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This is the unofficial Classic Neverwinter Nights Archive. There is nothing of the kind on the web, and I felt it was important to display what Neverwinter was before the making of the Interplay version of the game.

If you do not have the correct font, this site will not be near as nostalgic, so please download the font directly to your WINDOWS/FONTS directory by clicking here (or click here for a zipped version).

As always, anyone wishing to add content to this website pertaining to the original Neverwinter Nights game is encouraged and welcome to do so. Simply email Medar.


10/19/04 - So how many people notice that I apparantly only update this site about every 4 years? (laughs) This IS an archive, but I did want to note up front that anyone looking for old friends should visit Forgotten World and check it out. It is a resurrection of sorts of old NWN, and many of the veterans are over there. And yes, if you emailed me, I still have the information and will eventually update the data here!
~ Medar

12/30/00 - I have updated the guilds pages (added a few...GKOB, TA, etc), added information, and created a page for NWN Offline because there have been many questions I hope I now answer. Sorry for the length of time this took...but I do appreciate the information coming in. I hope to have a number of screenshots added in the near future.
~ Medar

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