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# 10, November 1995

{The GOH Mag Feast of the moon Issue}
Well its that time of the year again! The GOH Magazine is back! AHE! AHE! AHE!

Well, this time, I'm not alone. NW Strahd has graciously volunteered , to join me in publishing this month's issue.

This issue is jam packed with good stuff! Also for the first time ever, we have things submitted my players! Oooooooooh! Some real nice stuff folks...you are in for a treat.

So sit back and keep digesting that Thanksgiving turkey! The last issue of 1995 is coming to ya live!

-Co-Editor, GOH Magazine

<Strahd! Get back to work! You call that an article?!? Stop complaining..those shackles aren't that tight%gt;

{NW Kel's Magical Cafe & Mailroom}
Christmas Cheer and Mail
Welcome to Kel's Cafe. This month we actually have mail (thus relieving Elladan from having to be too creative in making up letters) from GOH magazine readers (We now know that at least *2* people read the magazine). The letters are unedited, unmolested, untouched, or anything else that would force the average citizen to cry bloody censorship. We do believe in free speech here...to a point at least :)

Today's Special: The Christmas Muffin and Egg Nog - 5 sp

I read your view about higher levels and since I am by nature a tiger, and do so enjoy a good opportunity to play the devil's advocate with you, I've decided to respond.

The question about higher levels really boils down to one question that needs to be answered.

Q> Will higher levels significantly increase the enjoyment of the game without making the game too easy?

The question of treating the dracs better really isn't a valid point. After all anyone who thinks that the Dracs are the toughest fights in this game haven't tried to force their way into the sewers, or go play in some of the more remote spots of the woods. I've found that Fire Giant Mages and Iron Golems make a particularly nasty combination. In fact I would go so far as to say that there are some battles out there that a person can't do without a small army to back them up. Besides, what the heck are Dracs doing in Vilnask? Less than a days walk from Neverwinter! Crossergate doesn't have anything that tough and it's a more remote site, boardering on the edge of the Lost Hills no less! If Dracs think they are going to set up shop so close to a major city they are bound to be swarmed with adventurers all the time.

There is a side to all creatures that allows us all to grow as individuals. It's desire, ambition, greedy, love, lust, power. We are creatures of emotion, and one of the most rewarding feelings a person can ever have is that they've somehow improved themselves. Can anyone really forget that feeling of elation when you maxed a dual class character for the first time? Or how about that unexpected but much loved +2 ring you found after vanquishing dracoliches out in the Neverwinter woods? It's those emotions that continue to bring people back to our happy (if surrounded by monsters ;x) home.

I would argue that the real challenge is to make changes to the game that open up more opportunities for improvements. Not just levels but the whole picture; slightly higher levels, not necessarily more powerful magic items but certainly more interesting items that are useful to maxed characters, new areas to explore, new monsters to fight and vanquish, and if possible even better NPC tactics against us. I can remember early in version 2, when a Cloud Giant Shaman tossed a silence at me for the first time. I was floored! I laughed for a good hour... it was marvelous.

It's the whole package that's important. Simply changing one single aspect will very likely unbalance the game.

You present an interesting point about the impact on PvP of the higher level spells. However that point does not reflect the fact that most everyone will be able to toss the same types of spells back and forth at each other. With higher levels, also comes better saving throws, better attacks (Thaco), and better defensive spells. Maybe level 15 isn't the answer. Maybe a smaller increase say to level 12 or 13 makes more sense. It would allow for a very small number of these new spells to be introduced. It would limit the risk while at the same time achieve the goal of allowing a totally new experience for some. But, if 15 is the answer it could drastically change the scope of the game. CLAMs may become a rarer thing, as fighter-types will then be able to make 2 attacks every round (not hasted!). A hasted Paladin/MU would become a truely awsome force to recon with.

So... will increasing levels add enjoyment to the game? Yes will it make the game easy or unbalanced? No... not if you are careful (and I do mean very careful) to balance out the changes with tougher monsters and tactics, new places to explore, new items to play with, and a better battle toughness = better reward system (how many folks have gone out to the woods, and search for the toughest fights hoping to find neat new goodies, only to find a bunch of coins that even a ogre would disdain?).

