I. Rules.

II. Fight locations, and trigger.

III. How to challenge an opponent.

IV. Forfeits.

V. Posting fight results

VI. Rules of changing rank on ladder.

VII. Express to the title.

I. Rules.

No E-cloaks
No Boots Of Speed
No Items ( To include: wands, and necklaces. )
No Scrolls
No Potions ( You may use potions in fight preparations )
No Feebleminded spells.
No Direct Dispels ( Magic User, or Cleric )
No Direct Silences

Note: Rule variations.

1 - A : If you should choose to alter these rules for your fight. This is fine with the Grim Ladder, but should there be a disagreement . We will use the base rules set by the Grim Ladder. Not what was decided outside it. So know who, and what you are agreeing with.

1 - B: Should you punt before your opponent is dead, no matter how many hp's either party had. You lose unless you make separate provisions before the fight that both parties agree too. Due to the problems with the America ONLINE Timer. If there is a disagreement on a punt win. The fight will be treated as null. However, should one of you punt before entering the fight. Meaning that you haven't complete the 1st round. It is then a mandatory do over.

1 - C: A fight is never over until one of the participating parties loses all their hit points. If a fight participant casts a spell on the opponent which depletes all the opponents hp's. That participant is declared the winner. No matter if in the same round the spell effect , or npc depletes the casters hp's. Basically if the person casts a spell that defeats you. Then you have lost. It doesn't matter if the spell, or npcs also kills them. You left the fight first, thus you lost.

II. Fight location and triggers.

Fight sight will be decided by the person with the highest rank at the time of the fight. While the lower rank will decide who triggers first. In the case of a series, the trigger should then alternate. It is your responsibility to know were you are fighting. You can not enter a fight, and then refuse to fight at that location. If the higher rank selects a spot to fight at, and you refuse to fight there. The higher rank opponent will be given a forfeit. Note: The higher rank must request the forfeit giving an explanation of why he, or she is requesting it. The request must be emailed to ITB Damien, and the challenger. Thus being the lower ranked person.

III. How to challenge.

1 - A: Via E-mail in which case you will send a CC: to "ITB Damien". Challenges via E-mail must be met if the challenger is with in 10 rungs of the challenged at the time of the challenge. A grace period of 4 days will be given before a forfeit is awarded. No players on leave may challenge or be challenged.

Note: Should a person have three outstanding challenges in his mail box he has the right to put any other challenges off until his previous obligations are met.

1 - B: FACE TO FACE; This does not mean by ESP! If you run into a potential fight you may ask them publicly, but do not harass them! Kindly ask once and let it go. They may refuse, and are not under any obligation to fight you at that time. You may ESP a potential opponent once, and ask their location. If they do not give it to you. Then you may not harass them for it. It is your responsibility to find them. If the person has an asterisk by their name, then you may not ESP them for a challenge at all.

1 - C: CHALLENGE BY ESP!!! Yes this is possible right now but some players have many obligations and don't want to be constantly bothered with ESPS asking em to fight. If you do not want to be asked in ESP simply tell me and I will put an asterisk by your name. You must then challenge this person, face to face or via email.

Note: You may rechallenge an opponent who has beaten you after a one week interval. Unless both parties agree on a fight at a sooner date. If you lost to a challenger and were of the higher rank, you have the right to rechallenge after a 24-hr interval.

Note: Rechallenging for the title...and opponent must wait a two week interval in order to rechallenge for the title, unless they were of the higher rank in which case they may rechallenge after a 24 hr. interval.

IV: Forfeits

1 - A: If you send an official challenge and the other person does not respond within 72 hours. You may then ask for a forfeit up to 10 days after the 72 hours period.

1 - B: To request a forfeit send email to the challenged party CC'ing it to ITB Damien. Let them know that it has been 72 hours, and that you are issuing a forfeit warning to them. If you have not received a response after 48 hours. Then send in the forfeit request to ITB Damien, CC'd to the challenged party. There will be flexibility given to the person who is being challenged IF they are showing effort to make the battle.

1 - C: When a fight is scheduled and agreed upon by both participants, there is a 1 hour grace-period before a forfeit is awarded.

Note: Participant A agrees to meet Participant B at 9:00 p.m. EST 02/15/97. Participant A is more than an hour late. Then Participant B must request a forfeit from ITB Damien CC'ing it to participant A. Participant B will then be awarded a the forfeit by ITB Damien.

1 - D: If the location of the fight was given 24 hours or more ahead of time, your opponent must reach the correct region within that same hour. If not.... The opponent has to be within the game of Never Winter Nights, and have esp'd the other participant of their arrival.

1 - E: You must be able to at least reach the region (or surface region) where the fight will take place. If you can get that close but can't find the location, it's up to your opponent to help you reach the spot. If you can not even reach the region. It is within the opponents right to request a forfeit.

1 - F: It's best to state the time zone when arranging a fight time. If a fight time is not specified. Then all fight times are assumed to be Eastern Time. If you do not live on the East Coast, be careful to note the time difference.

Note: Parts of the forfeit section have been borrowed from the pvp ladder join.txt. Modifications were made by Chung Kwei to suit the Grim Ladder.


