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# 7, June 1995

{The GOH Mag Kythorn of 95}
A note from the editor from hell
Summer's approaching on a fast pace and five issues of the GOH Magazine have come and gone this year. Outside my office (located in a secret spot in the northeast Neverwinter Woods), all the remnants of this past year's dreadful winter are finally gone.

I've been checking my demographic reports and I've been wondering,.... Does anyone read this magazine? Reader's reports tell me its dead last right behind Orc's Life. If ya read the GOH mag, drop me a note and let me know.

Well, in this month's issue we have all sorts of goodies and baddies. So grab a drink, get a snack and get comfortable. And enjoy the Kythorn's issue of the Guild of Heroes magazine!

{NW Snowie's Petting Zoo}

MOVE: 12
HIT DICE: 5+2 (7-42 Hit Points)
ATTACKS: 3 (1-6/1-6/2-12)

An owlbear is truly a horrible sight to behold. It looks like a huge bear with a owl's head and long tail. Its temperament is worse than its looks, as these monsters are ferocious and extremely ill-tempered. Despite these facts, the owlbear has been and is the best selling plush toy in the Neverwinter Toy Shop.

Where these hideous beasts remain a mystery. Some say it was the result of some crazy wizard's experiment, and the joke around the NW's camp is that NW Ulfius created it after one of his trollweed binges.

Even though the owlbear is dangerous, it is far from being a threat to any single experienced adventurer. The owlbear attacks with its two claws and its sharp beak. Although the beaks can do more damage than the claws, it is the claws that one must beware.

Ive seen many an adventure get stunned by an owlbear's claw shot, only the be dragged into its arms. It's by these means that the owlbear kills most of its food, hugging the unfortunate victim with its powerful arms to a slow and painful death.

As I said earlier, the owlbear is not exceptionally dangerous. Any mid level fighter with a strong sword arm and good armor may dispatch of one quickly. Even a couple of young fighters may have little trouble with a single owlbear with a little luck on their side.

Owlbears are currently rampant in the town of Floodblest. Anyone wishing to try their luck against these monsters should depart east from Neverwinter.

Good luck!
{The Goddess Apothecary}

One of the most useful and underappreciated items in the Realms is the bag of holding. The bag of holding does not in any way enable an adventurer to carry more items. The limit to what an adventurer can carry is 16 items, bag or no bag. Because of this, the bag holds a reputation of a fluff item.

The bag of holding, however, is an invaluable item for those who tend to carry a lot of weight on themselves.

A bag of holding will carry up to 5000 gp's in weight in coins, gems, and jewels. This could be helpful in gathering coins to convert into gems, or in carrying jewels that are not ready to be vaulted.

A bag will also hold the weight of items not readied on your character. So that second set of armor you find will not weigh you down if you have a bag readied. Nor will that second set of 255 arrows. Unfortunately, it does not protect the unreadied items from being stolen if you die.

Pick one up and try it out for size. You may end up keeping it.
{NW Jareth's Mystical Grimoire}
#%^&***^$@ Spells that just dont work

In the Realms, there are certain number of spells, that do not work properly. Many spells in the Realms have been changed to suit the needs of the Realms, however, the following six stand out as either non functioning or buggy.

Find Traps: It would be nice if we had traps to see if this spell worked. This spell is basically non-functioning for this reason.

Slow Poison: This spell seems to work. However, once an adventurer is poisoned, he/she wakes up with this spell in effect. Therefore, casting it has no added benefits. Non-functioning for this reason.

Blink: This spell doesn't work. A blink is supposed to "blink" you out after an attack. Unfortunately, the monsters can still see you rather well. Non-functioning for this reason.

Charm Monster: The monsters in Neverwinter have all self taught in the art of charm monster resistance. Non-functioning for this reason.

Cone of Cold: By far the wackiest spell in Neverwinter. It sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. Wacky wacky wacky! The price is too high for it to grab up a Fifth Lvl slot.

