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The denizens of these regions are many and varied. Here is a list of monsters you may encounter in your adventures. Some of these creatures are extremely rare, and you may never cross paths with them at all.

ANHKHEGsdf Large burrowing insects with great mandibles. These creatures have been known to spit a powerful acid. dsf
BANSHEE These evil spirits' keenign wail strikes fear into the hearts of men. They attack with a chilling touch.
BASILISK Reptilian monsters whose very gaze can turn to stone any fleshy creature.
BEHOLDER Globular creatures, Beholders move with an innate levitation. Each of its ten eye-stalks has a unique magical ability, and it's single large eye emits a powerful Anti-Magic ray. Their ability to instantly kill their targets make beholders one of the most dangerous creatures in the Forgotten Realms.
BUGBEAR Hideous giant-sized goblins who stand over seven feet in height. Bugbears look clumsy but are strong, quick fighters.
BULETTE Also called landsharks, these are the result of a mad mage's experiment. They are stupid, irascible and always hungry.
CARRION CRAWLER These are giant, segemented creatures whose eight tentacles can attach once apiece each round. Carrion crawlers paralyze their victims and devour them.
CENTAUR These good creatures are half men and half horse. They are capable fighters and can be valuable allies.
CENTIPEDE (GIANT) True giants, often reaching over 5' in length. Their poisonous bite is extremely dangerous.
COCKATRICE A repulsive creature that appears as part cock, part lizard. They have the power to turn flesh to stone.
CROCODILE (GIANT) Large reptilian carnivores - much more dangerous than their smaller cousins.
CYCLOPSKIN Cyclopskin are large humaniods with one eye.
DISPLACER BEAST Creature resembling a six-legged puma with two ebony tentacles growing from behind its shoulders. These beasts have the magical ability to displace their image about three feet from their actual body, making them an especially tricky opponent.
DRACOLICH When very powerful evil dragons die, some become a hideous form of undead dragon which paralyze with their very gaze. Their gaze and breath weapon makes Dracoliches dangerous enemies.


These are some of the most powerful and dangerous of the monsters a party can encounter. The older and larger the dragon, the more damage it can do and the harder it is to kill.
Black Dragon Black dragons spit streams of acid while attacking with claws and fangs.
Bronze Dragon In addition to vicious claw and fang attacks, these good dragons spit a bolt of lightening.
Red Dragon Red dragons can exhale great spouts of flame or attack with their claws and fangs.
White Dragon Unique among dragons in their preference for cold climates, these evil beasts can attack with their freezing cold breath in addition to razor sharp claws and fangs. Small in size and not as intelligent as their cousins, these dragons are still quite dangerous.
DRIDER Part dark-elf, part spider monster. This horror is the subterranean counterpart of the centaur.
EFREETI These large powerful djiin are from the elemental plane of fire. They are very arrogant and will only serve a powerful master.
ETTIN These foes look like giant two-headed orcs. They have great strength and can wield two spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.
ELEMENTAL (EARTH) These are powerful creatures who travel very slowly and can be summoned from the earth or stone.
ELEMENTAL (FIRE) Fire elementals are terrible to behold and can be fierce opponents. They are immune to both magical and non-magical fire attacks.
FROG (GIANT) These are giant carnivorous frogs. They are fast, dangerous predators which may be poisonous.
GARGOYLE Ferocious predators of a magical nature. Gargoyles are typically found amid ruins or dwelling in underground caverns.
GHOUL These are evil undead whose touch may paralyze a person in combat. They feed on corpses and attack all living creatures on sight.
GIANTS Giants vary greatly in power, intelligence, and tastes. The following is a list of the types of giants you are likely to encounter:
Cloud Giant These members of the giant races consider themselves to be above all others of the species, except storm giants, whom they view as equals.
Cloud Giant Shaman A few cloud giant tribes have shamans who can cast spells as a cleric. In all other respects, they are identical to other cloud giants.
Fire Giant Brutal and ruthless warriors, these giants resemble huge dwarves and have flaming red or orange hair and coal black skin.
Fire Giant Mage Some fire giants have the ability to cast spells as a magic user. In all other respects they are identical to the other fire giants.
Frost Giant These giants have a reputation for crudeness and stupidity. While the reputation may be deserved, frost giants are crafty and skilled fighters.
Hill Giant One of the smaller of the giant races, they are brutish hulks possessing low intelligence and tremendous strength.
