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[CoS]Sgt.Apone reactivated for Battlefield Duty
10/25/2007 by Medar
7 replies

REUTERS: Last Updated: Thursday, 25 October 2007, 16:03 GMT 17:03 UK

[CoS]Sgt.Apone reactivated for Battlefield Duty

A bloody smear against the side of a wall and a piece of shoe with Apone's dogtags were all that was found almost a year ago after a bloody firefight claimed most of his squad. Now 8 months later, the mystery is solved.

An unidentified Special Forces Operative was stopped at Checkpoint Deagle late Tuesday evening. He was carrying nothing but an empty Pump Shotty, a medkit, a pair of Nike Airs, and some bunny ears. Once his retina scan and RFID confirmed he was indeed [CoS]Sgt.Apone, he was rushed to the COS Special Forces Operations Headquarters for debriefing.

(Editor's note: The High-jumping Nike Airs and Bunny Ears were all that were really required to confirm this man's identity as [CoS]Sgt.Apone).

Before being taken into private custody for debriefing and beering, an Armed Forces reporter asked [CoS]Sgt.Apone about the chunk of shoe, tags, and his whereabouts. Apone, normally letting his shotty do the talking, had one comment.

"That was Bullshit!! There's no way that shot hit me!" [CoS]Sgt.Apone stated as he pushed his way through the crowd of reporters.

This reporter would also like to note that [CoS]Sgt.Apone was walking with a very slight limp, apparantly the result of missing a couple of toes.

We don't need no stinkin' Promotes!
10/14/2007 by Medar
3 replies

But we will hand them out anyway. Congratulations to Loricet, Zuton, and BEER who were promoted to Full-on-damn-straight members this morning. Fellas? Turn in those plebe uniforms and pick up your flails and member handbooks from Stormie.

And Sleven! Actually Sleven...grab one of those plebe uniforms and report to Archos. You were just promoted to Recruit!

Gratz to all

Since Storm doesn't know how to post pics
10/02/2007 by Kush
2 replies

Here are the newest and greatest

And Another...
09/07/2007 by Storm
1 reply

Wu wu.

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