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Name: LadyRazor <Lady_Razor@hotmail.com>
From: Forgotten World
Date: 10/24/04 23:15:36 MDT
(A Post from a fellow FW Player....)


It give me great pleasure and pride to share this exciting news! A GREAT EVENT is in the making! Please share the invitation below (with cut and paste) to as many as you can!

Contact either myself or Sir Romulus with questions, comments, ideas and, most importantly, your committment to participate!

Details of this special weekend will appear in this folder soon! Stay tunethed!

Palla Blue!

Announcing Homecoming Week at the Forgotten World!

To: The alumni of a past-but-never-forgotten world
From: Old friends and/or enemies
When: November 12 - 14
Where: www.forgottenworld.com

You are cordially invited to attend Homecoming Week at the Forgotten World! Join us for a special reunion weekend, packed full of events and festivities planned for alumni of our old home! Visit with past allies and foes alike! Highlights for Homecoming Week include:

*Tech support to ensure that even the most enfeebled old timer can get in the game
*Welcoming packages of magical items so you can start playing immediately
*Newbie tours led by familiar old-world characters
*Special events for unmaxed players
*Alumni PVP -- rekindle old feuds and alliances!
*Writing contest for alumni -- share an old world memory
*Trivia and roleplay nights at the taverns -- drinks on the house!

Join us for this memorable weekend!

For further details, contact pallablue@hotmail.com or RomulusFW@hotmail.com.

(Please alter this promotion as little as possible as consistency is crucial.)

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Name: DcadNc3
Date: 10/07/04 14:55:17 MDT
Thanx for the nice information found here.

Keep on the good work!

Name: LadyRazor <Lady_Razor@hotmail.com>
From: Forgotten World
Date: 09/09/04 13:53:59 MDT
-=Yes I'm Bumping the Poker guy =ppp=-

Thanks for keeping the memories alive!! For anyone reading this, please...please...please...please go over to www.forgottenworld.com. On July 19th, 2004 they put up a "new build" that is about 90% the same as our old original home. It is still in the alpha phase, but things are progressing quickly. It has old school graphics, the areas are almost exact and......yes....TURN BASED COMBAT (and yes, the AI is EXTREMELY similar to oNWN). Please come and check out this new version of an old classic. I swear, you'll think your home again.

-=Lady Razor=-
Guild of Chaos

Name: NOR Goldenpocket <mrmitary@yahoo.com>
From: google
Date: 08/24/04 21:12:30 MDT
I was just thinking about the lack of quality online games these days and my mind drifted to the good ole days of NWN..spending $400+ a month and loving every minute of it. I still hold a grudge against AOL for dropping NWN and will never use their service again (unless of course they bring NWN back!). I like what you did with the place, and it's good to see so many people feel as I do about the triumphs and tragedy of the best game I ever played. Maybe someday...

Name: Lady Razor <Lady_razor@hotmail.com>
From: Forgotten World
Date: 08/23/04 00:39:53 MDT
Thanks for keeping the memories alive!! For anyone reading this, please...please...please...please go over to www.forgottenworld.com. On July 19th, 2004 they put up a "new build" that is about 90% the same as our old original home. It is still in the alpha phase, but things are progressing quickly. It has old school graphics, the areas are almost exact and......yes....TURN BASED COMBAT (and yes, the AI is EXTREMELY similar to oNWN). Please come and check out this new version of an old classic. I swear, you'll think your home again.

-=Lady Razor=-
Guild of Chaos

Name: Mike <prophetofjah@aol.com>
From: Google
Date: 08/11/04 13:25:23 MDT
Holy crap. There needs to be a message board. I was always telling my brother about this game. I was hooked at a young age. My name was "Jediwarior." He was a human Paladin who wore a white tunic and used a green sword. I remember how the in game green text burned into my vision at night when I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep. I played that game an awful lot. The AOL bill would be over $100 dollars a month. That was before any AOL unlimited plan. Talk about a monthly fee.

If anyone remembers that character send me an e-mail.

Later All!

