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# 2, January 1995

A Word from the editor
The GOH magazine is back due to tremendous feedback I've received on the first issue. I've made a few additions and changes. You will especially like the new contributions by the Neverwinter Zookeeper, NW Snowie and our fiction writer, Aidynni, Guildmistress of the Bard's Guild. So Enjoy!


{NW Snowie's Petting Zoo}
The Otyugh
This month, NW Snowie will examine 2 very odd monsters of Neverwinter. As these monsters live in garbage, Snowie was last seen taking a 24 hour shower. (I'm not telling) ;x


HIT DICE: 6-8 (6-64 Hit Points)
ATTACKS: 3 for 1-8/1-8/2-5

The Otyugh is an omnivorous scavenger, they will eat almost anything put in front of them or try to, including yourself should you accidentally step into their path. An Otyugh has a sensory organ stalk and two tentacle arms which protrude from it's body and will always keep it's eyes above the last meal or two that it's buried under to prevent surprise attacks.

If you wish to melee these monsters, casting Enlarge and Mirror Image never hurts. It's best to always guard and let them come to you, their three attacks can be quite devastating if you run to them and they're waiting for you. Never run when standing next to an Otyugh, as their sharp ridged tentacles will almost certainly deliver smacking blows to your back. I pray that we continue to be lucky in that the Otyugh's in Neverwinter's Realm do not carry the disease that many outside the Realm do when they bite their victims.


HIT DICE: 9-12 (9-96 Hit Points)
ATTACKS: 3 for 2-12/2-12/1-3

A Neo-Otyugh is a larger, more intelligent member of the Otyugh family. A Neo-Otyugh's appearance is quite similar to the Otyugh but it's hide is tougher and it can reach up to 8' in diameter, a foe to be very careful of. The same battle tactics can be used for Neo-Otyugh's as Otyugh's. Keep in mind that they are formidable foe when toe to toe, so you will need all of your senses to not end up as tonight's dinner.
{The Goddess Apothecary}
Cloaks of Protection
Cloaks of Protection +1, +2 or +3

One of the most frequent questions asked in Neverwinter is, "I found a +2 cloak of protection and it hasn't helped my armor class, Is it a bug?"

The answer, no.

A cloak of protection is a powerful item which lowers the armor class and the saves of the wearer by +1, +2, or +3. However, this item does have its limitations. They are listed as follows:

1. The cloaks will not work in conjunction with any form of armor, with the exception of non-magical leather armor.

2. The cloaks will not work in conjunction with any shield.

It is a fine item for those who do not like the restriction of armor and a shield. They are seen donned by CL/MU's wanting added saving throw protection and P/MU's who are seen wielding two-handed weapons.
{NW Rowan's Mystical Grimoire}
The Entangle Spell
Druid 1st Level

RANGE: 8 squares
DURATION: 10 rounds
AREA OF EFFECT: 7 square in diameter (targeted square: center, same as Fireball)

A good spell available only to high level Rangers, an entangle is truly powerful for a first level spell. The spell will immobilize any monster failing its saving throw. The monster will not be able to move, but will still be able to attack or cast spells. Monsters making the saving throw will have their attacks and movement halved. Also note this spell only works properly in the "outdoor" combat screens. In the "street" combat screens, the spell will SLOW the monsters regardless of saving throw.
{The Faces of NeverWinter}
Human Paladin/Magic-User (PAM)
Human Paladin / Magic User Dual Class

MAXIMUM HIT POINTS: (For maxxed 9/11th lvl) 138 (For maxxed 10/11th lvl) 135

MAIN BENEFITS: FIX, +2 (+3 vs evils) to saving throws, Turn Undead, Lay on Hands (2 HP's per Paladin Lvl/Day), Cure Disease (1 time per 5 Paladin Lvls/week).
MAIN DISADVANTAGES: Cannot wear Armor to cast spells, Long road to maxxing, Limited Alignment.

MINIMUM STATS: ST:15 IN:17 WI:15 DX:6 CN:15 CH:17

Pure Fire Power. A paladin/magic user dual class is a powerful combination, adapt at both PVP and non PVP. A mix of spells and raw physical power along with quick healing capabilities, makes this class one of the most popular in the Realms.
{A Study in Attitudes}
The True Nuetral

"Absolute, or true, neutral characters view everything which exists as an integral, necessary part or function of the entire cosmos. Each thing exists as a part of the whole, one as a check or balance to the other, with life necessary for death, happiness for suffering, good for evil, order for chaos, and vice versa. Nothing must ever become predominant or out of balance. Within this naturalistic ethos, humankind serves a role also, just as all other creatures do. They may be more or less important, but the neutral does not concern himself or herself with these considerations except where it is positively determined that the balance is threatened. Absolute neutrality is in the central or fulcrum position quite logically, as the neutral sees all other alignments as parts of a necessary whole. This alignment is the narrowest in scope."

-DM's Guide (c) 1979, p. 23.
{NW Baldor's Might makes Right Armory}
Leather armor and Longswords
Base Armor Class: 8
Base Armor Class with Shield: 7

Approximately 15 pounds, this armor is made with pieces of hardened leather, this armor offers limited protection but optimal movement. Leather armor can be created in about 10 days by an armorer, and is excellent for those concerned with mobility.

1-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures
1-12 vs Large Sized Creatures

Approximately 6 pounds in weight, a longsword averages about 3.5 feet in length. It is an excellent all purpose weapon, and a skilled weapons maker can produce about 12 per month.
{NW Aziza's Fantastic Tours}
"The City of Skilled Hands"
Population 17,000

Ruled by Lord Nasher, Neverwinter lies on the Sword Coast north of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. The city gets its name from the fact that the Neverwinter River, which never freezes even in the harshest winters, runs along its northern side. Neverwinter is know all around Faerun (the Forgotten Realms) for its skilled craftsmen and indoor gardens.

