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# 5, April 1995

{The GOH Mag April of 95}
A Note from your beloved editor
Well, I'm back!! Thought you could get rid of me did ya? I don't go away too easy. I looked, I wandered and I collected enough information to bring you the GOH Magazine #5: Volume 2, Issue 4! Yeah!

Got a couple of pieces of mail about last month's issue. Yes, you were right DreamForge, I did leave out the 10th level Cleric's saving throws. So here it is:

Tenth Level Cleric:
Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic    6
Petrification                        9
Wands                               10
Breath Weapon                       12
Spells                              11
Someone else sent me mail but *I* forgot to save it and I have no idea what it was about...DOH! Sorry, you know who you are.

Well sit back and enjoy the magazine. And write me if you want to say something... besides, I'm bound to mess up somewhere in here.


-NW Elladan
-Editor, Guild of Heroes Magazine

(P.S. If you are all amazed that I did *NOT* play a silly practical joke on you, ;pppppp. I do have my moments of maturity!)
{NW Snowie's Petting Zoo}
(input dracolich pic here)

The Dracolich varies in size and shape. The stats below are the ones for the Neverwinter breed:

MOVE: 24
HIT DICE: 9-11 (9-88)
ATTACKS: 3 (1-8/1-8/3-30)
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Paralysis, Cold Damage, Breath Weapon
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Magic Resistance
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil

The dracolich is a dangerous and mysterious creature, not just because of their undead nature, but also because their introduction to the AD&D game setting was done almost without notice: it just appeared and no one knew when it originally did.

To understand the dracolich, one must understand the dragon. A dracolich is an undead form of an evil dragon of any color. Due to this, the dracolich may vary in size, strength and appearance. The dracoliches which dwell around Neverwinter and its surroundings seem to be of the red dragon skeletal variety. Knowing this may save your life.

Why is the dracolich so feared? Dragons alone strike dread into the hearts of mortals. In its undead form, the dragon gains additional powers along with its already formidable arsenal.

A dracolich will usually attack in a set manner. It will usually gaze at the victim first. The mere gaze of a dracolich can paralyze a victim with fear. To gaze upon a dracolich's glowing eyes means certain death.

The dracolich follows this gaze with a formidable breath weapon, identical to that of a red dragon. If the dracolich decides to tear the victim limb from limb instead, it will attack with 2 claws and a bite, each adding to it a chill which strikes to the very souls of it victims. This chill is a dangerous complement which does 2-16 points of additional damage. To make matter worse, those who fail a saving throw will also be paralyzed. There have been many brave heroes who have survived a dracolich melee, only to discover themselves paralyzed and doomed.

So how do you fight such an awesome creature? First of all, one must remember that once you come face to face with a dracolich, there is no turning back. Due to its flying ability, escape is nearly impossible: The fight is to the death.

Also, due to its undead nature, the dracolich is immune to all spells which attack the mind. However, turning them will have no effect. In addition to the mental spell immunity, the dracolich is also immune to cold based and hold spells.

To have any chance of survival, preparation is a must. To counteract the paralyzing effects of the gaze and touch, one should cast as many save bonus spells before combat. A mirror or a mirrored shield will occasionally reflect a gaze and paralyze the dracolich. Hand to hand combats with the dracolich will be useless as their very high armor class, hit points and melee damage, will ensure that they are the ones standing at the end of the battle. Knowing this, always have a COLD fire shield up when battling dracoliches (***NOTE*** Do not cast a HOT fire shield as you will not survive 176 points of fire breath damage)

Fireball is the best method to handle a dracolich. More often then not, you will face large numbers of dracs so a fireball is a perfect spell. It is rumored that dracoliches are immune to electricity, but the Neverwinter stock seems excluded from this defense. If by any luck (or unluck), you run into a single dracolich, a fumble spell will rattle its bones.

So why fight a dracolich? In addition to the fame and notoriety, dracoliches tend to hoard the most coveted treasures in Neverwinter Nights (not counting pearl only items). A drac pack was once rumored to have in its possession, a +2 Ring of protection, couple of +3 weapons and a pair of ogre gauntlets.

So strap on that armor, ready those weapons, study those spells, and pray long and hard to your gods. The dracoliches are out there, and you will not be able to avoid them forever.

