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Premier Issue, December 1994

{NW Kel's magical Cafe}
NW Kel quickly dashed back to her room in Lord Nasher's Palace clutching her most recent found delicacy. She had obtained this rare and exquisite choice morsel while visiting The Triboar Inn and Public House where they daily harvest Giant Slugs from the Lost Hills.

(insert giantslug pic here)

6 pounds of Giant Slug Steaks
3 tablespoons of Frog oil
1 bottle of Elverquist (recent vintage)
1 dozen scallions, chopped (with greens)
1 pound of diced pink mushrooms (tops only)
1 tablespoon of crushed granite
1/2 cup of iodized pearls (finely ground)
3 cups of tiny boiled prawns (in shell)
1 cup of gossimer Griffon wings (shredded)
2 teaspoons of morning dew (collected on Sunday)
1 teaspoon of myrr
1/2 teaspoon ground obsidian
3 blades of sea grass (for garnish)
3 larkspur flowers (for garnish)

In a large frying pan saute scallions and mushrooms in oil until golden.

Add 6 pounds of Slug Steaks and cook until a fork stuck into each steak breaks.

In another pan, combine remaining ingredients (except those used for garnish) and cook until soft.

Place the Slug Steaks in a large Dutch Oven, arranging them on the bottom as a layer. Spread ingredients from second pan over the steaks and then place in a brick oven for three hours.

Serve on large pewter platters with garnish.

Serves 12.

Bon Appetit!

NW Snowie's peting zoo}
(input demon pic here)
Lirpasloof Demon
(insert a pic of a remmorhaz)
AC -19
Move 3"
Hit Points 388
Damage 4-80
Need +3 or better
To hit, 99% magic resistant
Genius Intelligence
Chaotic Evil
9'+ tall.

There is no question that this is the most disgusting and loathsome of all demons!

Lirpasloof's dripping form can lash forward in melee to cause terrible damage both from the force of his blow and the caustic properties of his noisome secretions. The Lirpasloof is reclusive and hates intrusion by any form of normal creature but surrounds his person with slimes, jellies and puddings. He is shunned by other demons and other creatures. They are able to shed a circle of darkness at will, can also cause fear, cast a circle of cold and regen at 2 hp per melee round. The demon lord is also able to do any one of the following during a melee round, detect invis, locate object, esp, fly, dispel magic, invis 10, charm monster, hold monster, telekinese phase door, purify food & water, cause disease. He is also able to spew forth a jellylike slime (combining the effects of an ochre jelly and green slime) within a 15' range and a blob size of 3 cubic feet. Lirpasloof has no set form (he can spread himself into a vast pool of slime or raise up into a towering column of disgusting ordure 18' or more in height) but he usually takes the form of a 9' body consisting of parts from other beast.. From this mass protrude several glaring iridescent eyes!
{NW Balor's might makes right armor}
Cloud Giant Armor

This incredibly light armor, found only among the Cloud Giants that inhabit the Forgotten Realms, is truly the most amazing armor. It is extremely lightweight, normally weighing no more than a feather. The light blue hammered cumulus metal actually increases the movement of the wearer, and it is often decorated with cirrus buckles and stratus medallions.

Certain Cloud Giant Shamans have been known to enchant the unique armor with such abilities as 'fly' and 'float', that actually allow the wearer to move several spaces with minimal effort. Certain Shamans from the Northern regions have even been able to enchant the armor with a nephelococcygia property which envelopes the wearer with anonymity and conceals them.

Weight in GP: 0
Armor Class: -3
Max Movement: 48
Abilities: fly, float,concealment
{NW Aziza's tour de la realms}
I was going through my journal this evening and found this on some torn pages. The pages were worn and almost unreadable, so I'll have to go back and try to remember this as well as I can.

