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Premier Issue, December 1994

Here's an idea I came up with. I hope you like it! It's sort of an online magazine. Send me your Editorial Letters, Articles, etc etc., and we'll see where we can go from there.


{Featured Monsters}

Armor Class: 3
Move: 6 squares
Hit Dice: 16+ (80 Hit Points)
Attacks: 1 for 4-40 Dmg.
Alignment: Neutral

Elladan's Notes:
The Iron Golem is a mage made guardian with no intelligence of its own. However, it is deadly. The Iron Golem attacks with its bare hands for massive damage. They are immune to all spells with the exception of those using the following two magical elements: fire will heal an iron golem, and electricity will slow it (try out those shocking grasps and burning hands). They are also resistant to all physical attacks lacking a magical dweomer of at least +3.

The best way to fight these monsters are with very quick feet and light heart, but if you insist on clashing, an enlarged, hasted, and well armed individual will fare the best. It is rumored that Iron Golems outside of the Neverwinter Nights Realms also breath a very toxic gas for all those unlucky enough to stumble into it.
{Featured Magic Item}
What does the plus mean?
The Plus System

For those of you not familiar with the "+" system, here's the explanation. Basically each plus represents a 5% improvement, when dealing with armor class, saving throws, or with your THAC0 (chance (To Hit Armor Class 0)): these factors are based on a x in 20 chance... 1 in 20 equals 5%.

The other way a + item helps you is in damage. Since damage can theoretically be infinite, it is as it says: a +1 sword will do 1 addition point of damage. Confused?
{Featured Spell}
Whats that smell?

Magic User 2nd Level

Range: 3 squares
Duration: 1 round/level of caster
Area of Effect: 2 x 2 square (targeted square: upper left)

A good spell for all mages, a stinking cloud has many benefits. The spell will immobilize monsters which fail its saving throw. A "stinker" will also create a barricade which will hold back an enemy onslaught. Use this spell wisely and it can be one of your most useful! But beware, there are those immune to its effects.
{Featured Class}
Burn the woods down ???

Human Ranger / Magic User Dual Class

Maximum Hit Points: (For maxxed 10/11th lvl) 138
Main Benefit: Cast spells wearing armor
Main Disadvantage: No "FIX"

Minimum Required Stats: ST:15 IN:17 WI:15 DX:6 CN:15 CH:6
Elladan's Ideal Stats: ST:16 IN:17 WI:15 DX:18 CN:18 CH:6
{Featured Alighnment}
Its a confusing world!

Alignment Basics

LAW: Believe that organizations and order is necessary and essential.

CHAOS: Believe that the individual is more important than the whole.

GOOD: Believe in the rights of creatures to be free and happy.

EVIL: Do not concern themselves with rights; they have a purpose and will use any means to achieve success.

NEUTRAL: The line between law and chaos and good and evil. These are the factors that make up alignment and in future issues, more information on the nine individual alignments will be published.
{Final Word}
Well here it is! Hope you all liked it. If you have suggestions and such, please get in touch with me. I think we can make this work! See you next year!!!

{Credits and notices}
** All the information above can be found in the original 1st edition TSR books, Monster Manual (c) 1979, Players Handbook (c) 1978, and Dungeon Master's Guide (c) 1979. ***

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