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Name: NILLUS <Nillus@aol.com>
From: Nyrthellans Woods Nights, AOL
Date: 12/26/00 02:53:55 CST
Wow, great site! Just reading the guestbook brought alot of memories back. Just for new info though, NWN still be found on AOL, not graphical anymore. Keyword NWN still works, but alas, AOL is once again shutting down the area. Those who still like to rp and play in games some news for ya. Seems the place is moving to the Web. Sometime hopefully in Jan 2001. Just like to say hi to all those folks that remember me. like AngelSedai and all those NORS out there!

aka N0R Steele

Name: Lazzeraith <lazzeraith@bregan.net>
From: NWN
Date: 12/26/00 02:26:38 CST
Great site, seeing my old icon was nice. Miss the game and everyone that played.

Lazzeraith, BDA
Hazler, COR
AbiJabi, Who knows ;>

Name: HC Firehlm; (former HC) <Weretigerf4@hotmail.com>
From: Former HC Acting Gm and AGM
Date: 12/19/00 21:42:39 CST
Holy crusaders started the same month the SOM did. 10/94 or 95

Started by HC avatar
Later Gms were
in order
HC Rhuarc
HC Falcolm
HC Rweinb or was it rwienb
HC Firehelm *(acting)
HC Kisaki ( married HC Veneklos) ( end of NwN)

HC Died 4 times

Once in december 95
Ressurected by HC Falcolm with help from HC Jeps and HC Firehlm

April 96 Ressurected by HC Rwienb with help vfrom HC Ractar and HC Wolrabl
June 96 by HC kisaki

Evenutally went to LOE and died in 98

Currently Ressurected by HC Otthawk and HC Quicksilver with help from Hc Sifra, HC Fazz, HC Wildfire (son of HC Firehlm) and the Dwarven king

IT is located at www.forgottenworld.com

Name: HC Firehlm; (former HC) <Weretigerf4@hotmail.com>
From: Former HC Acting Gm and AGM
Date: 12/19/00 21:42:00 CST
Holy crusaders started the same month the SOM did. 10/94 or 95

Started by HC avatar
Later Gms were
in order
HC Rhuarc
HC Falcolm
HC Rweinb or was it rwienb
HC Firehelm *(acting)
HC Kisaki ( married HC Veneklos) ( end of NwN)

HC Died 4 times

Once in december 95
Ressurected by HC Falcolm with help from HC Jeps and HC Firehlm

April 96 Ressurected by HC Rwienb with help vfrom HC Ractar and HC Wolrabl
June 96 by HC kisaki

Evenutally went to LOE and died in 98

Currently Ressurected by HC Otthawk and HC Quicksilver with help from Hc Sifra, HC Fazz, HC Wildfire and the Dwarven king

Name: WOH Hydra <wohhydra@earthlink.net>
From: House WOH
Date: 12/13/00 01:53:44 CST
VR games where you actually swing a sword? hmmm interresting. Wonder if you will also actually get to camp out at a spawn spot for hours, take a lifetime to reach level 20, wait around for reagents to respawn on the vendor, twiddle your thumbs while the game lags, lose 2 or 3 hours of your life, entirely wiped out without a trace mind you, due to the server being taken down without notice... don't even get me started on RP. Harr! RP!?!?! Can you imagine RP in a VR game? roflmgdao
Yo dude! Tweak me dude! Tweak me!!
VR games?? gee I just cannot wait. ::yawn:::

Name: WGW Thorn <titokhan@netzero.net (though wgwthorn@aol.com is still active)>
From: the Neverwinter Woods
Date: 12/12/00 22:46:42 CST
you read in the gaming magazines how UO is basically called the father of the MMOLRPG's we now play to occupy our time..WE, the gaming community of NWN, know that for the lie it really is. Though I dont have the time to play anywhere near as much, I still occasionally pop in on a message board or 3..though I'm getting the itch to play again..