As I was taking one of my strolls around the realms I came upon this lock gate. Well, as part of my normal routine I pushed on the gate to see if it was still locked. To my utter surprise it opened! How could this be? I rechecked the parchment that Snowie normally gives me listing reports of strange sightings to be checked. There was nothing here, not even a hint! With a feeling of unease I traveled through the gate. I stood there rubbing my eyes again and again. Before me stood a part of the realms I had not traveled before. I traveled down the not so warn but noticeable paths. After journeying for a full day down rugged terrain, I came to a strange and eerie town.

Guarding my back as I carefully walked down the streets, my eyes and ears were pealed for any sounds or movements. Finding a broken sign along the way, I tried to piece it together and came up with this must be the town of Rabarim! Great walls surround the town. The land around the city is heaped with mine heads, open quarries and heaps of slag and waste rock. I didn't step into the mines so I have no idea what was berthed deep inside them. I figured to wait another day. Deciding to return to Snowie and advise her to send out a full patrol for this new town!

As I stepped out the gates I was attacked by a creature I had never set my eyes on before...the body was huge, and it's power was way beyond anything I have ever seen in the lands. It had a body of the Remorhaz, head of a Black Dragon and the tail of a Worm. As it came closer I knew I was in trouble! This was the legendary Lirpasloof! Within a flash I could feel my life seeping away and lost consciousness almost instantly. When I woke up I was standing before the locked gate once more! Yes the gate was locked once again!
{The Goddeses Apothecary}
The Pyrite Dagger
Found only in the depths of the Caverns beneath the town of NightsEdge, the Pyrite Dagger can only be wielded by high level evil mages. They are forged by enslaved Dreugar Dwarves who toil for long hours to first mine the pyrite from the hard granite, then slave over the fires of Hell to forge each dagger. Once a Pyrite Dagger has been forged, the soul of the Dreugar is entrapped in its shining blade forever.

Commander Krieg has been known to exclusively wield the Pyrite Dagger, with a hilt encrusted with zircons.

The Pyrite Dagger does 5-15 damage vs. man sized and 10-25 vs. larger opponents. It is a superb one handed weapon for any thief or mage.
{NW Amayas amazing antidotes}
PVP Combat

NW Amaya sat down at the desk in her room and stared out the window overlooking the Square in Neverwinter. In the many moons she has called Neverwinter her home, she has stumbled upon and unearthed many truly amazing stories and facts.

"But which ones should I relate first", she pondered, stroking her chin with the tip of her quill. She looked up and smiled then attacked the parchment with vigor.

NW Amaya's Amazing Antidotes on PvP Combat.

I know many of you are PvP enthusiasts and consider yourselves experts, but did you know the following?

|< The order of your inventory items really DOES make a difference to your saves!

1) Always keep your cloak as your top item.
2) Always have your ring as your second item.
These two items most dramatically effect your saving throws, so keep them at the top where they will be most effective.

|< Find yourself a good luck charm and never leave home without it!

Many people are superstitious and with good reason. I have found that a favored item or good luck charm always increases my saving throws. My favorite item? The Emerald Brooch because it is a challenge to get and just looks lovely with anything that I wear.

|< Protection spells are a must, but which ones and why?

1) I always cast the spell Friends (Mage Level 1) first before any other protective spells. Why? Because during a PvP battle, my high charisma will increase my saving throws and keep aggressive NPC's at bay. Plus you'll enjoy the invitations you will receive to many parties and coffee shops once the battle is over.

2) Resist spells such as Resist Fire (Cleric Level 2), Resist Cold (Cleric Level 1) are always excellent choices as they will reduce any damage caused by fire or ice attacks, and who really wants to get caught with their resist down the next time someone tosses a fireball in your direction?

3) Protect yourself! Since in any PvP your opponents may be of good, evil or neutral alignment, you need to use both Protect from Good (Cleric Level 1) and Protect from Evil (Cleric Level 1). When used in combination, these will protect you from attacks from all three possible alignments.

4) Be pious and be prepared! Using Bless (Cleric Level 1) and Prayer (Cleric Level 3) will enlist the aid of your god or goddess to your cause and will dramatically increase your saving throws against those that are not so protected. Besides, it's not a good idea to risk offending one of the gods.