Finally, there is one caveat to the higher levels question. What happens to demi-humans and multiclasses. For the most part they are already maxed to their potential according to version 1 rules. Does a future of higher levels, also mean a future with almost no demi-humans?

If we are going to take Neverwinter to the next level of gaming we need to make sure we don't leave anyone or any aspect behind. :>


(Dear Tesssser. Point well taken. I think all games require a level of balance so that it doesnt get too easy. We will have to wait in store to see if this is possible in the future. Thanks for the letter! -The Editor)
Dear Mistie,

I completley enjoyed your lecture on the hoistory of guilds in Neverwinter! It was very nostalgic for me to once again read the names of Handler1 and the MCA... I think you truly captured the facts of the rise of the human guilds, even noting changes brought about by the ITb's.

I would probably not have written with such praise (it is true praise however) if I did not take issue with one fo your points (whats a critic without finding flaws?) The Grey Company and the Clan Axepeak existed long before the ITB's were born! The way you minimalized us at the end of your lecture made it sound as if the non-human guilds were a result of the general "chaos" of the modern era.

I guess that's all I had to sa, it was a very excellent article, and ws not really about us anyway, it was about you, the humans ; )


(Dear CarnalDave - Sorry for the oversight. Seems that all the people in the research department were miserable humans and didn't bother to check with the dwarven and elven tomes...plus the fact that they can barely read common...nevermind dwarven and elfspeak. Thanks for the mail and yes we do employ Dwarves and Elves! We're an EOE! - The Editor)
{NW Elladan's Really opinionated point of view}
Friend or Foe? The NW staff

Well I'm back and lately there have been some voices concerning the staff in Neverwinter Nights. Its not unfair to say that NW Staff members are not the most popular among some players. Well, I think its about time someone spoke on behalf of the staff.

There are many misunderstandings about the NW Staff. First of all is that an NW/A is a playing character. The truth of the matter is, a staff member is first and foremost an OOC person. Staff members are here to help deal with problems, run events, and make sure that the game runs smoothly. About the only time a NW/A remains IC (and not always at that) is when they are running tours and when an event or situation calls for it. Some evil characters see the NW/A's as the enemy,and act obnoxious in a very obvious OOC situation and state the usual excuse, "I'm Evil!". C'mon folks...some role play and maturity here.

Second misunderstanding is that the NW Staff is out to "get" everyone. NW/A's are authority figures in the game. They are not people out on a vendetta against the players. They are also not the rule makers but the enforcers. NW/A's try to ensure that everyone is playing fair and having fun. If someone commits a known TOS violation in front of an NW/A, it is their job to take action as necessary. They cannot turn their backs to a problem. Would you feel safe if a policeman turned his back while you were being robbed. The severity of the problem is different but the principle is the same.

Third misunderstanding is that NW/A's think they are better than normal players. Truth is NW/A's are normal players. They are normal players with exceptional game and technical knowledge, who have decided to take some time out to give back to a game that means very much to them. Besides this little point, they are all players and further more members of America Online.

Last of the misunderstandings is not about the NW/A's in general but being a NW/A. People tend to think that being an NW/A is a breeze. It is hard to comprehend that a JOB working in a GAME could really be a JOB. In all actuality it is a JOB and sometimes more stressful than a real life job. I personally have interviewed and trained new NWA's who were overwhelmed and very surprised when they went through some of the training.

There are many other comments that I have heard in my 4+ years as a player and staff member in NWN. I think many of the staff/player relations stem from the fact that players do not understand the staff. I know that the staff understand the players...its a job prerequisite...You must be a player of NWN for at least 6 months to become an NWA.

I hope my little ranting here does prove a little helpful. Yes, staff members are here through our own will and accept the fact that there will always be a resentment of sorts to authoratative figures. But for all of you who think the NW Staff are a bunch of power hungry jerks....keep in mind that every one on the NW Staff are PLAYERS WHO GIVE A DANG <grin...Im the editor> ABOUT THIS GAME and ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

On a final note, I'm not saying this is everyone's POV. Many of the GOH members are players who have been around a while and do understand what we do. Many of you have sent in thank you notes and tokens of appreciation (which we beam at), and for that we thank you!