yer friendly neighborhood Brewmaster
WGW Thorn/T Drumhellr/CM TTKN/Eltarin - NWN
WGW Thorn/Titokhan/Eltarin - UO (Sonoma/GL)
Eltarin Dineer/Mohdri/Titokhan - EQ (rallos)

Name: IQuestor <symby@hotmail.com>
From: The Ivory Tower
Date: 12/04/00 18:47:28 CST
Ugh.. I don't know whether to be happy there's something so representative of NWN or sad because it reminds me of the singularly greatest online gaming experience I'll ever have, before they've got VR games you can swing your own sword in I mean.. -grins- I've given up on gaming after failing to find anything as good as this.. I even saw my character in the random thing! I love this page, there's no way to deny it =) Only thing I'd change.. is my name.. I hated it.. always.. But.. I didn't pick it so that's okay. If anyone remembers me.. ICQ's 11343801

Name: Lord Kas <lordkas@aol.com>
From: BDA
Date: 12/02/00 07:57:29 CST
Agreeing with Atomcraft. Have not a found an online game that came close and haven't played since. Excellent site.
Damnit Glaer pull yer pants up for once!


Name: ReddIZ <redeyes@redd.com>
From: The Shadows
Date: 11/30/00 00:01:45 CST
Medar thank you for taking the time to put this together it has brought back some fantastic memories. I trule enjoyed the time I spent in NWN and all the great people I had a chance to meet and play with.

Shadow Alliance

Name: WOH Hydra <wohhydra@earthlink.net>
From: To AO from House WOH
Date: 11/29/00 01:39:57 CST
In response to AO's post...

>>Greetings, My Name is Ao. I was Brought up by the Knights of Freedom who once walked the land of Neverwinter. Can ANyone Help me find the world of neverwinter or is it trully gone?>>>

NWN was destroyed by a force even more powerful than the one who once cast down the gods (ao). Twas... AO-L.
And what is left? You see it here. You may also see it at www.forgottenworld.com
The game still lives though perhaps only as a shadow of it's former glory. The heart of NWN still beats.. and I think Medar has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. One day... there will be another. I personaly plan to keep a close watch on the team developing "Pools of Radiance Ruins of Myth Drannor" www.poolofradiance.com
From what I understand... the same developers working on that game were at least partially responsible for the original NWN. I shall keep my talons crossed anyhow.

WOH Hydra
~Master Black Knight

Name: Wranglir <wranglir@home.com>
From: The Protectorate
Date: 11/27/00 21:19:18 CST
A wonderfully bittersweet site. The best part was simply reading through the names on the guestbook :)

Name: Chelsea Wood <frosty@wimberley-tx.com>
From: Somewhere above the Arctic Circle
Date: 11/25/00 01:14:52 CST
Yay ! Finally found Aidynni's Memoirs. It's one of the most evocative stories ever written around NWN and I PLAN to keep it on my hard drive for a long time.

My ICQ is 24899089 if you wanna add me to your list. If you don't know me, let me introduce myself - Killer Frost from the GOC. ;P

See you around.

-Frosty !

PS: You know the really weird thing ? Beelzebub was the first to slay another in PvP in NWN...and get this: The god of player killers in Asheron's Call is Bael'Zharon. The similarity in names didn't escape me...so I wonder if Beelzebub achieved godhood...

Name: Nightrealm/Rizzin d'Lylyl <jefflee@mpinet.net>
Date: 11/22/00 20:46:42 CST
Sheesh... this site is great.. but makes me sad ;( Will we ever have something that effects so many for so long again? I doubt it.. ;( ..miss ya'll ::group hug::

Nightrealm GOC
Rizzin d'Lylyl TOL
Vamp Geoff (beta rougue)
*Seer Sampson DSO
EQ and AC beta tester but never payin' player..::shrugs::

ICQ me if ya' wants.. 579440

Name: Malkier <jyang@northpeak-usa.com>
Date: 11/20/00 12:22:14 CST
so when are they putting in melee pvp anyway?? *sigh*
I miss NWN.