Storm Giant This is one of the most noble and intelligent of the giant races. These giants are dangerous fighters when angry, and can often use magic.
GNOLL These creatures are hyena-headed humanoids who stand over seven feet tall.
GOBLIN These are small humanoids common in the Realms.
GOLEMS Magically created automatons of great power. Golems can be constructed of flesh, clay, stone, or iron. All are dangerous.
Iron Golem Magically created automatons of great power. Golems can be constructed of flesh, clay, stone, or iron. All are dangerous. Magical weapons of +3 are need to strike Iron Golems.
Storm Giant Stone golems of man-like shape are constructed by means of a magical tome or a magic user of 16th or higher level. Magical weapons of +2 or better are needed to strike Stone Golems
GORGIMERA (WHITE) This fearsome three headed monster is a relative of the chimera. It has the hindquarters and head of a gorgon; the forequarters and head of a mountain lion; and, the midbody wings and head of a white dragon. It attacks with its lion claws and all three heads. The white dragon head can breathe twice per day, and its gorgon head can use petrifying breath twice per day. These monsters can only be found in cold, mountainous regions.
GREAT VILSTRAK Great vilstraks are giant vilstraks, also called "marl muggers" or "tunnel thugs". A vilstrak's stony surface provides it with both excellent protection and the uncanny ability to physically merge with earth or stone.
GREENHAG Greenhags are a race of evil creatures related to both anns and nighthags. They are resistant to magic and hae spell-like powers. A typical greenhag resembles a nighthag, but with green skin.
GRIFFON These are half-lion, half-eagle avian carnivores. Their favorite prey are horses and their distant kin (hippogriffs, pegasi, and unicorns).
HARPY Harpies are wicked avian humaniods that prey upon nearly all creatures, but prefer the flesh of humans and demihumans.
HELL HOUND These other-planar creatures resemble wolves, but they can breathe fire and detect invisible enemies.
HIPPOGRIFF Magnificent creatures with the forelimbs and head of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a horse.
HOBGOBLIN These are human-sized, intelligent relatives of the goblin.
HYDRA Immense reptilian monsters with multiple heads. All of its heads must be severed before a hydra can be slain. Hydras come in many sizes, with the number of heads increasing as they grow stronger.
KAMPFULT Giant Kampfult are a larger version of the kampfult, sometimes called the "sinewy mugger". This creature originally inhabited woodland areas, but has been driven out by human hunters. They now can be found in ruins or dungeon settings. Once a victim is hit by one of the kampfult's rope like vines, there is no escape until the kampfult is slain.
KOBOLD These are small, cowardly humanoids who delight in killing and torture.
LICH This is perhaps the single most powerful type of undead creature. A lich is the remains of a powerful magic user who has kept his body animated after death through the use of foul magics. Liches can use magic as they did while still living, and have other powers similar to greater undead creatures.
LIZARD (GIANT) Huge, carnivorous reptiles which can often be found in river valleys.
LIZARD (ROCK REPTILE) Rock reptiles are lizards with a lumpy warty hide, and chameleon like powers.
LIZARD MEN These are savage reptilian humanoids. They generally attack in groups and are often accompanied by a larger, tougher Lizard King.
MAMMOTH There are several varieties of mammoth, including the woolly and the imperial, the latter being the largest. They inhabit climes ranging from subartic to subtropical. These massive herbivores can be quite aggressive if threatened.
MANTICORE Human head, bat wings and a lion body make Manticores one of the oddest creatures in the Realms. They attack with claws and volleys of iron spikes thrown from their tail.
MARGOYLE Stony monsters which are immune to normal weapons and can attack many times with their sharp claws and spikes.
MASTODON Large cold climate relatives of the elephants found in warmer regions.
MEDUSA These are hideous women-creatures with coiling masses of snakes for hair. They can turn a person to stone with their gaze.
MINOTAUR These creatures are part-man and part-bull warriors. They are highly intelligent and dangerous opponents.
MOBAT These are huge omnivorous bats who like nothing better than warm-blooded humanoids for dinner!
MUMMY These are powerful undead with great strength. The mere sight of one has been known to paralyze a man in combat. The touch of the mummy causes a strange, rotting disease.
NEO-OTYUGH This is a more powerful form of Otyugh. These disgusting scavengers get several vicious attacks and have a heavily armored body.
OGRE Large, ugly, foul-tempered humanoids, ogres generally attack with a spiked club.
