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This area on the northern edge of Neverwinter was once a bustling center of trade, but in recent years has become run-down and dangerous. Just within the last few months, it seems that there has been a sharp upswing in attacks on local residents. Many of the warehouses have been ransacked by monsters and then abandoned by their owners in fear of continued looting. These hostile creatures are believed to have been sent by the Captains of Luskan in an attempt to weaken the city's defenses.

The areas of wooden buildings are of the same danger level as the eastern portion of the Wharves, but the brick buildings around the old Potter's Guild are not recommended for adventures by single first-level characters. Small groups of low level characters, however, should find success there.

Adventurers can win the gratitude of Lord Nasher and all his subjects by assisting in the effort to clear this district of monsters, thieves, and bandits.
(Non-PvP Region)


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