Malkier - BDA!!
MECH Hawke - MECH!!
TP Mantis - TP!!

Name: Hellhammer <brucekg@hotmail.com>
Date: 11/19/00 22:19:45 CST
Man, this site rocks...been a long time since I have heard anything about NWN...no other game did it for me so I quit gaming. This brings back many memories...


aka Atomcraft in V.2

Name: NOR Niko...NOR Ninja <lutherlarry@hotmail.com>
Date: 11/18/00 02:04:17 CST
Man...them were the days. No other RPG has made it for me like that one did. Miss you folks. Miss the games. Miss the fun.

Name: KEF Kain, UT Drag0n, Domomai <Domomai@hotmail.com>
From: Div's Site
Date: 11/08/00 09:14:59 CST
Wow, great site really brings back some memories, its too bad they don't have the balls to bring this game back, kinda pisses me off, well anyway its great to see some of the old names, hope to see ya in Shadowbane.

Name: Shar DeVir <bikshar@aol.com>
From: NWN, EQ,
Date: 11/05/00 17:10:36 CST
Greetings all, was a nice pleasure to step down the aisles of a dusty old mind. Miss the RP that was had here. Wish that we could get the same with some of the new stuff out here. :) To all that knew me Twas an honor to have spent the time with you.

Name: PayneRaven <dlfraven@aol.com, payneas@aol.com>
From: General Area of Neverwinter
Date: 11/05/00 09:55:20 CST
Geez.. this place sure does bring back memories. My SN then was RavenDeVir if anyone happen to remember SharDeVir, ZaraDeVir, and SongReiever... whereever they happen to be now. Brax... Tabbas... Randym. Another SN was always SilverLark.. or BH Lark then. LOL. Geez I miss this game, and I miss the RP!

Payne Al Stavich
Silver Lark (BH Lark)
(also http://members.aol.com/payneas/Payne.html

Name: SK Torm <riprend@kaaos.com>
Date: 11/04/00 22:54:43 CST
By far the best site tributing the memory of the only game ever to hold not only my mind, but my heart as well.

SK Torm
Drago XaR

Name: Cynic
From: UDL
Date: 11/04/00 17:02:06 CST
Good to see the old memories;)


formally Solemheart and many more

Name: Tiamatslyr <coombsd@aol.com>
Date: 11/01/00 22:26:38 CST
Well met. For over 5 years (and thousands of $)I played a Ranger/MU. I'd sure love to spend some time out on the islands again ... sigh!

Name: Skunk [UDL <skunk@undeadlords.net>
Date: 11/01/00 16:28:46 CST
Great site. I am a current member of The Undead Lords, but was not a member in NWN. This site has been a great help in letting me see where the Guild I love has originated from and to see what I missed out on.

Keep up the good work!


Name: Ao
Date: 10/30/00 22:21:23 CST
Greetings, My Name is Ao. I was Brought up by the Knights of Freedom who once walked the land of Neverwinter. I have heard much and been in many lands where people tell me that the land of Neverwinter was better then Everything that has been made to day.

I was wondering if anyone tryed to recreat the world of Neverwinter for the many fans who wish they could play? I personally would love to try a Full online version of neverwinter and i do bleave it would be easy to do (considereing they can do it to muds and a game like Ultima Online)

Can ANyone Help me find the world of neverwinter or is it trully gone?

Name: Loony <loon@charter.net>
From: BoP
Date: 10/29/00 01:27:50 CDT
By the Gods it's great to see this again. Sure brings back memories.


I think thats how we used to pass a mug of ale hehe

BoP forever

Name: Syrus Greycloak (SSB Syrus) <snuix36@sigmanu.com>
From: Sacred Silver Blades
Date: 10/27/00 15:35:24 CDT
Damn nice job Meddy!

Name: ITB Havvoc
Date: 10/27/00 10:21:10 CDT
What a blast! Nice site. I still miss NWN. No game has compared to the community in NWN.

