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Circle of Souls Ranks and Rules

COS Rank Structure

Becoming a full member in COS is a long process. We are gamers commited to our loyalty to our guild and each other. We have fun in-game and on our forums, and we enjoy excelling at what we do. If you are made a full member of COS, it is most likely for life. The roots of COS look back over ten years of gaming and we have survived the demise of many games we have conquered over the years. Our rank structure is very simple. Not everyone is a "member" of COS, but that does not mean you are not a part of COS.

COS Affiliate Tagging into COS as an Affiliate means at least one of three things: You have been around our boards a while and we know you. You have been around us in-game and we approve of your play-style and attitude. Or last, you are a friends with a COS member who will back you.

In essence, Affiliates are friends of our members, members of other guilds who hang with us as well, or people we want to look closer at recruiting. The purpose of an Affiliate is to learn about the guild. Learn to have fun with COS, get to know the members, and figure out whether you fit with us. We are already deciding that much about you at this point. This does not mean kiss ass and suck up, it means be cool, be yourself, learn about COS, and know what you are about in and out of game. As an Affiliate you may want to progress further in our structure. This means participation on all levels.

FYI an Affiliate may be booted at any time if they turn out to be an asshat while wearing our tag. Basically don't ever make COS look bad in any situation!
COS Recruit If you want to be promoted to a Recruit, show us! This means you are participating on the forums AND in-game on a regular basis, and that you are meeting the basic membership requirements (ie Teamspeak/Vent, WOW Addons, etc). This also means we have noticed you are doing this already on your own. We will not hold your hand and remind you, and you won't be promoted to COS Recruit if you are not paying attention and 'acting' like a member. A Recruit has been an Affiliate for quite a while, typically no less than six months to a year, and should know how to handle themselves regarding all things "COS".

A COS Recruit is also willing to put a COS agenda first, and primarily plays games as COS and not another guild. If you believe you have what it takes to become a Recruit, step up and tell us you want it! We might have to work with you to get you to the point where we think you need to be, but we might might also promote you on the spot.
COS Member Becoming a full member in COS typically takes a year or more, and each Affiliate and Recruit's path to full membership in COS is unique. A few things are common in all COS members: They belong with COS, have excelled with COS, and have promoted COS in and out of game to the point that they know they belong with us for the long-term. We pride ourselves on our longevity together, and becoming a Member means you have shown your loyalty to the guild.

All COS Members are equal in stature and voice, and some may choose to use that, others may not. Any full Member can organize an event, set up a recurring program, post information expecting it to be known, push our membership to excel, or anything else they decide will better advance COS as a guild. This is expected of our Members.

A few Members in each game will be tagged as COS Officers (as needed). The title of Officer means they have separated themselves from the membership in their leadership style, organization capabilities, or specific knowledge, and are actively advancing the objectives of the overall guild. They have an equal voice with the membership, but should be given the respect due their unique position in the guild. Officers are 'promoted' at Medar's discretion and need, and can refuse or resign the position at any time.

COS Rules

  1. Enjoy gaming with other COS members. If you are not having fun in the game with good people, then you are in the wrong place. Fun is the number one goal. Achievement is good, but enjoy your successes!

  2. Respect each other. You don't have to like every member, but if they wear the COS tag, you will afford them the respect you would give a friend. They are here for a reason - just like you.

  3. Support your guild and its members. We must always foster a sense of loyalty and purpose in each other, so take time to assist a fellow COS when you can. You should participate in any COS activity you can attend, which includes reading the boards and staying current on guild discussions.

  4. Never complain or argue about in-game items or loot. Another 'item' always drops, and it is selfish and self-serving to whine after the fact. If you lose something on a random roll or otherwise, be graceful and know you are next. COS looks out for its own at all times.

  5. No cheating of any kind is tolerated. (no bots, hacks, bug exploits, etc). The end result is instant removal from COS, and depending on the infraction, you could be reported to a GM. Entire guilds have been banned for a few members cheating, so we take this seriously.

Any specific questions should be addressed on the COS Forums.


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