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Welcome to Neverwinter Nights via America Online!

The following list contains a few tips and suggestions that might aid you in accessing WAOL/NWN. If problems prevent you from gaining access to Neverwinter Nights please stop by Lord Nashers lounge for assistance Mon- Fri 4:00 pm - 4:00 am / Sat 10:00 am - 4:00 am (Sun) & Sun 10:00 am - 4:00 am (Mon) (all times are Eastern). (Please read note below regarding e-mail help available at all times)

GENERAL INFORMATION -- There are currently 3 versions of AOL for Windows software that work with Neverwinter Nights at speeds above 9600. These versions of WAOL are 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0. Please check your current AOL for Windows version number by selecting WINDOW / ABOUT in the menu on the top of your screen. If you are not using one of these versions please use KEYWORD: UPGRADE to obtain the latest version of AOL for Windows. Below are some general tips for WAOL 2.0, WAOL 2.5 and WAOL 3.0.

IMPORTANT NOTE -- As of August 1st, 1995, you will be able to access Neverwinter Nights on Version 2.22 of the game software only. Any version prior to 2.22 will not allow you access into the game.


TCP/IP and "SLIP" Access * *********************************
At the present time, TCP/IP and "SLIP" access do not work with Neverwinter Nights. If you are using this method to access AOL, you will need to switch to either an AOLNet or SPRINTNET number in order to enter the game. You can find local numbers by using Keyword: ACCESS.

* AOL 2.5 and AOL 3.0 for Windows version * *****************************************************
With AOL 2.5 & AOL 3.0 it is not necessary to download WAOLGAME.EXE. All the files included in the WAOLGAME.EXE file are already built into these versions of AOL.

* AOL 2.0 for Windows version * *************************************
In addition to the tips that follow, it is strongly recommended that you download the WAOLGAME.EXE file available in the Helpful Files Library in the Download center area available from the NWN main menu. You must run this program while Windows AOL 2.0 is active.

Members attempting to log on to America Online with this version at 14,400 baud must ensure that the connection is actually made at that speed. Many members set the 14.4 option, then log on but only achieve a 9600 baud node. In these cases, members will freeze when trying to enter the game. If you do not connect at your selected speed, log off, and either select the slower speed, or attempt to call again and connect at the "indicated" speed.

* All versions * *****************

If you are using Windows 3.1x - Select Control Panel / Ports / Settings for your modem COMport. Ensure that you have 19,200 selected as the port speed, and that the Flow Control selected is HARDWARE.

While using a 386 computer we suggest the following. Within the Control Panel of Windows 3.1 or 3.11 and in enhanced mode is a 386 icon. Set the Foreground to 7500 and the Background to 2750 and adjust as warranted by your personal computer system needs once witnessing the game play of NWN.

If you are using Win95 - Click on the START button, then choose Control Panel and then choose Modem/Properties. Find the max baud rate and make sure its set for 19200. Next select the Connections tab and then Advanced and confirm that the flow control is set to hardware.

We prefer to see the NWN software directory as a Root directory and not as a subdirectory in extension to WAOL etc. We've encounter a few cases where this was the contributing factor of a failed entry and thereby highly suggest not moving the default installation directory of \NWN220

Use the default PATH of C:\NWN220\ unless an alternative drive was selected for installation. If an alternative drive was selected, be sure to change the drive letter in the PATH statement.

Upon receiving the configuration screen (aka 'Black Screen') allow 10 seconds to pass before and after any key is depressed. We have found that on heavy traffic nights the Host system may require more time to transmit and accept your entry. This is also a preventative measure and quite often resolves a failed entry.

When using Nortons Desktop for Windows disable the use of Navtsr.exe within your autoexec.bat (placing a 'rem' in front of the command is easiest or make use of multiple configurations using DOS 6.x (see DOS manual for details)).

For some members that are making use of a modem using a Rockwell chipset...NW Lancer developed comm drivers that may resolve the ' lock and load' some experience while attempting access to Neverwinter. To receive these comm drivers, simply download them from the Helpful Files Library in the Download Center on the main Neverwinter menu. Unzip the file NWCOMM.ZIP, and install according to the instructions provided in the TXT file.

*** Neverwinter and WIN95 ***

If you are using Win95:

1) Open Explorer or My Computer and find DOSGAME.EXE
2) Right click on the dosgame.exe and click on properties.
3) Select the SCREEN tab and make sure the dot is in the full screen by clicking on it. Click on apply at the bottom of the window.
4) Select the MISC tab and make sure the Allow screen saver under foreground is not checked. You can do this by clicking on it with your mouse. Click on apply at the bottom once again.
5) Close the box.

This will put the game in Full Screen and your screensaver will be turned off for the games.

If you experience lockups or freezing in the game:

1) Double click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop.
2) Double click on the icon entitled [C:]
3) Double click on the folder that your AOL software is in.(EX: AOL30)
4) Find the icon entitled "Dosgame.exe", right click on it and select PROPERTIES. 5) Click on the PROGRAM tab.
6) Make sure there is an "X" in the check box for CLOSE ON EXIT".
7) Click on ADVANCED
8) Make sure that the "MS-DOS mode" and the "Suggest MS-DOS mode as necessary" check boxes are UNCHECKED.
9) Place a check in the box next to "Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting windows".
10) Click on OK
11) Click on the MISC tab.
12) Go to the FOREGROUND section and make sure that "Allow screen saver" is UNCHECKED.
13) Go to the BACKGROUND section and make sure that "Always Suspend" is CHECKED.
14) Click on OK

Close the Window with the AOL directory's Icons in it and you will now be looking at all of your folders again.

1) Double Click on the folder entitled NWN220 ( Or whatever folder you installed the game files to ).
2) Find the icon entitled "game.exe", right click on it and select PROPERTIES.
3) Click on the PROGRAM tab.
4) Make sure there is an "X" in the check box for CLOSE ON EXIT".
5) Click on ADVANCED
6) place a check in the box next to "MS-DOS mode.
7) Select the "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration" option
8) erase all info in the two text boxes.
9) Enter the following into the top text box.

Dos=High,UMB Device=C:\WINDOWS\Himem.Sys Device=C:\Windows\emm386.exe RAM
files=100 buffers=50

10) Enter the following into the bottom text box.

cls Set Path=C:\aol30;C:\aol25;C:\windows;C:\nwn220

11) Click on OK
12) Click on OK again

You are now ready to play the game.

If you still have problems, be sure to come back to the lounge and ask.

If additional assistance is required and Lord Nashers game lounge is busy or during non-staff hours, email GCT Help and give as much detail as possible concerning your problem. Allow for a 24 hour response time from GCT Help.

Upon entering WAOL/NWN be sure to have fun!

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