Formally, ITB Havvoc - NWN
Currently, Xxavvoc Bloodfang - EQ - Rallos Zek server
Yet to come, Unknown PvPer, SB - ? sever.

Name: BeaerSidhe <beaersidhe@charter.net>
From: FWG
Date: 10/26/00 02:18:44 CDT
HOLY CRIPES! I thought I'd never hear the opening music again, nor see it. Btw, I get a runtime error with the offline version. Perhaps some sort of help?

Thanks for the memories.


Name: Malhavok <malhavok@kaaos.com>
Date: 10/24/00 21:47:35 CDT
Damn :(

Nice site. Really brings back the memories.


Name: Sylvar, Dramia, Ilustriel <Ilustriel@grey-company.org>
From: version 1 and 2, Brotherhood of Pathfinders and The Grey Company
Date: 10/22/00 23:29:13 CDT
Can you believe where online gaming has gone? Hourly rates sure kept the riff raff out...perhaps with the New Release...

Sweet Water and Light Laughter till next we meet...

Name: Ghaaroth <sanguinia@hotmail.com>
From: Forgotten World
Date: 10/21/00 21:44:21 CDT
One word:


Name: MECH Rasta <torquadun@aol.com, Blasphemy@play.net>
Date: 10/19/00 21:31:20 CDT
It's hard to believe that with todays tech they can't manage to put together a community that holds my interest a fraction as long as NWN did...of course..it wasnt really the game, but all of you.
Thank you Meder and to everyone that made NWN what it was.
MECH Rasta

Name: Starrbolt Wanderer <starrbolt@grey-company.org>
From: email
Date: 10/18/00 03:45:15 CDT
Vedui' ar' mae govannen...greetings and well met! Congratulations on your splendid site. 'Twas enjoyable viewing all that you've preserved of Neverwinter Nights. Mayhaps we shall meet in the new realm someday.

Name: Medar <Medar@bladekeep.com>
From: SSB
Date: 10/17/00 20:36:16 CDT
Testing new format for posting.

Name: Smoke
From: someplace else
Date: 10/15/00 22:56:28 CDT
Medar.. found the old HOF site.. sent it to you.. "you've got mail" if ya dont get it let me know.. and I'll resend

Name: KEF Trigg <keftrigg@aol.com>
From: NWN, UO Chesapeake
Date: 10/15/00 20:28:20 CDT
Great site brings back the memory of the good times. Maybe if we spread the words far enough you might get to fill out all the info that is missing and have the complete history of nwn and its glories.

Name: Smoke <nwdiving@hotmail.com>
From: my mother
Date: 10/15/00 01:30:40 CDT
Great site... keep it up and fill in the missing info.. I had the original HOF site on my puter at one time.. I'll see if I can find it, complete with BIO's..if I do.. I'll send em to ya

Name: BR0NX <doc-groovy@msn.com>
From: D2,UO
Date: 10/14/00 12:55:10 CDT
Very nice, but ya got GoC listed as disbanded in 97... If we died out, I just wish they woulda told me bou it :)

Alive and well in G O C

Name: Kmalj, Haarpo, SOL Aerium... <kmalj1@televar.com>
From: NWN, UO, EQ
Date: 10/13/00 20:34:44 CDT
Hail ! Yes, like many others I've tried to find the lost magic... but, its clear that fancy graphics and complex huge worlds do not add up to wonder. Ahh well, I do feel blessed that I got to experience the real thing in NWN. Thanks for refreshing the memories, Medar! ;)

Name: Chocto/BigAU <BigAU@aol.com>
From: UO Senoma Shard
Date: 10/13/00 19:17:20 CDT
It was a grand time, wasn't it..;>
ahh the memories..good job

Ruddack AU'Bannon
KEF Knight of the Sword
GM Senoma Shard UO

Name: Sol Varion <mkelly1@optonline.net>
From: The Blackness
Date: 10/13/00 15:19:20 CDT
Was nice ta see the old screen load up and not have ta slam the gate! Nice job. I'll send the caps I got to ya :)

Sol Varion
Ka Varion

Name: KEF Vinius <vinius@k-e-f.org>
From: Knights of the Eternal Flame
Date: 10/13/00 09:00:08 CDT
Excellent site!! Damn, I miss this game! NWN definitely got me hooked on online gaming. What a great trip back in time! Thanks for putting this together!