(Note: Read Elladan's Beach House on all of the nitty gritty concerning the dracoliches not mentioned here)
{The Goddess Apothecary}
Fine Longbow
Fine Long Bow (Non magical, +1, +2 and +3)

The fine long bow instantly can turn any fighter into an instant killing machine. The mechanics of the bow enables the wielder to add all strength "to hit" and "damage" bonuses to an attack.

This enables the bow wielder to do incredible amounts of damage:

A 12th level fighter with an 18 dexterity, fine long bow +3, arrows +3 and a girdle of cloud giant strength will have the following:

Base THAC0    9
Bow Bonus    +3
Arrow Bonus  +3
Str Bonus    +5
Dex Bonus    +3
Total THAC0  -5 (you start at 9, and subtract each bonus)

Base Damage   1-6
Bow Bonus     + 3
Arrow Bonus   + 3
Str Bonus     +11
Dex Bonus       0
Total THAC0 18-23 (you start at 9, and add each bonus)
The damage potential per round is 46 points of damage, as the bow will provide two attacks per round. (Hasted it doubles to 92 points of damage!!!) No other weapon in Neverwinter will provide similar damage in any 2 round period. (A 11th ranger wielding a frost brand fighting any giant class may). The fact that it has a range of 20 paces, gives the monster a quite a bit of real estate to cover before bearing down on the arrow shooter.

However, the Fine Long Bow is not cheap. A non magical fine long bow may be purchased for a high price in a shop rumored to be south of Triboar. The magical version are pearl plan only items: +1 - 18 pearls, +2 - 30 pearls, and +3 - 60 pearls.

Finally, to illustrate what a foundation this bow can be for the ultimate adventurer: A ranger of the Realms was rumored to have killed over 8 dracs and an equal number of fire elementals before the monsters even took 1 step towards him.
{NW Jareth's Mystical Grimoire}
The Bless Spell
Cleric 1st level

RANGE: 6 squares
DURATION: 6 rounds
AREA OF EFFECT: 5 squares diameter (Targeted Square: Center)

Bless is the bread and butter preparation spell prior to combat. The Bless spell will lower the THAC0 of all players by 1, thus increasing the chances of hitting a creature by 1.

However, the spell will not effect those players with monsters in the adjacent squares.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this spell will not effect the saving throws in any way.

The reverse of this spell, CURSE will raise the THAC0 of all monsters by 1, making it harder for them to hit your allies. This spell functions in the same manner as bless in regards to range, duration and area of effect.
{NW Kishpa's Class Acts}
The Fighter/Magicuser (FAM)
Human Fighter / Magic User Dual Class
Elf Fighter / Magic User Multi Class
Half-Elf Fighter / Magic User

--------   -----   ------   ------   ------------
Human      12th*    11th     138*         No
Half-Elf    8th*     8th*     80^        Yes
Elf         7th*    11th*     82^        Yes
* 1. In order to successfully dual to Magic User, the maximum level must be 10th Fighter.
* 2. A Half-Elf must have an 18 Str to reach 8th Lvl Fighter: 16 Str or under is limited to 6th Lvl Fighter, 17 Str is limted to 7th Lvl Fighter.
* 3. A Half-Elf must have an 18 Int to reach 8th Lvl MU: 16 Int or under is limited to 6th Lvl MU, 17 Int is limted to 7th Lvl MU.
* 4. A Elf must have an 18 Str to reach 7th Lvl Fighter: 16 Str or under is limited to 5th Lvl Fighter, 17 Str is limted to 6th Lvl Fighter.
* 5. A Elf must have an 18 Int to reach 11th Lvl MU: 16 Int or under is limited to 9th Lvl MU, 17 Int is limted to 10th Lvl MU.
^ Hit Points may end up to be more for Neverwinter characters.

Human: Higher levels attainable. More Hit Points.
Half-Elf: Cast spells in armor. 30% Resistant to charm and sleep. Advance simultaneously in both classes.
Elf: Cast spells in armor. 90% Resistant to charm and sleep. +1 "to hit" using short/long swords/bows. Advance simultaneously in both classes.