Invisibility: OK, here's how this works. When you are alone, you are invisible as long as you don't attack or cast. However, if there are two or more adventurers in combat, their auras will negate the invisibility due to the negative polarity of their body's auras in relation to the tilted rotation of Toril. Well, that's what Strider once told me.....

That's it for now. There are a few others and if ya wanna comment, email me!
{NW Kishpa's Class Acts}
Quick Dualing Facts

Dualing. It's a long process that most players tend to repeat a few time before they under stand it. Well, here's quick reference to dualing.

Remember that only humans may dual and in dualing, you must have 15 in the prime requisites of the class you start as, and 17 in the prime requisites of the class that you want to be. Before we can go on, we need to know what the p.r.'s for each class are.

Cleric: Wisdom
Fighter: Strength
Ranger: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution
Paladin: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Charisma
Magic User: Intelligence
Thief: Dexterity

So for instance, in order to dual from a ranger to a paladin, you need the following stats:

St: 17 In: 17 Wi: 17 Dx: 3 (should be 6) Cn: 17 Ch: 17

Tough eh? It wasn't meant to be easy. And remember that all class restrictions apply in dualing (eg alignment, armor, etc), and you may only dual one time.

So next time you roll, keep those prime requisites in mind! Good luck!
{NW Essex's Study in Attitudes}

"Creatures of lawful good alignment view the cosmos with varying degrees of lawfulness or desire for good. They are convinced that order and law are absolutely necessary to assure good, and that good is best defined as whatever brings the most benefit to the great number of decent, thinking creatures and the least woe to the rest"

-DM's Guide (c) 1979 p.23

"While as strict in their prosecution of law and order, characters of lawful good alignment follow these precepts to improve the common weal. Certain freedoms must, of course, be sacrificed in order to bring order; but truth is of highest value, and life and beauty of great importance. The benefits of this society are to be brought to all." -Player's Handbook (c) 1978 p.33
{NW Aziza's Fantastic Tours}
Aziza is Missing!!!
*** This month's Tour article has been cancelled due to the disappearance of NW Aziza, the Tour Editor. NW Aziza was last seen heading south out of Crossergate. Eyewitness accounts claim that Aziza did in fact entered the Lost Hills!! ***

Sorry folks, seems like Aziza went overboard in trying to do the perfect Lost Hills article. I warned her about the region but she didn't listen! No one ever listen's.

Well, being the Ranger Lord that I am, I decided to track her footsteps. I entered the Lost Hills through gate house where an old crone warned me of the dangers inside. Shortly thereafter, I was jumped by some monsters which I quickly disposed off.

At the location I found the following note in Aziza's handwriting:

"Old man here. He claims to be a sage. The place is crawling with owlbears!! I hate owlbears!! Ack!...."

I wandered further into the Hills, at an intersection, I was jumped by several monsters. Being a Ranger Lord Wizard, I had no problem disposing of the monsters. At the location was another one of Aziza's handwritten notes:

"Yuck!! Dead bodies!! And they came to life! And p-u! Did they stink! Lucky fer me I'm a cleric...boomed them real quick!"

I wandered further into the Hills, each turn and bend further confusing my sense of direction. Had I not been skilled in the ways of pathfinding, I think I would have been lost. I happened upon a tree full of frogs. Geez! Never seen so many of any monster in one location before! When the smoke cleared I found myself cutting open each frog just to ensure that none had swallowed up Aziza.

To my relief, only trace I found of Aziza was in the form of another one of her notes.

"I hate this place!! I hate this place!! I hate this place!! I hate snakes!! I hate snakes!! I hate snakes!!"

After reading this, I hoped she was doing a little better than she sounded. I wandered by a building where I was ambushed by manticores and mammoths. I barely survived the barrage of tusks and spines. As I was resting, I found a ripped bit of Aziza's cloak and another note:

"Dracs!!! Dracs!! There are dracs here!! Big ugly ones!! Reminder: Tell Elley next month, I want to do somewhere safe....like Luskan!! Please let me find an exit!!!"

