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Now anybody reading this event that had lived the Neverwinter experience will smile in recognition of the dashes across the areas (most often gating yourself through a dozen or so areas!) Those that had never played will right now have a confused look on their face.

Booths were Events held at random times (you could always find at least one a week), and were hosted by the NW's (game guides), or by various guilds that would sponsor booths. These were often formally posted as occurring, or would sometimes be spur of the moment. Winning a booth meant you either gained a rare item called a "pearl" (which allowed you to purchase very rare items), or you gained another less rare item such as a Ring of Protection +2, or Cloak of Protection +2, or something similar.

There were many different types of booths, but the common theme was taking the least damage from a cast spell. This would happen as such - the person hosting the event would enter battle with a contestant, and cast one or two spells upon him or her (or it). He would then record and announce the damage taken (so that other waiting gamers could hear), and move on to the next booth participant. The person with the least damage would win.

This was a good way to have your guild gain positive recognition, and was also a good way to contribute to the community spirit of the game. You could always find enough people to have a quickie booth, and whether they were official booths hosted by NW's, or unofficial booths hosted by guilds, they were always a good time.

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