Human: Dualing process takes time. Cannot cast in armor.
Half-Elf: Maximum attainable levels low. Hit points are average. Level advancement slow. Spells less effective. Stat restrictions.
Elf: Hit points are average. Level advancement slow. Stat restrictions.

Human: ST:15 IN:17 WI:6 DX:6 CN:7 CH:6
Half-Elf: ST:9 IN:9 WI:6 DX:6 CN:6 CH:6
Elf: ST:9 IN:9 WI:6 DX:6 CN:6 CH:6

Human: ST:18(51) IN:17 WI:6 DX:18 CN:18 CH:6 (Females: ST:18/50)
Half-Elf: ST:18(51) IN:18 WI:6 DX:18 CN:18 CH:6 (Females: ST:16)
Elf: ST: 18(51) IN:18 WI:6 DX:18 CN:18 CH:6 (Females: ST:17)

If a player wants to be a fighter / magic user, they have three choices. As it is easy to see above, the half-elf fighter / magic user does not stack up to either the elf or the human due to its low level restriction for the magic user class.

Between the human and the elf, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice here is strictly personal preference. The levels attainable by the human will make life a bit easier once maxxed, however, the multi tasking capabilities of the elf will make advancement less strenuous than the humans.
{NW Essex's Study in Attitudes}
Lawful Neutral

"It is the view of this alignment that law and order give purpose and meaning to everything. Without regimentation and strict definition, there would be no purpose in the cosmos. Therefore, whether a law is good or evil is of no import as long as it brings order and meaning."

- DM's Guide (c) 1979 p.23.

"Those of this alignment view reulation as all-important, taking a middle road betwixt evil and good. This is because the ultimate harmony of the world - and the whole universe - is considered by lawful neutral creatures to have its sole hope rest upon law and order. Evil or good are immaterial beside the determined purpose of bringing all to predictability and regulation."

- Player's handbook (c) 1978 p.33.
{NW Aziza's Fantastic Tours}
Port Llast
Population: 700

As a sleepy little coastal town between Neverwinter and Luskan, Port Llast's claim to fame are its skilled stonecutters. Luskan would love to get it hands on the fine harbor but the town stands fast, governed by First Captain, Haeromos Dothwintyl and having a militia comprised of different troops. This city used to be extremely perilous to travel through when the Orcs and Duergar ruled Luskan, and they left their mark by shattering the mighty walls that stood around the town. However, the villagers put the stone to use in their gardens and repairing local homes.

Griffon Inn, serving fine food and providing a good place to overhear things for a reasonable price.

Port Llast Armor Shop, you can obtain decent items at a good price at this armory.

Sword Coast Jeweler, be sure to visit them if you are travelling north, they are said to carry some of the finest gems.

The Harbormaster can provide information on the area and the problems that come to the town. Currently, he is distressed at the appearance of the ghost ship, The Gallant Prince.

This area is currently abandoned and no activity takes place nearby.

Lately strange things are abound in Port Llast. Since NW Strider (in a berzerker rampage) and his "Babe" slew the last of the rogue mages who used to overrun the city, the citizens have reported sightings of ghosts and corpses throughout the city.

One house is considered to be haunted by a beautiful woman. Another is said to lead to the depths of Port Llast, where dangerous monsters are said to dwell. Whispers in the Griffon Inn speak of a recent visitor and several corpses found in the region.

Port Llast is also rumored to have ancient crypts somewhere in its vicinity. These crypts are said to be near the old shattered gardens and are believed to be enchanted by some unknown being.

Also lost through time is the entrance way to Port Llast Harbor. NW Strider sealed the original entrance and the Harbor is said to be reachable only by those who are willing to face grave dangers.

Transmitted: 95-04-02 01:45:41 EST (tour0204)
{NW Baldor's Might makes Right Armory}
Pole Arms (Part two the hackers)
POLE ARMS: The Axe Family
Pole arms are just what they claim to be, arms on poles. There are hundreds of varieties and Neverwinter Nights features many of them. Because they are not popular, most players have no clue what they are, what they do or what they look like. This month will feature the second class of pole arms, the axes.

