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Player vs. Player Combat is something that continues to develop on-line as the game progresses. Its popularity has made it a very prominent part of Neverwinter Nights and has caused the software developers to begin researching ways to put full PvP into the game. The current structure of NWN limits PvP to those who have the ability to cast spells. Melee Combat between players does not exist now (it is this feature that the developers are looking to put into the game some time in the future). Players of an Evil alignment will often attack those of Good or Neutral alignments and more often than not they find themselves being hunted down because of their malevolent behavior.

One of the most controversial aspects of playing a character in Neverwinter began with the advent of PvP (Player versus Player combat) . As PvP attacks became more prevalent, debates raged back and forth about whether PvP should be allowed. Was it role playing or was it a violation of TOS (Terms of Service)? Was it meant to be part of the game or not? Tempers flared and Lord Nasher was asked to step into the debate. The outcome was that spell-based PvP has been written into the software and that players who wished to battle other players could do so. In order for lower level players to be able to adventure safely, guidelines were established setting some regions up as non-PvP areas. As Neverwinter continues to grow and change from day to day, the guidelines covering PvP and Non-PvP areas eventually became set rules, details of which can be found in the NWN Help & Info Area on the AD&D main menu under "The Neverwinter Nights Community", in the text file "Non- PvP areas" Neverwinter is like a young country just learning to stand on its own. The citizens of Neverwinter will shape its future and determine what type of society will grow and flourish there."

It was shortly after the beginning of PvP that the Guilds of Neverwinter began to spring up across the Realm. They were begun so those of like or similar alignment could band together for purposes of safety and fellowship. The Guild of Chaos was the first such Guild to appear in the land and its league of evil characters caused quite an uproar. To combat the evil members of the Guild of Chaos, the Crusaders of the Realm formed. Since that time, many more Guilds have appeared, each having its own bylaws and requirements for membership. These Guilds are the means by which the citizens of Neverwinter are structuring their society. Look into the various Guilds and see which suits your alignment and your needs as a new Citizen of Neverwinter.

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