I rested up and left shortly. I was nearing Triboar and the sun was setting. Even I don't think I could have survived the night in this place. I hope that Aziza was ok as I entered Triboar.

Editor's Note:
NW Aziza was found a few days later and is currently recovering in the Temple of Tyr. She was found sleeping behind a bush by a group of NWA's on training run. I'm glad to see her back. Please send all flowers to chamber D in the west wing of Tyr's Temple"
{NW Baldor's Might makes Right Armory}
Pole Arms (Part 4 The Combos)
POLE ARMS: The Combinations
Pole arms are just what they claim to be, arms on poles. There are hundreds of varieties and Neverwinter Nights features many of them. Because they are not popular, most players have no clue what they are, what they do or what they look like. This month will feature the fourth and final class of pole arms: the combinations.

FAUCHARD-FORK: Length: 8' Weight: 8 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
1-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 1-10 vs Large Sized Creatures
- A fauchard-fork is a scythe like blade on a long pole with lots of points sticking out making being hit by it a very uncomfortable situation.

GLAIVE-GUISARME: Length: 8'+ Weight: 10 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
2-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 2-12 vs Large Sized Creatures
- A glaive-guisarme is a weapon intended on either cutting or ripping a part of the targets anatomy off the target in a rather violent manner. This is done by the heavy blade at the end of the pole or thru a hook behind the blade.

GUISARME-VOULGE: Length: 7' Weight: 15 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
2-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 2-8 vs Large Sized Creatures
- A guisarme-voulge is similar in functin to the glaive-guisarme. But it comes with an additional feature, in the form of a sharp point, which allows the user to easily relieve the blood pressure of the opponent by strategically placing large holes on their persons.

BILL-GUISARME: Length: 8'+ Weight: 15 lbs. Hands Needed: Two
2-8 damage vs Small & Man Sized Creatures / 1-10 vs Large Sized Creatures
- A bill-guisarme is the Swiss Army Knife (tm) of the pole arm family. It has a point, hook, axe, and spike in one handy pole arm. It could cut, hack, chop, cleave and do other violent things. This neat weapon could puncture a hole thru platemail armor and still remain sharp enough to cut through a tomato!

Hope you got a lot outta the four part series! See ya!
{NW Mistie's Political Theories}
"True Power Lies Only In The BOND!"

Guild Master: ITB Lich
Assistant GM's: ITB Faust
Assistant GM's: ITB Vortex
Assistant GM's: ITB Skorp
Assistant GM's: ITB Storm

Number of Members: 48
Status: Private Sanctioned Guild
Entry Requirements: Excellence in PvP, Established and generally known throughout the realms, with a sense of humor and doesn't whine.
Prominent Members: "All of our members are Prominent" - ITB Lich
Guild Goals: To rid the realms of goods and promote chaos and mayhem.

"ITB was the 13th sanctioned guild in NWN, a fact that we are very proud of. ITB was established as a guild so members could rely on each other in times of need. And, to give non-members something to fear."-ITB Lich

The ITB's are famous for their murderous activity and tendency to chaotic behavior. People are warned act with extreme caution when dealing with one of its members, especially in a PVP zone. A few escape their treachery.

The ITB's sprang forth ages ago and grew with amazing speed. Since then their numbers have dwindled but the notoriety which is synonymous with those initials, remains constant.

The members of this guild can be identified by the ITB initials in front of their names. The members tend to brash and outspoken. Be warned however, as these dogs definitely have the bite to match their bark and they fight without fear.
{NW Nimue's Hazy Dazy looking glass}
Summer in Neverwinter...

In the next issue of the GOH Magazine....

The Goddess returns with some more goodies.....

Manticores run rampant in Snowie's zoo......

Jareth dabbles in curses and uncurses....

Essex has a new attitude.....

And other neat stuff!!!
{Law Office of NW Ulfius and Associates}
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