HALBERD: Length: 5'+ Weight: 17.5 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
1-10 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 2-12 vs Large Sized Creatures
- The halberd is a combination of an axe, a spear and a hook, all conveniently mixed into one effective weapon. It distinguishes itself by having a convex-headed axe blade, with the large point located in a place most likely to strike the enemy. A basic Swiss Army Blade on a stick.

BARDICHE: Length: 5'+ Weight: 17.5 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
2-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 3-12 vs Large Sized Creatures
- The bardiche consists of a heavy and broad curved blade on a pole. Axes for big and tall dwarves.

VOULGE: Length: 8'+ Weight: 12.5 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
2-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 2-8 vs Large Sized Creatures
- Spetums consist of a heavy cleaver at the end of a long pole. Butcher's cutlery on a long stick.

FAUCHARD: Length: 8'+ Weight: 6 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
1-6 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 1-8 vs Large Sized Creatures
-The fauchard consists of a sickle blade at the end of a long blade. A stick sickle.

GLAIVE: Length: 8'+ Weight: 7.5 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
1-6 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 1-10 vs Large Sized Creatures
- Glaive are made of a machete like blade at the end of a pole. A shortsword on a stick.

Next month, we'll take a look at the wierdos, the "I'm not sure which" family of pole arms.
{NW Strider's Tavern Legends and Tale's}
Heartbreak a tale by Aidynni Chapters 1 and 2

* Chapter 1*

The large, circular room, covered walls adorned with suits of armor and various weapons, was silent. In the center sat a large circular table made of stone. And seated before it were grim looking men and women, staring at the center of the table where a white cloth, stained with dry, rust colored blood was covering a large bundle. One of the padded chairs were empty, and a black sash was draped across the back of it.

An old man, his tanned and scarred face grim, got up from his chair and removed the cloth, revealing a broken suit of armor encrusted with streaks of blood and a shield which was neatly cut in half. All those present leaned over closer to the pile, and quiet whispers and murmurs broke the murky silence after an uneasy moment.

The same man raised up his gloved hand, and the room immediately fell into silence once again. He then smoothed his peppery beard and spoke. "The Angel of Death strikes again." He then picked up one of the halves of the shield and ran his fingers over the cut edge of the metal. "She cut Amoyal down in half. Shield, armor, verything. In one stroke."

"Impossible!" A woman exclaimed. "No sword ever made can achieve such a feat!"

The old man raised his brow at the red haired woman, and she fell silent, her anger coloring her features crimson. "Its always been the one who wields the blade, Rebecca, not the blade itself." He said, reproving the woman. He then passed the shield to the person next to him and continued. "Not only do we have the evidence, we also have eye witness accounts as well. Notice the clean cut on the shield edge. The cut was effortless. Only one person, dead or alive, could have achieved such a feat."

"Does the Angel of Death dare oppose the will of the Black Blades?" A large, one eyed man asked, looking inquisitively at the man, his black eye patch creasing as he frowned.

"Surely she can't do so and hope to live." A dark haired woman added, her green eyes looking around the room like a cat hunting. "Let me go after her, and I shall bring her severed head for your trophy case." She added in a dark, sleek voice and looked the man in the eyes, winking.

A thin man seated across from her laughed, and the dark haired woman's hand immediately went to her dagger on her hips, quick as a striking serpent. "What makes you think you have a chance against the Angel, Kiria." He chuckled, paying no attention to her drawn daggers. "You weren't there to see her in action, but I was. I saw her use Amoyal to kill lord Oden and his charge, then slice him in half with just one stroke! Such speed! By the time you reach for your daggers, she'd have you chopped up like dinner."

Kiria's face grew dark, but she returned her daggers to their place and purred, "If one didn't know you better, Clancy, one would mistake you for a coward."

"Enough!" the man with the beard shouted as Clancy angrily bolted out of his seat. "We are not here to bicker amongst each other. We are here to find out why Amoyal, the best of the Black Blades, was cut down with such ease. Jonah," He turned to the large, one eyed man. "What is your thought on this matter?"

Jonah folded his massive hands before him and looked at the bloody armor in front of him. "It's simple. Amoyal was in armor and the Angel was not. She had a distinct speed and visibility advantage. She led him by the nose and killed him."

"That still does not explain how the Angel managed to slice right through his armor and shield." The red haired woman retorted, fingering the cut edge on the shield.