Well Ill get off my soap box. If you have any comments to my lil post here...send me mail, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.


(P.S. For those of you interested...Staff applications are available in the GOH library. Study hard...I hear them interviews are tough! ;>)
{NW Snowie's Petting Zoo}
Two and a half tons of attitude
Armor Class: 3
Move: 6
Hit Dice: 80 hit points
Attacks: 1
Alignment: Neutral

Reth's Notes:
The Iron Golem is one of the most formidable and intimidating creatures in the Neverwinter area. Standing twice the height of a man and weighing upwards of 5,000 lbs., they are constructed entirely of metal and resemble gigantic suits of armor. Created by powerful wizards, these fearsome sentinels are often used as guards to watch over portals, treasure, or other valuable items.

Iron Golems can be found in many places throughout Neverwinter's surrounding regions, but I have seen the greatest number of them in the sewers beneath Neverwinter City proper. I believe these particular golems may be under the control of some of the more powerful magic-users in my guild (the Night Masks) as we call the Sewers our home. I have petitioned the leaders of my guild repeatedly and to no avail for more information concerning them.

Due to the inanimate material and magic from which they are fashioned, Iron Golems are particularly resistant to magic and spells of all varieties. In my encounters with these metallic beasts, I have found the only effective spell to be a well-placed lightning bolt (which does nothing but slow them momentarily). A fireball spell has an opposite effect. It seems to repair any damage that an Iron Golem has sustained (I suspect they have some sort of molten core which would explain this). They seem to be immune to all blades or blunt weapons unless the weapon is a powerfully enchanted one (+3). On many occasions I have watched with amusement as some unsuspecting adventurer pounded helplessly with a paltry longsword against the kneecaps of one of these enraged creatures.

I have found the best method of disposing of the creatures is to trick some unsuspecting Paladin or Warrior into fighting and destroying them while I prepare myself to dispatch the lackey and steal the booty for myself. When I happen to encounter one alone, I prepare myself before battle with powerful enchantments and keep my +3 flail at the ready. In my explorations of the Golem-infested sewers beneath Neverwinter City, I find it best to avoid encounters with the creatures as often as possible. It is a shame to have to destroy the occasional Iron Golem as they provide an excellent deterrent for un-welcome visitors to my underground home.

(Editor's Note: Great Article! Thanks Reth for taking the time out to explain more about iron golems and risking life and limb to draw that real nice portrait of your encounter with one of these horrid creations!) (input irongolem pic here)
{The Goddess Apothecary}
Cloaks of deception: Displacement and Elvenkind
In all of the Realms, there are two cloaks that provide a high level of defense to adventurers. These are the Cloaks of Elvenkind and Displacement. Very powerful in nature, these provide the much needed defense for both the PVP'er and non-PVP'er.

Cloak of Elvenkind:
This is a rather ordinary looking hooded cloak, grey in color. However, when worn, it gives the wearer the ability to camouflage into his surroundings. Camouflage is a limited form of invisibility depending mainly on the terrain. This form of invisibility normally does not work if the wearer moves suddenly, but in Neverwinter, this does not seem to matter.

The following shows the effectiveness of the invisibility in each type of terrain:

Outdoors, Natural Surroundings
Heavy Overgrowth:      100%
Light Growth:           99%
Open Fields:            95%
Rocky Terrain:          98%

Outdoors, Other
Buildings:              90%
Brightly Lit Room:      50%

Torch/Lantern Light:    95%
Infravision:            90%
Light/Continual Light:  50%
I am not certain how these are relevant to the locations in Neverwinter but the Neverwinter Woods seem to be considered "Light Growth".