OGRE MAGI Ogre magi are not as common as other ogres. They normally seek uninhabited places in which to lair, typically in a fortified dwelling or some secure cavern complex below ground. From this location, the ogre magi will foray to capture treasure and humans for slaves and food.
OGRE SHAMAN A few ogre tribes have shamans who can cast spells as a cleric. In all other respects they are identical to other ogres.
ORC Orcs appear particularly disgusting because their coloration - brown or brownish green with a bluish sheen - highlights their pinkish snouts and ears. Their bristly hair is dark brown or black, sometimes with tan patches.
OWLBEAR The horrible owlbear is probably the result of genetic experimentation by some insane wizard. They are ravenous eaters, aggressive hunters and evil tempered at all times. They attack prey on site and will fight to the death.
OTYUGH These scavengers have long tentacles that they use to scoop trash into their cavernous mouths.
PURPLE WORM These enormous carnivores burrow through solid ground in search of small (man-sized) morsels.
RAT (GIANT) Giant rats are ferocious rodents the size of large dogs
REMORHAZ These are sometimes referred to as Polar Worms. They inhabit cold regions and are aggressive predators who have been known to attack even frost giants.
SALAMANDER Salamanders are natives of the elemental plane of fire, and so are immune to all fire based attacks. They are dangerous foes because of their evil nature and the fact that they can only be hit by magical weapons.
SCORPION (GIANT) Giant Scorpions can be up to 8' long. Their tail stinger can inject a fatal poison to those unlucky enough to be in the way.
SHAMBLING MOUND Omnivorous, intelligent vegetable life forms, Shambling Mounds resemble large heaps of rotting vegetation. They are usually found in wet, subterranean places.
SKELETON These are the least of the undead. These animated skeletons are usually controlled by some evil force.
Animated skeletons from giants. They hit harder and can take more damage than normal skeletons.
SLUG (GIANT) These are huge, omnivorous mutations of the common garden pest. They attack by biting and can spit a highly corrosive acid.
SNAKE (CRYO) These fierce snakes prefer to inhabit glaciers and high peaks. Humans will rarely confront these beasts unless they move to higher elevations during exceptionally cold winters. Their breath is identical to that of a white dragon.
SNAKE (GIANT) These large reptiles slay their prey with deadly venom. Neutralize Poison counters snake bite.
SNAKE (POISON) These are giant snakes that are extremely poisonous. Some varieties who are so poisonous that even if a saving throw versus poison is made, the victim takes up to 3-18 hit points of additional damage.
SNAKE (PYRO) These fierce snakes are always found near fire or in very hot climates. They are dangerous foes, attacking with a vicious bite and capable of spitting hazardous fireballs.
SPHINX An extremely rare creature that is part-lion, and has the upper torso of a woman. Rather than fight, sphinxes often converse with adventurers.
SPIDER (ELECTRIC) Electric spiders can be found throughout the lands. They can breathe a lightning bolt similar to that of a blue dragon's. They favor narrow confines where they can bounce their bolt through a victim several times.
SPIDER (GIANT) These giant cousins of the small predator attack with a poisonous bite.
SPIDER (PHASE) These are giant, poisonous spiders with the ability to phase in and out of this dimension. They are "phased in" until they attack and are "phased out" afterwards.
STIRGE These are small, blood-sucking birds.
TIGER These are noble beasts who are both strong and silent. Though their normal prey are animals, they have been known to become "man-eaters."
TROLL These are large, strong, ugly humanoids. They know no fear and can regenerate wounds which have not been caused by fire.
UMBER HULK These powerful subterranean creatures can use their claws to burrow through solid stone in search of prey.
WARG These large, vicious wolves show more intelligence and are twice as dangerous as their normal cousins.
WILD BOAR These creatures are the wild relatives of the pig.
WOLF Packs of wild wolves often roam the ruins and forests of the Realms looking for food.
WOLF (WINTER) Ice hounds are relatives of the hell hound and are not originally from the material plane. These creatures are summoned to serve as guards in cold weather regions. In addition to a normal bite attack, ice hounds can breathe a cone of frost, causing 7 points of damage (save for half damage).
WYVERN These creatures are distant relatives of dragons. They attack by biting and using the poisonous sting in their tails.
YETI Yetis are large creatures that inhabit ice regions. Their white fur makes them nearly invisible. Oftentimes you cannot spot them until they are within 10 to 30 feet of you.
ZOMBIE Magically animated corpses controlled by an evil force. Zombies always fight back until destroyed or turned.


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