5) Know what's being cast at you! By using Detect Magic (Cleric or Mage Level 1) you will always know what spell has been cast at you by an opponent! This is an invaluable tool during a PvP combat so you can be prepared and be aware of what is being cast around you.

6) A good defense is a good offense, always cast Shield (Mage Level 1) in order to protect yourself from magic attacks and it will have the added bonus of improving a mage's saving throw and temporarily increase Armor Class throughout the duration of the spell.

7) You've got the whole realm in your hands, and there is probably no protection spell greater or better than Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Mage Level 4). Minor Globe (often called just 'globe' for short) will protect the mage from all first, second and third level spells.

|< Never turn your back to an opponent!

Always keep your icon facing the battle and never expose your back. Why? Because your Armor Class in the front is much greater than your Armor Class to the rear! Never leave your delicate derriere exposed!

Amaya dipped her quill into the inkwell one final time and penned this final bit of advice:
|< Only fools rush in where brave men fear to tread!
{NW Ember's Mystical Grimoire}
Detect Lie
There have been rumors that an ancient scroll has been found with Detect Lie!

Detect Lie - Reversible

Level 3 Cleric
Range: 3"
Duration: 1 round/level
Area of Effect: One person
Components: V,S,M (Verbal, Somatic or Material)
Casting Time: 7 segments
Saving Throw: None

Explanation/Description: When the cleric employs this spell, the recipient is immediately able to determine if truth is being spoken. The spell lasts one round for each level of experience of the cleric casting the detect lie. Gold dust is necessary for this spell. It's reverse, undetectable lie, makes bald-face untruths seem reasonable, or simply counters the detect lie spell powers. The reverse spell requires brass dust as its material component. If a person is detected in a lie the person lieing will lose his tongue and his nose will grow 1 cm per magnitude of the lie!
{NW Strider's tall tales and legends}
Once upon a time two of Lord Nasher's very own Royal Guards were set to the task of unearthing various and amazing facts and fiction about the City of Neverwinter and its surrounding regions and reporting that information to the Guild of Heroes Magazine's Spring Issue.

They searched high and low for unique and interesting facts that would fascinate and intrigue the populous of Neverwinter Nights. They interviewed and interrogated everyone they knew, yet were bored by their findings. Then one night, late in the month of March, one of them was struck with a brilliant idea.

"Let's collect the most amazing stories and facts ever for the Spring issue of the Guild of Heroes Magazine!", she exclaimed to the other.

"What kinds of facts?", her accomplice asked.

"Why... facts from our imagination, whim and fancy!" she cried.

The two exchanged knowing looks and then set about their task with an unmistakable penchant for mischief. They let their imaginations run wild as they combed the depths of their minds for creative and obscure tidbits of fantasy.

First, they turned their demented minds towards the ridiculous and concocted a Recipe for destruction. Then, their twisted little minds raced ahead and they created a creature so disgusting and horrible that many adventurers would have nightmares for months to come and confined it in the Zoo.

They laughed and giggled as they enhanced a telltale spell for the Grimoire and chuckled as they unearthed magical Armor so incredible that it was just too good to be believed.

And finally, when their madcap adventure into the absurd was near completion, they found a Gift for the masses but limited its use to just one day.

And then they simply signed their names,

The A-Team
{NW Staff and all those legal notices}
** All the information in this month's GOH Magazine can NOT be found in the original First Edition TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books, Monster Manual (c) 1979, Players Handbook (c) 1978, Dungeon Master's Guide (c) 1979, Cyclopedia of the Realms (c) 1987, and the Second Edition TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books, Volo's Guide to the North (c) 1993, Player's Handbook (c) 1989, Monstrous Manual (c) 1993***

Most of this information was fictional and just for your enjoyment! April Fool's everyone and hope you enjoyed!

Thank you NW Amaya for helping me with a terrific magazine!

The End

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