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Government: An elected mayor.
Population: 155
Economy: Small businesses, mining (very little)
Militia: The Lord Sheriff of Windycliffs who can deputize citizens if needed.

Situated near a small cliff, Windycliffs is named for the fierce winds that constantly batter this small town. Populated mostly by merchants, Windycliffs serves as a convenient stop for travelers on their way to or back from Port Llast. Travelers and adventurers can fulfill all their needs by visiting the town's inn, stores, arms shop, and jewelers. Recently Windycliffs has been plagued by fierce monsters. The Lord Mayor claims that the pirate-tyrant captains of Luskan are responsible and has asked Lord Nasher of Neverwinter for aid in battling the creatures.

Game Notes: Travelers near Windycliffs should have no fear of evil adventurers attacking. Lord Nasher's private guard patrols this area and safeguards all adventurers. However, Lord Nasher's guard can only do so much. Travelers can expect no help against any monsters encountered in this area. Even the inexperienced can survive in Windycliffs.
(Non-PvP Region)


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