I have been getting a number of questions about this download, and figured it would take some explanation for those that were not around for this little bit of fun.

This version of the game was used during the final upgrade. Red Larch, Westbridge, the RL/WB Under, many quests, and a number of other things from NWN2.22 are missing. Some of the fight triggers are different also. BUT - many of the things you loved are still intact. A large failing is that you cannot save your character.

To download NWN Offline - click here.

If you have trouble running the game (ie - runtime errors), you need to slow your processor (use moslo).

To download moslo - click here.

Now there have been rumblings about hacks that will save your characters, and ways to make this multiplayer - but I have not seen anything solid on ANY of these yet. Of course if anyone ever does figure something out, let me know, as I would love to have something listed here that would explain the process necessary to save a game, or to hack it where a few people could play at once.

If you have any further information, please email it to Medar.

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