Listed here are the names of the players that caused a large or undeniable impact upon the gaming world of Neverwinter Nights. It was through these players and their contributions to the game and community that Neverwinter evolved into the incredible world we remember.

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c0ld chill

Drk Anjel








MECH Alita







Aidynni - A former Guild Master, and founder of the Bard's Guild. For many years she entertained the citizens of NWN's with her stories, poems, and songs. She is responsible for showing many a player there is more to the game then just killing things.

Azagthoth - Founder and Guild Master of the guild, Ministry of Creative Anarchy. MCA under Azagthoth's leadership was a major influence in Ver.1 of NWN's. Unlike most other guilds at the time, MCA has very little in the way of rules, allowing their members to disobey the "Rules" of PVP

Beelzebul - Beelzebul is a founder of GOC and a former Guild Master. He not only founded NWN's first guild, he is also credited for the invention of PVP.

C0ld Chill - King Cold Chill, Sovereign of Neverwinter, COR flower boy, Chilly was all these things and more. One of the best role players ever to grace the lands of Neverwinter, Cold Chill, either inspired or annoyed everyone he met. There was no "half-way" with Chilly. As quick with a shout of "PEON" or "WUSS" as he was with a direct Dis and a Feeb.

Drk Anjel - Former Guild Master of GOC. Drk Anjel (also known as Drk Angel) is the only female to ever be GM of NWN's oldest guild. Her PVP skills and role playing talents have made her famous throughout the realms. Histroy records betrayal as it does no other evil. That mixture of shock and disgust, of panic and sadness, of self-recrimination and self-doubt produces an unequaled horror. Few are the chemists capable of making that potent blend. The realms know one such master, Drk Anjel. In a much earlier age she was born n the light, but fell into blackness when she murdered her sister. Independently sowing chaos in the fertile grounds of Neverwinter, she was soon noticed by the eldest guild. Eventually recognizing the opportunity for a greater turblance, Drk Anjel joined the Guild of Chaos and rose to the their master nonpareil. Today, if you should meet her in the woods, or deep underground, check your weapons, write your will, and kiss your family goodbye, for Drk Anjel is a fighter of renown. And her role-playing skills? Of the last challenger to a battle of wits, even Lord Nasher judged it a suicide.

Dwyvyrn - A long time member of Clan Axepeak, Dwyvyrn is quite possibly the greatest role player ever to grace this game.

Handler1 - Former Guild Master and a founder of COR. He was a fun loving person, usually leading the good players into battle against evil, while keeping us laughing also.

Hellhammer - Former Guild Master of GOC. In Ver.1, Hellhammer was one of the most famed players in the realms. At one time he was so feared, Lord Nasher himself made a quest to kill Hellhammer. Hellhammer was also the first (and possible only?) player ever to defeat Lord Nasher in combat.

ITB Skorp - A former Guild Master of House ITB, for several years Skorp has been one of the most famous and feared players in the realms. He has also been responsible for organizing many great NWN's events, including a Chicago Bash and the Great Wars I and II.

Killum - Killum was one of the past Guild Masters of GOC. His reputation in PVP was second to none in Ver.1. He also contributed greatly to the "No direct Dis, No direct Silence" rule that most players still adhere to today.

Ldy Spawn - Ldy Spawn, thru her prowness in PVP earned her the nickname "Queen of Feebs" Her death in December of 1996 shocked the realms, and she has been missed ever since.

Malhavok - Malhavok was the founder of the evil guild known as KAAOS, and one of the guilds past Guild Masters. For most of the games history, his evil role play and PVP skills have inspired fear in the citizens of Neverwinter.

Mech Alita - Her PVP skill and role playing abilities made her a favorite among her guild. Recently departed (in 1996), the Mech's 9th flight was commissioned in her honor.

Natasha666 - She was one of the most visible players in the early days of Neverwinter, and one of the game's greatest role-players. She went on to become a staff member and is one of the most hated or loved players in the game. No middle ground...

Sinestra - An early member of COR, Sinestra could always be found helping other players or exploring the realms. Her kindness and reluctance to attack other players earned her the title of "The Nurturing Enchantress".

Sir Rellik - Guild Master of KAAOS, Sir Rellik's skills are second to none. As far as we can tell, no other player has won more PVP events and dominated more PVP ladders.

Talbot - The first Guild Master and one of the founders of KEF, Talbot could always be found in the realms, fighting evil or helping a new player.

Toramarth - The first "death knight" to stalk the realms, he was known not only for his skill in combat, but for the fact that he never cast on a female. At one time, every female in the realms knew the name Toramarth, for he would send a rose to each as his own special greeting.

Trollsbane - One of the founders of COR, Trollsbane was a true mentor on how to role play a "good" alignment character. He was a gentleman, always being true to his character's beliefs, and always helping others in need. Trollsbane was also one of the great PVP'rs in his time.

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