Cloak of Displacement:
This cloak distorts the light around it so that the wearer appears to be 1-2 feet away from his/her actual location. This displacement quality offers the following benefits:

* Bestows wearer with +2 to their AC.
* Bestows wearer with +2 to their saves vs. any spell effect that is directed at them.
* Makes an opponent automatically miss their first attack (NW Cloaks do not behave this manner)

For all intensive purposes, this cloak is similar to a +2 cloak of protection, with the sole exception that it can be used in conjunction with armors and shields.
{NW Jareth's Mystical Grimoire}
Beaming around
DIMENSION DOOR:4th Level Magic User


Magic-users are often the center of an enemies' attack due to being able to turn the tide of a battle with one spell. With dimension door, however, the Magic-user has the means for quick escapes and instant evasion.

Casting this spell, the Magic-user is able to instantly transfer him/herself anywhere on the battlefield that is in his/her line of sight. This spell doesn't allow a second move in the round it is used on: it takes up a round of action like any other spell. The spell is very easy to use, simply cast, aim where you want to go, and off you go.

This spell also gives the Magic-user the ability to get around obstacles ranging from NPCs and PC's, to cloud spells that would cause harm. Make sure to not aim the spell incorrectly, however, as landing in the middle of a horde of Iron Golems can have a negative effect on one's health.

As a closing note: make sure to carry this spell if exploring an unknown area, or entering a tough combat solo, because it can get you out of tight spots in a snap!
{NW Aziza's Fantastic Tours}
A Tale of two towns!
Another piece of Aziza's log book was found near Triboar, in quickly written script were some notes about the town of Red Larch and the village of Westbridge...

Red Larch

Red Larch is what one would consider to be a "trade town", with a farmer's market, a successful wagonworks, and even a cattle market that invites buyers to enter the town.

This town can be travelled to by passing through Triboar and Westbridge, a trip I don't suggest going alone on unless you are an experienced traveller. Creatures, ranging from white gorgimarae to red dragons, enjoy making their home on the trip here, so be wary!

I would have to say the most memorable part of this trip was the crumblecakes, I must remember to be prepared to buy more the next time I pass through...

Some Sights to see:

"Long Road Weaponry": A shop that sold fine long bows and magical arrows! Make sure to bring more money next time...

"The Swinging Sword Inn": It advertised as having the best mead available, who were they kidding? Better not let anyone know I said that...the sister's who run the Inn are said to be sorceresses!

"Thelorn's Wagonworks": Run by the ex-mercenary Thelorn, he makes excellent wagons I hear!

There is also a trainer here by the name of Deolvyn Bloodaxe who advertises himself to be the "finest trainer" on the Sword Coast. In my opinion, this is just advertising.

Rumors: There is supposedly a dungeon hidden nearby. See Westbridge.


Westbridge is a farming village, at least that's what most of the folks here do, and is the main focus of the economy. Except for one Ghaliver Longstocking, who seems to own most of the businesses in the village.

I would like to say this town is easily accessible, but its not! Red dragons seem to enjoy attacking travellers on the path to here, and there is even a rumor of storm giants near the village! Definately not a place to go alone unless well equipped and experienced.

A guard of 20 archers helps protect this village....

Some sights to see:

"Groal's Emporium": Selling potions of all sorts, a very handy stop-over! Unfortunately my funds are running short, make sure to bring more money next time...

"Westbridge Historical Society": Some very interesting information here, even some books on some fellow named Alinster Crostrum.

"Happy Halfling Inn": Warm, quiet, and cozy. A good place to prepare for exploring the local area.

"Feast of life Banquet Hall": I was attacked by some creatures while in here! Feast is right...I was almost the feast!

"Longstocking Armory":I only list this due to Ghaliver Longstocking owning so much here, this is one of his businesses.

There are also some estates here that some of the locals live in, I'll make sure to take a closer look at them my next time through...

Rumors: Westbridge and Red Larch have had problems with their wells. This is supposedly due to some sort of staff being broken. There is also a rumor of another Dungeon near Westbridge similiar to the one Red Larch has. Supposedly the staff pieces are in the dungeons and can fix the wells, will need to look into this.
{NW Baldor's Might makes Right Armory}
Thrown stuff (Missile weapons part 1)
There are a variety of missile weapons in Neverwinter Nights. They basically come in 2 categories, thrown and fired. These weapons can be particularly effective for those lower level characters who do not wish to test monsters up close.