1 - A: Enter the Never Winter Night Events Section. Find the Grim Ladder folder. Locate the latest update posted. Open the latest update. Using the AOL pull down menu. Select edit on the tool bar. Then click double click on select all. Then double click on copy with the edit section. Open the make a post window. Where it says -Enter Subject- DO NOT leave it saying re: etc.!

You must post as... Enter Subject: Over (opponents name) (how..KO, TKO, etc.). No other subject will be accepted. Thus you will not be credited for your win.


Enter Subject: Over Bachaas, KO <--- This is the correct, and only way accepted.

Note: After you have entered the subject. Hit the ALT. key to make sure the cursor is in the upper most left corner of the posts msg. section. This is very important, for your post to come out correctly.

Now once again use the edit section on the AOL tool bar. Double click on paste. The latest update you copied should now be within the msg. section. Edit it, giving yourself a win in the wins column and your opponent a loss in the loss column. Be sure to note all changes at the bottom and each post. The winner of the fight may post only one win at a a time. Do not use a different PC name to post with. If you do, you will NOT be given the win.

You must include the ranks of the fighter at the time of the fight. Not after the fight has taken place. The ranks must be included in the notation at the bottom of the post. If the fight was for Rank, then make the appropriate ladder rung changes at this time.

KO = No participant was gagged, fumbled, or held during the fight.

TKO = During the fight a participant was gagged, fumbled, or held during the fight. If any of theses effects wear off, it is still a TKO win.

FORFEIT = A participant has been awarded a forfeit win over opponent.

DIS = A participant has been disqualified for using a tactic which has broke one of the Grim Ladder rules.

Note: After posting your win... Double click on the previous msg. arrow, and then forward to make sure no one has posted an update, before you posted yours. Make sure that all the information in your post is correct. And if a posted msg. needs a correction. email Chung Kwei with the reason, and corrections needed to be made, the date, and time posted. He will then make the corrections.

***Do not repost a msg. that you have already posted.***

Note: Exception to the rule is if someone posts a more updated post before you posted yours. Then you should repost your update leaving the Re: Over (Screen name) (type of win) in the msg. title.

Note: A good example is to use a properly posted update in the folder, and use the same format. ;)

VI: Rules of changing rank on the Grim Ladder

Any fight where the increment between rungs are 3 or less will be considered a fight for rank. Should the higher rank lose, then rungs are switched. Should the lower rank lose, then the participant is dropped one rung on the ladder. The participant below is then advanced one rung.

Note: An example of this. If #16 fights #13 and loses. Then the participant at #16 will be demoted to #17, and the participant at #17 will be promoted to #16.

Each participant must complete at least one fight every two weeks, or lose one spot to his or her rank. This will work from a bottom to top fashion. The only way that you do not lose rank for inactivity is if you are on leave status. It must be totally impossible for you to do any sort of fight for the ladder. To be put into leave status.

Note: Please do not allow any ladder member to witness you participating in the game of Never Winter Nights if you are supposed to be on leave status. We understand posting, as if on vacation, many of us have access to quick usage of a computer. But if you are able to adventure through out the realms for hours. Well then you are more than able to fight a Grim Ladder match. Please just use your best judgment in this matter.

VII. Express to the title

As a reward for having the most Grim Ladder wins within one month. We feel that you should have a shot at any rank from the 1st to 10th ladder rung. This means once a month the participants within the top 10 spots. Will be forced to defend their rank against someone who could have a rank of say 101. Should the current top 10 participant lose. They will not switch spots with the person but simply be demoted one rung. As will everyone below them. Each by one rung. While the winner is place in the rung in which they challenged. This win can not be awarded to the challenger via a forfeit. In such a case the challenger must select another participant within the top 10 to fight. The participant who gave the forfeit to the challenger, will immediately be demoted one rung for doing so.

Note: Forfeits will only count as losses, and will not be included in the wins when seeing who gets a express shot.

1 - A: Holding the Title and Title shots:

Holding the title has to be the hardest job on the Grim Ladder. Everybody wanting to be number one. So the number one participant is going to get many challenges. To help alleviate this. We have decided to make it so that the title holder only has to do title fights. If it isn't for the title. Then the current title holder doesn't have to respond to your challenge. The title holder may accept the challenge if he, or she wishes. But they are not required to do so. If you set up a title shot. And you lose your rank entitling you to the title shot. Then you are required to cancel the fight with the title holder. The title holder may still fight if he, or she wishes. Should you fight for the title and lose, you will not be able to challenge for it again for another TWO weeks! Should the title holder lose they may challenge for the title in as little as 24 hours, as long as they maintain a rank that entitles them to the Title Shot.

Pearl awards:

We have requested them. But have not received them yet. We are being looked at and considered. This is why your participation is critical When we do receive pearls. We will be rewarding the title holder of the month. The one to hold the title for the most consecutive weeks that month. In case of a tie. The participants who have held the title for the most consecutive days. Will have to fight it out. This fight will be considered only for the pearl or pearls and not rank or record! Not sure how many pearls we will have a month or how exactly they are going to be awarded. The Grim Ladder title holder will receive at "least" one a month!!

The Grim Ladder Council:

Bachaas - President
Chung Kwei - Vice President
ITB Damien - Vice President - Admissions

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