"She learned from Hiroshi, and she has his sword." A dark, small man, looking disinterested, spoke up and answered her.

Kiria snorted and stretched her lithe body in boredom. "I suppose that explains just about everything, Marko. Ridiculous."

"It does. Our records indicate that this Hiroshi appeared out of nowhere one day and..."

"I can't believe we're wasting our time like this!" the red haired woman shouted, interrupting Marko. "Our leader is slain. We're the laughing stock of all of Eteria! We must strike her down now if we're to regain what is left of our reputation, not sit around like scared fools discussing history!"

The old man held up his hand to silence the red haired woman. "We all know how you feel, Rebecca." He said, "I know that Amoyal's meant a great deal to you. However, we cannot rush into this thing blindly. The Angel is too dangerous a foe."

"I cannot believe I'm hearing this, especially from you master Owen." Kiria said disgustedly. "We are the Black Blades. Our skill hold all of Eteria in fear and we are cowering like plucked chicken before this one wench!"

The old man called Owen turned to regard Kiria and smiled indulgently. "You hear caution because there is much to worry about this matter." He began, rubbing his stubbled chin. "Cyan, the Angel of Death. Do you realize how long the rumors of her existence had been going on? For over a century, maybe more. She had all that time to perfect her skills. Not stale lessons you learn under a teacher, but in actual combat. How long have you been plying your knives for killing, Kiria? Matter of fact, all of you? Have any of us been wielding our weapons for that long a time?"

When the room felt silent, Owen sat back down and stared out the window. From this vantage point, he could see the city of Kentar stretching out before him, dusty and crowded with people. "If we fail in killing her, then our organization will be no more." He whispered to himself, but all members present had heard, and looked around uneasily. "For her vengeance will surely be terrible."

"Then what will you have us do, master Owen?" Rebecca seethed, looking at him with rage and impatience in her eyes. "Sit on our hands while Amoyal's death go unavenged?"

"You still don't get it, do you?!" Clancy shouted out, his thin form taut and angry. "She is immortal! We don't even know if she could die. No one has even seen her bleed."

Rebecca's lips grew thin into a smile that was vicious and terrible. "She will, when I whip her into pieces. Her sword will be no match for it. She will bleed for me!"

Owen shook his head. "I will not let you. There is too much at stake if you fail. I forbid you to go after her." He commanded firmly, his veins strained and visible on his neck.

Rebecca got up from her seat slowly. In her hand, she held a coiled, golden whip that looked like a sleeping serpent. Her eyes were red and glistening with tears as she cried out, "Then I have no choice. I cannot let my love's death go avenged. From this moment, I am no longer a member of the Black Blades!" The room grew silent as she slowly walked away from the table and opened the door. And as she was about to step out into the hallway, Owen asked in a soft voice, staring at the bustling streets of Kentar, "Reconsider, Rebecca."

Rebecca turned her head and smiled through her tears at Owen. "I cannot. I must do this for him, father." She whispered, and walked out of the door, closing it softly behind her.

"Owen..." Kiria began, but swallowed her words as Owen closed his eyes and collapsed into his chair, leaning back and breathing out a deep, tired sigh.


* Chapter 2*

A man limped through the worn trail, carrying a wooden bucket in his hand. And as he neared a small ledge that led to a small, babbling stream, he ran his hand over his neatly trimmed blond hair and took out a handkerchief out of his worn pants pocket, wiping trickling sweat from his brow. "This isn't getting any easier." He muttered to himself, and carefully lowered himself over the edge, and stepped on something soft. "What the..." He began, and looked down. Before him lay a young woman, half submerged in the water. He immediately got off her hand and tossing his bucket away, squatted before her limp form and felt her pale white neck for a pulse. "She's still alive." He whispered to himself, and dragged the rest of her body out of the water. As he pulled, he tore the clinging white sleeves of her blouse and almost fell backwards. He then noticed that through the tear in her blouse, he could see that she wore a metal scale shirt underneath. His curiosity reached, he moved the wet, clammy blonde hair covering her face and thought her the fairest woman he saw in his life.

"I don't know where you came from lady, and I don't know what trouble befell you," He began, dragging her out of the ledge and carrying her before him. "but by my honor, I will protect you with my life."