May the Flame burn Eternal!
Vinius Davenport
UO Great Lakes ShardMaster
Knights of the Eternal Flame

Name: Aberant Divine <Aberant@IGNMAIL.com>
From: here and there and back again
Date: 10/13/00 07:55:48 CDT
very well made site .. wish i had of been there

Name: KEF Rathar <kef_rathar@hotmail.com>
From: Around
Date: 10/13/00 04:52:12 CDT
Nice site. Brings back memories.

Rathar Issmuss
Grand Master
Knights of the Eternal Flame

Name: Glaeros <Glaeros@aol.com>
Date: 10/12/00 22:04:48 CDT

Damn I still miss the game. Nice to see it remembered this way.

Still morally challeged..

Name: Nor Chew, Baron of NOR, Keeper of the Everfull Flask Of Dwarven Gin <Mpyle01@worldnet.att.net>
From: forgottenworld??
Date: 10/10/00 22:52:19 CDT
Great site. I Love the way it was done. Made remember many places I had forgotten about NWN. Also made me remember what a true RG is all about.

Name: Banerd Rex <banerdrex@aol.com>
From: the Hall of Justice
Date: 10/10/00 11:14:47 CDT

No matter what game I play on the web...nothing will ever compare to what NWN was...that is all there is to it. NWN was the end all and be all of games. Id give anything to be able to go back to what was. This site is absolutely beautiful. There truly is no place like home.

Banerd Rex
High Judicator of the Knights of Justice

Name: SOL Entres / Aracnakat <aracnakat@gamespy.com>
Date: 10/09/00 02:16:44 CDT
Well done site .. sure wish I had some screen caps .. but that was about 4 computers ago and I never thought to keep anything :(

Keep up the great work :)
~Kat :)

Name: The High and Mighty Lord Hydra of WOH, Slayer of Giants, Master of All that exists, Bane of Jealous Husbands, and Devourer of McDonald's Happy Meals. <wohhydra@earthlink.net>
From: House WOH (Warriors of Hades)
Date: 10/06/00 21:19:23 CDT
Bone chilling cold pierced the warriors cloak with icy tendrils of needle sharp agony. Pain was the warriors oldest and dearest friend. "Nothing like a bit of physsical disscomfort to let one know he iss sstill alive." Hydra had often recounted to his underlings during intense training sessions near that old shack in the Lost Hills. Far Less to the warriors pleasure was the unbearable anguish of emotion, brought about by the sharp, vivid memmories of what was, and the ominous reality that these may never be again. It is a pain that will not heal. A void, in a place where his black heart once pounded in his breast sending cold blood racing through his veins loaded with adrenaline and arcane energy from the heat of combat.
The hooves of Hydra's great black steed thundered across the night sky upon a trail visible only in the firey orbs of his nightmare. The vast chaos of the night sky tinged with silvery shadows excited the warriors senses, as it always had, staving off the biting cold for a few moments while the warrior reigned the creature to a halt. A glimpse across time and space rendered a spectacular view overlooking bladekeep. The pain of the cold, night air all but forgotten as the rush of memmories blasted the warriors consciousness and stabbed his very soul with the wicked sharp blade of longing.
"Who iss ressponssible for thiss place?" He hissed.

Silence was not his only answer, for in that place where his cold malevolent heart once beat he found the answer.
"All of ussss." He quietly responded.
"Well done Medar. I ssalute you."
The shadowy figure snapped his reigns and once again the horse thing sped off with it's rider in a streak of blackness toward an unkown future, chaos, turmoil.