Weapon     Attacks/Rd  Range  Damage S/M-L  Joinable  Melee
---------  ----------  -----  ------------  --------  -----
Club*          1         3      1-6/1-3        N        Y
Dart           3         4      1-3/1-2        Y        N
Hammer*        1         3      2-5/1-4        N        Y
Javelin        1         6      1-6/1-6        Y        N
Spear*         1         3      1-6/1-8        N        Y
Flask of Oil   1         3       2-12          Y        N
Holy Water     1         3  2-7 (Undead only)  Y        N
Attacks/Rd: Number of attacks per round when the weapon is thrown.

Range: Maximum distance at which the weapon can be used.

Damage: Amount of damage weapon does. The Oil and Holy Water are not 100% certain.

Joinable: Whether the weapon may or may not be bundled up to 255 piece sets.

Melee: Whether the weapon is usable also as a melee weapon.

* A bug prevents high level fighter types using these weapons in hand to hand melee combat from gaining additional attacks per round.
{NW Strider's Tavern Legends and Tale's}

The following are a collection of poems by Aidynni of the Bards Guild. Some are new and some are old as the hills. Some have been posted in the past and some are new. If you have any questions, comments or requests, you can bug Aidynni by email.



Was it all but a passing fancier's hopeful dream,
Built upon stilted and hurried legs of desperation
Destined to crumble when reality was too much of a burden?

As I pick up the shattered pieces of hopes & promises we swore upon,
Repeating over your whispered words that now ring hollow like a ghost's souless lament,
I wonder which of us was more naive in daring to hope for such miracles.

You, with your eyes full of dreams and such longing,
Or me, who was only too obliging to blind my eyes to reality and dared dream with you.
Look at us now, weary of what our promises have wrought upon our arms.

But are these weakened and rusted chains that we desperately cling onto even now,
For they still resemble our sweet dreams we made together between us,
Nothing more than illusions that warm our lonely hearts when we let it?

Then which one of us will be brave in heart enough to call it such and part,
Or yet braver still to hold onto our broken pieces
And dare to turn our illusions into our truths?

(Leaves of Autumn)

Walking down the cold, empty streets of Autumn's evening,
Feeling the jagged edges of the night cut away against my skin,
I listen to the soft, muted sounds of the city, drifting away like ghostly echoes.
The blue and green flickering lights of the shops, the soft, whispering voices,

Dim yellow lights of the steetlamps, lending a defient note into the night,
Determined to chase away the darkness that sets in like a quiet, silent cloak
And as I walk into the night's soft embrace, I hear my footsteps echo into the dark.
Silent alleyways, the tall, empty buildings, whispering into their lonely hearts.

And I feel the cold, quiet voices of the night against my soul, and begin to dream.
Remembering the sweet words that meant the world to us in our hearts,
I begin to hope to the crescent moon that hides her face in slumber,
When you will return to me, to chase away the dying, crimson leaves of Autumn.


I know you little more now, my love.
Your brightly colored dreams, full of memories to be
And the glint of joy in your eyes when our hands embrace.

I know you just a tiny bit more, my love.
Your gentle, sweet words that speaks of loving promises
And the corners of your soft, warm lips as you caress mine.

I know you just a little more, my darling.
Your mysterious smile that warms my soul as we touch
And the way you hold me gently, wishing it to be forever.

And perhaps, that's why, my love,
I have given my heart to a stranger that I have found,
Who no longer is a stranger to my soul.


Wispy lightly ghostly feather, falling, falling,
Down from the highest of heaven's blue, endless highs,
Twirling, swirling, gently, slowly, falling, falling,
From the graceful wings of a beautiful angel perhaps, mayhaps.
Past the fluffy, comfy, frumpy clouds, falling, falling,
No one knows it's destination, for they don't know its intention.
It's past the bustly, hustly cities now, falling, falling,
Carried along on the sound of the busy streets, away and away.
Past the cares and worries of their lives, falling, falling,
Gently floating, slowly, aimlessly, always unstained with care,
'Till someone catches it in their hand and wishes their heart,
And burdens it with its impossible weight of reality.

