker famed throughout the North. Skulner's latest project is the "rolling cog," a massive wagon that can double as a barge. Triboar's name is thought to have come from a traveler's tale of slaying three boars here in a day.

Game Notes: Although Lord Blackhammer's militia regularly patrols the area, they are frequently unable to prevent many of the attacks on unwary travelers by monsters. Travelers should thus be extremely careful when traveling near Triboar. Only experienced adventurers should attempt the journey to Triboar as the monsters encountered along the way are deadly. (Non - PvP Region)

Special Area of Note: Triboar Arena: This arena holds many battle between warriors of the Realms. It is an area where various Guilds and Neverwinter's most notorious characters have fought endless battles. It is also the location of the dreaded "Death Match".
(PVP Region)


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