The man started to limp out onto the trail, leaving the babbling stream and his wooden bucket, bobbing and floating freely downstream. In his arms was the woman, her limbs hanging limp and lifeless like a broken doll.
{NW Mistie's Political Theories}
Crusaders of the Realms (COR)

SAGE: Lightsedge
SCRIBE: MadogMclur
STEWARD: Daarmis

MEMBERSHIP: 100+ Exact Number Unknown.
STATUS: Private
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Good and Neutral alignment. Neutrals must be willing to fight for the benefit of the Realms. Any class or race may apply as COR does not discriminate on the conditions of race and profession.
PROMINANT MEMBERS: My My, Sir Redrum, Volant, Trollsbane, Wraith(1391), Dreamforge, Doctor Why GUILD GOALS: To aid Lord Nasher and Neverwinter in ridding evil forces from Neverwinter and the surrounding Realms. In addition, the Crusaders of the Realms aim to promote fun and friendship with all of Neverwinter's citizens.
STAND ON PVP: The Crusaders of the Realm have both PvP and Non-PvP members. It is up to each individual to decide how they want to help turn the tide of evil. Both sides of the Guild are extremely active, from constant battles with evil in the Realms, to adventures throughout the Realms ridding monsters from the areas surrounding Neverwinter.

As the first "good" guild of Neverwinter, only the Guild of Chaos has had a longer existence. The GOC's origin may be clouded by time, but the origin of the Crusaders of the Realm is not. The two are linked by more than a long history of battles and confrontations.

When PVP came to fruit, the GOC (and other evils) began their rampage of terror by attacking travelers in the Realms. The once peaceful roads of the Realms were littered with the bodies of those who fell victim to the evil ones. The Crusaders of the Realm were created to provide guidance and safety for those who traveled through these lands, and to battle the growing evil.

The Crusaders of the Realm were created and formed by their first Guild Master, Handler1. The guild grew stronger each day as travelers came from all over to help in their cause. Handler1 led the guild for several years before retiring to a life in the Neverwinter Woods. The next Guild Leader was then elected.

Wraith1391 was a relative newcomer when she became the Guild Mistress of COR. However, her courage and skills in battle made her a natural leader. Through her guidance, COR continued its existance in the Realms. Many historical battles have been recorded during her time as the Guild Mistress.

Patrix was the third Guild Master of COR. However, Patrix mysteriously dissappeared shortly afterwards, leaving COR leaderless and in turmoil. But the foundation was strong and under the leadership of Trollsbane, the fourth Guild Master and a veteran of many battles, COR regained its status as one of the elite guilds in Neverwinter.

In the recent months, Trollsbane left the leaders seat and a new Guild Master was elected. Volant, the fifth Guild Master, currently leads COR into battle. With the growing population in Neverwinter, COR is sure to grow along with it.

With its long history, COR is the model by which other good guilds try to emulate. Their membership has some of the most prominent names, some of these members whose knowledge of the Realm is unsurpassed. COR has been and always will remain one of the cornerstones which make up the Guild system and Neverwinter itself.

Transmitted: 95-04-02 01:39:31 EST (guil0204)
{Ellster's Party Beach house}
The Dracolich Discussion
Ugh....geez, the doorbell. Ouch! Ow my head.....OK I'm coming! Hold yer horses! ....Oh....it's you guys....Geez, doncha know what time it is? Oh really? Already? Hmm...ok guys, what can I do for ya? Oh? So what ya wanna know? Everything, huh? OK, how bout I tell ya what I know...

The Dracolich. The Dracolich first appeared in the paper 1st edition AD&D scene in the June, 1986 issue of the Dragon Magazine. It was an article called "The Cult of the Dragon", written by none other than Ed Greenwood. After that, It made its official debut in the Forgotten Realms campaign book, Waterdeep and the North, also known as FR1. The Cult of the Dragon article describes the "Followers of the Dragon Way" or "Dragon Lovers" and their methods and means. The Cult of the Dragon is basically a group of baddies who believed that dead dragons will eventually rule the world and they are fully in support of this campaign platform.

