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Government: Town Council
Population: 560
Economy: Mining, Smithing. Farming (very little)
Militia: In times of need, the miners will organize themselves into a militia using their own finely wrought weapons. About 50 warriors can be produced this way.

Fifty winters ago, a great supply of silver, iron, and even some mitheral was discovered in a cave south of Neverwinter. Almost overnight a town grew near the site where these precious metals were found. Eventually the town was named after the adventurer who discovered the site. Thus, Vilnask was founded. For the next several winters miners, smiths, and merchants from all the nearby regions came to settle in Vilnask. Vilnask is now known for the fine metal goods it produces especially metal goods produced by Willo Clovyr. One of the greatest smiths of the Savage Frontier, Willo produces weapons known far and wide for their strength and balance. Similar to other small towns, Vilnask has an inn, jeweler, and an arms shop.

Game Notes: Patrolled by Lord Nasher's private guard, travelers have nothing to fear from evil adventurers. Adventurers should be wary, however, of monsters that evade the patrols. Rumor also has it that there is something of monstrous evil "living" somewhere far below Vilnask. Vilnask is mostly safe for inexperienced adventurers.
(Non-PvP Region)


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