~WOH Hydra
~Master Black Knight
~Keepers of the Night

Name: Killer Frost <frosty@wimberley-tx.com>
Date: 10/06/00 03:26:35 CDT
Love that site...brought back memories of the past. =)

KillrFr0st/K1llrFrost - GOC
ITB Katrin/ITB Eden
SOL Cleo
Circe Rhys (GKOB)
Lyssa Vons (SA)

and LOTS of other aliases. I can't remember them all. :P

Chelsea, or Frosty the Glacially Gorgeous Gal of GOC

Name: LordXymox <xymox@undeadlords.net>
From: UDL - NWN, UO, EQ
Date: 10/03/00 18:11:04 CDT
Awsome site... wish that game was still around.

Lord Xymox - UDL

other alts

V Nicolae - Camarilla
DarkAdvent - GoC Applicant ;p

Name: Bartholum <Bartholum@hotmail.com>
From: Old NW of course where else?
Date: 10/01/00 22:49:08 CDT
Nice Site Medar ;)

I have an extensive collection of GOH Magazine issues if you would like them to add to your site here let me know!

Name: Xenithus / N0R Smokey <xenithus@aol.com>
Date: 10/01/00 05:16:21 CDT
Nice site.. but yer missing the best part of the NwN experience.... me!

Keep up the good work. ;)

Name: Sylverion <sylverion@mindspring.com>
Date: 09/28/00 19:02:34 CDT
~chuckles~ Nice site! ;) Maybe on that Great War page you should..... uhmmm put who won? ;pp

Bregan D'Aerth

Name: Skorp <Skorpz@yahoo.com (although I still do have itb skorp@aol.com too)>
From: BDA - UO
Date: 09/25/00 12:36:09 CDT

Great Page! Amazing that we all still think about that piece of crap game from time to time eh? If any of you play UO on the GL shard, gimme a holler and I'll kill you for old times sake ;>


Name: NOR Gaetano <guygirone@yahoo.com>
From: Ultima Online
Date: 09/25/00 06:21:16 CDT
NWN was my first online gaming experience. I really enjoyed the game and quit AOL when they droped it. This is a great memorial to a truely fun game. Hail * NOR

Name: Pasta Asha <infernalpasta@hotmail.com>
Date: 09/20/00 21:32:47 CDT
Wow.. NWN was one of my first online games. I spent a large portion of my senior year of high school and even lost a girlfriend because of that game. Boy do I miss it :(

Name: Akh Uranus <Sandreth@aol.com>
From: GoG
Date: 09/18/00 17:21:32 CDT
I think this is a wonderful sight Medar. I think you did a really good jobs getting most of the guilds and putting all of NeverWinter's History here

Name: Medar
From: bladekeep.com
Date: 09/15/00 00:29:52 CDT
Testing the guestbook - moved the entire domain to a larger hosting service (we have been down for two days).

Back up and running ;)

Name: Augurer/Pacifyst <ormonda@msoe.edu>
From: ICQ Msg
Date: 09/06/00 20:03:27 CDT
Heh, nice site. Surprised to see one of my old icons here ;) Anyway, congrats and thanks for bringing back the memories.


Name: Zalaster (aka ZalabarT) <zalaster@spiritlurkers.com>
From: Spirit Lurkers
Date: 09/06/00 14:18:47 CDT
Excellent job Medar... got a bunch of caps and icons if ye want them at:

http://spiritlurkers.com/sl/pix/onwn/gallery/slrg.html and http://spiritlurkers.com/sl/pix/onwn/caps/slpix.html

Name: Dirge <dirge@everwinter.com>
Date: 09/06/00 08:14:32 CDT
*Brushes the dust off* Beautiful site, Medar! I really wish I had kept archives (more archives, that is) from the NWN message boards. Amazing how much can disappear in a decade, particularly when you switch computers every year or two. I do have some old guides (Neuro's PvP guide comes to mind), a few inter-guild stories and such, if there is interest. I started the CW archives when we left AOL in April of '97, but I don't have much from NWN. *Sighs*