(Two untitled is are they one)

Through the whispy woods that sings of days past...
stood the white, mighty towers that gleamed like a naked blade..
and defiantly pierced the very heart of the dark, evening sky.
And as time, might, wealth passed by its stony walls..
and elves, humans, dwarves lived, died, cursing its name..
It withstood like a dark candle, lighting its evil flame against the brightness of good.
While the four, mighty walls of castles fell and crumbled..
and mortals withered and died countless deaths to time's blows,
The two towers remained, bulwark against good, bane to the light.
But the two towers, mighty and strong....
A bane exists that will one day crush its stones and rip its dark heart asunder...

Wispy towers, fog drenched streets...
Distant, whispering voices that sounds of ghosts...
You know then that you're in the city of the winds.
Fading words, half remembered faces,
Strange voices calling out to your dreams...
You know that you're now in the city of the winds.v Soft screams and harsh whispers, threatening insanity
and shouted curses that makes no sense...
The city of winds is not a friend of strangers..
blaring horns that threaten to push you over..
and deformed crazies that would look to kill..
Yet you refuse to leave, this city of winds.
{NW Tempus and NW Thorn's Hall of Herioc Heroes}

Badies! Infamous names from the GOC
Well, last time we inducted five members from the Crusaders of the Realms. This time, we've got four names from the Guild of Chaos. These four nasties spent many a days (and nights) slaughtering, feebing, killing, kicking, punching and basically beatin' up anyone in their way. Only one of them has been seen recently, the others either in seclusion or retired.

Killum, Human Cleric/Magic User
Killum, the third GM of the GOC, was a name which spread fear in the hear of anything good. Rumors of his ability to resist the most powerful magics made him one of the most feared killers in the Realms. His exploits are legendary. Among them was a battle with Cold Chill in which Killum is reported to have feebed the poor self-proclaimed monarch about 15 times. Another of his exploits was a daring raid in which Killum reportedly stole one of NW Arwen's undergarments to use as the new GOC war banner.

Hellhammer, Human Cleric/Magic User
Hellhammer was the second GM of the GOC. Legends have it that Hellhammer the human died several hundred years ago and what was left was just an undead monster. Nevertheless, Hellhammer led the GOC at a time when Neverwinter was young. Little is known about Hellhammer except for the fact that many died at his hands.

Anthrax, Human Cleric/Magic User
"The Plague of Neverwinter" was the brother of NW Arwen and the fourth GM of the GOC. A notorious ambusher, Anthrax delighted in battles where the odds were against him. His magic resistant was potent and he has claimed to have won several 7 on 1 combats. Also a practical joker by nature, it was Anthrax who discovered that if cast properly, the feeblemind spell can affect the recently deceased. (Editor's Note: His being NW Arwen's brother has nothing to do with him being in the Hall)

Toramarth, Human Cleric/Magic User
"The Anti-Paladin" is often seen handing out black roses to maidens around Neverwinter. A real old timer, Toramarth is still seen frequenting Neverwinter. Despite his long stay in Neverwinter, Toramarth still relishes in killing a few folks here and their just for the fun of it. His combat prowess is well known and if you don't watch your step, you may run into this him, and it may not be as pleasant as Toramarth would like you to believe.

Congratulations to Killum, Hellhammer, Anthrax and Toramarth...Welcome to the Hall of Heroic Heroes!
{A Bunch of NW's concerning leagal stuff}
** All the information in this month's GOH Magazine can be found in the original First Edition TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books, Monster Manual (c) 1979, Players Handbook (c) 1978, Dungeon Master's Guide (c) 1979, Cyclopedia of the Realms (c) 1987, and the Second Edition TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons book, Volo's Guide to the North (c) 1993 *** *** Special thanks to Reth, CarnalDave, Tesssser and NW Strahd for their contributions to this issue***

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