The funny thing is, the Cult came to be cause the mage who started it, this Sammaster, misinterpreted a passage in a book. This Sammaster, as a lich, later got blitzed by some paladins. But in any case, this little editorial has led to a lot of headaches for all of us, not to mention the experience points and great treasure.

Mind you this was about 500 years ago and since then, the Cult has managed to grow considerably. I'm telling you, this world is full of some wierdos, and I think most of them are in the Cult. They managed to create some dracoliches back then, but lucky for us, most of these oldies are pretty much rotted away. No one knows for sure what happens to a dracolich who loses its body, and there are many theories.

One great stride that the Cult has made in its history is the fact that dracoliches are a bit easier to create these days. In the past, they had to beat the heck out of a dragon and force it into becoming a drac, but with the notoriety they have been causing lately, they are actually getting volunteers. The ambitions of some people, or dragons!

I happen to have the dracolich potion recipe right here. I trust you guys won't go out and make one so I'll tell you. The ingredients are:
(2) pinches of pure arsenic 
(1) pinch of belladonna 
(1) measure of phase spider venom 
(1) quart of the blood of a virgin of a long lived race 
(1) quart of the blood of a vampire or a person infected with vampirism 
(1) potion of evil dragon control 
(1) potion of invulnerability
Now, these ingredients must be mixed together in a stone vessel by the light of a full moon. Each ingredient must be added in order and missed with a dragon slayer, and voila, instant dracolich. As with fine wines, the stuff will last forever as long as sunlight doesn't touch it. Boy, makes you thirsty just thinking about it!

The potion is not guaranteed to work. There's only a 50% chance that the dragon will be a dracolich, and even if it works, there's a 60% chance that the dang thing dies. The Cult has a way to prevent this.

From what I've heard, they create this "spirit-host" to hold the spirit of the dragon just in case the lizard dies on them. This "spirit-host" can be pretty much anything that doesn't deteriorate, but they tend to use gems. Now if the dragon doesn't die, it remains in a coma while the spirit commutes back and forth from the body and the host. The dragon will turn into a dracolich once the body dies and it chooses a suitable permanant body. Confusing? Yep, you have to be wacked out to understand this and the Cult is definitely wacky.

Once the dragon dies, its spirit remains in the "spirit-host". Cult mages then prepare reptilian corpses to function as the permanent body of the dracolich. Through a magic jar spell, the spirit can be transfered. There is a chance something will go wrong. Spells have sometimes backfired on the mages and there have been cases where Cult mages have been spotted flapping their arms and breathing on people.

Noticed I said reptilian. The dracolich does not necessarily have to be a dragon. There have been reports of firedrake, ice lizard, wyvern, fire lizard, dracolisk, dragonne, pterandon, dragon turtle, and even lizard man dracoliches. These "proto-dracoliches" do not always remain in this form. The proto's are driven by a desire to eat their original body, and if they do, they shortly metamorphasize to their original form.

Lots of dracoliches are out there, and the Cult lives to serve every one of them. They provide dracoliches with treasures, information and spells. Lucky for us, the Neverwinter Dracs are too dumb to cast spells. That does not mean the Cult is not nearby as they have a strong and intensive network. And Cult members are not newbies. You are looking at some very high level fighters and magic users.

Well...that's all folks! What? You knew all this already? Then why'd ya come here? Oh.... true, it is a great party house.... Well I'm going back to sleep. Don't trash the place.....
{NW Nimue's Hazy Dazy looking glass}

In the May Issue of the Guild of Heroes Magazine...

o Snowie finds out that April Showers bring May Shamblers...

o The Goddess takes time to look at the properties of the Boots of Speed...

o Aziza takes you on a tour to beautiful Longsaddle to meet the Harpells...

o The Clan Axepeak is examined in Misties Political Theories...

o And a surprise guest drops by Ellster's Beach House for an indepth interview...

This and lots more....hitting the Newstand May 1, 1995.
{Law office of NW Ulfius and associates}
** All the information in this month's GOH Magazine can be found in the original First Edition TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books, Monster Manual (c) 1979, Players Handbook (c) 1978, Dungeon Master's Guide (c) 1979, Unearthed Arcana (c) 1985, and in the June 1986 Issue of TSR's Dragon Magazine ***

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