Dread, Shirak... *Waves* You two have to come visit what's left of CW :)


Name: OMM Smoke
Date: 09/06/00 07:53:09 CDT
kudos guys great job on the memories

Name: MECHDread <hatesforever@yahoo.com>
From: Darklynn
Date: 09/04/00 11:52:15 CDT
Oh man! nice set of caps ya got.. yanno the game had something when ya can look back on a cap of ya gettin feeb'd and smile (pg 5) Nice job ..
~saunters back thru the shimmering portal vanishing into the sulphuric mists of the abyss~

Name: SscWildfyre
Date: 09/02/00 11:24:06 CDT
Man that brings back memories that I'm glad i can still remember. Way to go :) 1 thing NeverWinter Nights will always have that none of the online games I've been to will have is , People who have honor & know how to r/p.

Name: Shirak <Lokshirak@aol.com>
From: Lords Of Krynn
Date: 09/02/00 08:08:36 CDT
Wow o how I miss it still ;x

Some bit of history on LOK for ya all. LOK was originally formed back in April of 1996. I joined in May that year. The guild had a rough start that summer and lost its board in July from GM problems. I took over the helm in August and the board remains to this day ...LOK and its members bounced around alot after the gates to NWN were locked
. Currently the guild is active in UO, EQ, DII although most of the original members split from LOK some time ago and formed The Legends of Dragonlance (UO-Atl), Legends of the Lance (EQ etc.. Verant wouldn't allow dragonlance surpise;p)

Maybe I will dig through my old aol files/mail and see what other goodies I have stored away

Shirak UO,EQ

Name: AngelSedai <JulieMCoffey@hotmail.com>
From: Aes Sedai
Date: 08/31/00 22:20:01 CDT
I met my husband (Zen Gaidin) playing NWN. We met in real life and married later in 1997. Still happily married with a beautiful baby daughter. This game holds many found and bittersweet memories. As it was my first rp'ing gaming experiance.

We both have made many friends that remain close to this day from the game. Live long in our memories, and always in our thoughts.

Blessed Be- The playwer behind AngelSedai ;-)

Name: Naergoth <Naergoth@revealed.net>
From: UDL
Date: 08/30/00 18:59:51 CDT

Name: Mech Thief & Syndrie <steve@arina.net>
Date: 08/30/00 14:54:43 CDT
Excellent site. We miss the old and original nwn alot. And unfortunately all they are giving us to compensate for the loss is BioWare. Oh the tradegy....

Name: JoDonCal <jodoncal@aol.com>
From: COR
Date: 08/30/00 10:33:55 CDT
Very nice place you have here and hello to all those I know ;)

Name: Groone ~UDL~ <groone@undeadlords.net>
From: NWN/UO/EQ/ next stop Shadowbane!
Date: 08/29/00 21:15:38 CDT
Thanks bro. The shit is kicken and really makes me realize I miss that fricken game quite a bit.

Past aliases -
Deathlicker - Seekers
NWA Scooby/NW Oghma - NW's

Name: Taznarrok <Taznarrok@aol.com>
From: S.A.T.A.N.
Date: 08/29/00 17:11:30 CDT
Nice work Medar...I got chills as soon as I heard the music pop up. 3;>

Name: IngenJeger <IngenJeger@AOL.COM>
From: NWN UO EQ next Shadowbane
Date: 08/28/00 23:36:04 CDT
The memories we have lost, the graphics we will never see again. To all you old timers, Greets!
Might see you all again in Shadowbane if you dare to try our might, and expect your soul to be sacrificed in the name of Myrkul!!

Name: Wispereal, Mynuette, Starliyt, Lilithemm,Lenadinla <Starliyt@pacbell.net>
From: UDL, COR, Camarilla, Bregan D'Aerth
Date: 08/28/00 20:51:19 CDT
very nice site, sure does bring back memories

Name: MECH Black/V Daphne/Dilynrae/LdyKyrethe <indaree@home.com>
From: MECH/cammy/tol/UDL
Date: 08/28/00 20:31:44 CDT
Wow. This brings back lots of memoreis.