Neverwinter has 5 inns; Strider's Tavern, Daglow's Inn, Manuso's Inn, Red Mage Inn and Mataga's Inn. All are high quality and charge the premium price of 1 platinum piece.

Neverwinter has 4 Armories: Kroegel's Arms and Armor, Bayless' Arms and Armor, Brorsman's Arms and Armor and Cragdyk's Arms and Armor. All offer quality arms and armor and very good prices.

Neverwinter also has two of the following shops: Jeweler, Silver Item, General Item and Trainers. There are also 3 vaults sanctioned by the city which offer storage place for all its visitors.

Neverwinter has temples dedicated to Helm, Oghma and Tyr.

Lord Nasher's residence contains a museum with many unique items. Visitors may request an audience with Lord Nasher himself, who will hand out quests and rewards for those who have completed them.

An area in the Palace which is open to all for special occasions such as parties, weddings, and meetings.

Ships travel in and out of Neverwinter daily. However it is rumored to be dangerous place to be at night.

This beautiful location is famous all throughout Faerun. It is one of the main reasons why Neverwinter is so popular with the tourists.

Located in front of the Palace, it is the heart of Neverwinter. Every day a NW or NWA can be found overseeing the activity and helping travelers. The area is popular due to the fact that all of the cities most popular attractions are just steps away.
{NW Strider's Tavern Legends and Tale's}
Wolf in sheeps clothing BY Aidynni
Who is the wolf?
Is she the gaily colored young maiden?
Or the scarred old hag in rags?
Does anyone dare to reveal her true?

Is the wolf a deceiver?
Or does she never lie about her nature?
Does she bite the hand that feeds?
Truly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

A tale of adventure by Aidynni of the Bard's Guild

"You must understand my...surprise." Lord Taran began, seated before a large, oak table and gazing across its length to a young woman sitting at the other end. "I expected you to be a bit...different. I certainly didn't expect someone like you." He finished, picking on a freshly dug scab on the table top unconsciously, all the while staring dumbfoundedly at the young woman.

She nodded at his words, a thin smile etched on her lips. "I understand. However, I would be out of business if too many people knew what I looked like." She spoke, her grey eyes glistening in the early morning light that sauntered in through the open windows of this dreary castle.

Lord Taran snorted at her words, and rubbed his beard that looked as if it didn't have any right to be on a face as young as his. "True, my lady, true. Someone in your profession... But the rumors speak of your deeds as long ago as 20 years. Forgive me, but you look a young woman, and a pretty one at that. Even though you are of the same gender, how can you possibly be the same person?" He asked, his grin waxing condescending when he realized that he hit on a note to his liking.

The young woman shook her head at this, her long hair cascading down like golden strands from her shoulders when she did so and as if she was accentuating the lord's comments concerning her beauty. However, her words seemed colored with a cloying note of condescention when she said, "I thank you for the compliments, lord Taran. And I can understand your unease as well. My fee being such a large sum and all."

Lord Taran's smile disappeared as he heard her words, and his hands gripped the arm rests of his chair so hard, his knuckles grew bone white. "Rest assured, my lady, that I can pay such a sum. Have no doubt in that. What is in doubt is the true nature of your identity." He said with a hint of steel in his voice, his young face betraying a trace of annoyance and anger.

The young woman nodded, and smiled apologetically, although the lord began to have serious doubts about the truth of her sincerity. "I am deeply sorry if my remark offended you, my lord." She began, and slowly got up from her chair, reminding the young lord of a stretching tiger. "And to allay your fears about my identity, I am ready to undergo your test." She said, and took off the dark, brownish hooded cloak she was wearing. The first thing that caught lord Taran was the long, marble white pommel of the sword she was wearing across her back. She was wearing a low cut, fluffy sleeved shirt that revealed a glint of metal scales underneath and a pair of smooth, brown pants that clung to her smooth curves, and black boots that ended in a cuff at the tops.

Lord Taran gazed at her for awhile longer, lingering on her features a bit too long to be polite, and as if deciding on something important and finally coming to his senses, he said in a voice filled with condensation, "Little girl, why don't you end this charade? If you confess to your little scheme, I'll forget all about your little lies and perhaps find you a little job around my bedroom."

The young woman's eyes flashed for an instant at these words, and the air grew suddenly cold and prickly as pins as she slowly moved away from the table into the open space next to it. Lord Taran's throat began to feel dry as he followed her movement, slowly approaching towards his chair, reminding him of a cat he once saw, stalking a wounded bird. Quiet and deadly, full of purpose and perhaps, gleeful anticipation. He began to question if his last sentence was truly necessary.

"Now..wait a minute.." Lord Taran managed to stammer, clumsily getting out of his chair, and as she got closer and closer, clapped his hands together.

Immediately, from the hidden recesses of the hall, came out 4 men, armed with various weapons and in full armor. They quickly surrounded the young woman, raising their weapons, their eyes glinting businesslike and grim........

(to be continued)
{See you next time}
Final Words
Well here it is! Hope you all liked it. If you have suggestions and such, please get in touch with me, especially feedback on whether the novel was too short and such... It would be much appreciated.

{Credits and Notice's}
** All the information above can be found in the original 1st edition TSR books, Monster Manual (c) 1979, Players Handbook (c) 1978, and Dungeon Master's Guide (c) 1979. ***

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