Nice job.

-holds back the tears-

Name: Alfric/UDL Spectr <alfric@msn.com>
From: Undead Lords of the Realm
Date: 08/28/00 19:54:06 CDT
Looking around brings back the old memories, ones i definatly dont want to see die (heh even if my only screencap was a feeb :))

Name: WOH Nefar <nefars@ameritech.net>
From: FW
Date: 08/28/00 18:12:19 CDT
Very nice site you have put together. I love the layout it is great to see that people from nwn still remember and love the old home and REFUSE to let it fade away. I am sure I will see some of the old nwn'ers in FW. Until then let the serpant guide your way.

Name: Verabian
From: SSB
Date: 08/28/00 15:48:53 CDT
Nice site bro... Wish I could have been there.

Name: KalMojo <JAllenLSU@aol.com>
From: SSB
Date: 08/28/00 11:14:55 CDT
Great job as always bro. :sighs: Truly it was the good ole days.

Name: Tumas <ssbtumas@carolina.rr.com>
From: Bladekeep! (oh yeah and EverQuest too)
Date: 08/28/00 06:31:33 CDT
where the heck have you been hiding all this stuff Meddy?

I agree - as soon as I heard the music my head snapped upright....wow damn nice overall...

Name: Ice <cymanice@gamerspulse.com>
From: Forgotten World
Date: 08/28/00 01:36:49 CDT
Damn nice job... very nice.

Name: MECH Rodeo <jkelling@tampabay.rr.com>
Date: 08/28/00 01:35:43 CDT
Man... makes me wanna hunt down steve case and kick his candyass back to the back to the days of glory. Thanks for the trip down memory lane... Well done.

Name: HeroicFool
From: Crusaders of the Realms
Date: 08/27/00 21:44:29 CDT
Very nice, great to have a site out there for all those that never had the pleasure; and for all the old fossils to remember, of course.

Name: GrudGaidin <GrudGaidin@excite.com>
From: www.forgottenworld.com
Date: 08/27/00 21:35:52 CDT
Braught backmany memories. Some good some Sad, by a world almost forgotten. Very nicelly done I Thankyou for letting us enjoy the memory again

Name: Alodar
Date: 08/27/00 18:25:22 CDT
Sorry that I missed it. Looks like it was really something good.

Name: Mabrick <mabrick@proaxis.com>
From: Crusaders of the Realms
Date: 08/27/00 13:43:57 CDT
I absolutely love it! Thanks for reminding us where it all came from....Mabrick

Name: abergt
Date: 08/27/00 10:50:56 CDT
From the moment I heard the tune and saw the 16-color graphics...absolutely stunning site. Thanks for a taste of the old days...

Name: Flen Hill - COR <dmasey4@bellsouth.net>
Date: 08/27/00 08:24:04 CDT
Man oh Man this brings back some good memorys.

Name: Kalfear COR Elder <kalfear@home.com>
Date: 08/27/00 04:05:23 CDT
Looks great Med ;)

Name: Div Devlin <div@aerynth.com>
From: The Shadow Alliance!
Date: 08/27/00 02:40:05 CDT
Site rocks dewd, plastered yer url over on www.aerynth.com so these new folks can learn about us ol folks ;>

*BTW- Netscape wont read yer Guestbook *


Name: ABK BO
From: ABK
Date: 08/27/00 01:53:53 CDT
Tis A fine sight. Brings a tear to the eye. Snaps a Salute.
Blood will follow Blood.
ABK Bo turns and walks back to the Keep.

Name: MECH Wound <mechwound@mediaone.net>
From: FW
Date: 08/27/00 01:14:41 CDT
Nice site Medar. -sighs-
-walks off grumbling about AOL-

Name: Medar <Medar@bladekeep.com>
From: Sacred Silver Blades
Date: 08/20/00 12:54:27 CDT
Testing the Guestbook.

Works fine.

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