Name: Penn <n0manarmy@hotmail.com>
From: The old days
Date: 07/09/04 11:28:26 MDT
This game always sits in the back of my mind and i can't help but drop emails to wizards of the coast and google "neverwinters nights aol" once or twice a month to see what shows up. If forgotten worlds keeps the old school feel and design then that would be cool but god i miss NWN. They should consider an open source option or atleast a reverse engineer project on sourceforge.net

Name: WAMRAM <wmramsey@netzero.net>
Date: 06/06/04 05:31:37 MDT
Loved the old game can't wait to play again.

Name: Poesiden <Poesiden@prairieinet.net>
From: NWN/FW
Date: 05/24/04 00:24:31 MDT
As ive been testing the new rebuild for the FW i can honestly say it is almost like NWN in every aspect, if you DO miss the game, head over there, the rebuild will be done soon for general play, it rocks folks, cannot stress that enough...it ROCKS.

Name: Poesiden <Poesiden@prairieinet.net>
From: neverwinter...
Date: 05/24/04 00:18:14 MDT
Hey all, guess what? looks like FW is goin through a major rebuild, due sometime this week, will be MASSIVLY like nwn.

take a look folks, well worth it.

btw, i miss NWN too
Poe for life, DC forever

Poesiden GM of the Dark Covenant.

Name: Scrink <Scrink@comcast.net>
Date: 05/16/04 13:50:39 MDT
WWW.ForgottenWorld.com New game build coming out really soon!! hope to see some of you there

Name: ABK Chief <thach1ef2@yahoo.com>
Date: 05/04/04 23:57:01 MDT
someone in everquest mentioned NWN to me (the new one) and it made me think back. so i did some searching, im glad i found this site. brings back some good memories i had.

ABK Chief

Name: MK Kelin <grizzlyatch@hotmail.com>
Date: 03/30/04 18:52:17 MST
Bah you would cry over anything........

Name: MK Kyna
Date: 03/18/04 00:51:35 MST
OMG this site made me cry! I'd give up Everquest any day to have the ol' NWN back. *sigh*

Name: Whimcycle <WhimcycleAC@aol.com>
From: The Border Legion
Date: 03/13/04 15:11:37 MST
Thought I'd look for my old name online and lo! I found this site. I do miss the 16 color displays, and the nights spent camping the dragons and beholders.

Name: Marghou
From: NWN
Date: 02/09/04 11:16:44 MST
Awesome site! Great seeing some familar guilds. Wolf Pack is still alive and well in various other games, UO, SWG to name a few. Remember dying a lot at the hands of some Mech's. Ah I miss the sewers.

Name: Ol' Timer
From: Triboar
Date: 02/01/04 23:25:38 MST
Sure miss all of you ol' folks. A lot of us have been gathering around FW (www.forgottenworld.com), where we're trying our best to rebuild the amazing place we once had. It's been great seeing some old faces, and it sure would be nice to see some new ones. Hope to see more of you there soon.

Name: RG Murk <murkish@hotmail.com>
Date: 01/25/04 15:01:57 MST
What a great blast from the past! I was the second GM of the Royal Guard, a good unsanctioned guild that hung in their right up to the demise. We were founded by RG General in '97. I really miss runnin' the woods with WGW and bangin' the ITBs and ARKs.

Name: Chung Kwei <kezzerdrix@hotmail.com>
From: Hallways of The Temple of the Four Winds
Date: 01/15/04 01:45:57 MST
Great site!!! Miss everyone. Wish I was in the hall of fame. Would think my $800.00 a month AOL bill keeping the grim ladder up would have gotten me there.... LOL.... Email if anyone knows of the old get togethers still going on. Would love to see everyone.
Chung Kwei - Lord of North Winds

Name: J.Z. <djjayzee@yahoo.com>
From: Outta Nowhere
Date: 12/07/03 11:30:10 MST
Very nice site, brings back so many good memories. I sure miss the days of NWN. Even though the graphics were primitive, the people and imagination were priceless. If there's another game like this around let me in on it. Formerly : MECH Gauge & Strider SUN.

Name: Piergeiron <ganiman1@hotmail.com>
From: The woods
Date: 11/28/03 09:09:05 MST
I just found this site, and man does it bring back some memories. I used to play as Piergeiron, CryptKeepr, KEF Pier and maybe some others. It was a great time. If there were a server version of this game somewhere, I would host it for all to play. There must be something out there. If anyone has any info, email ganiman at cox dot net. Thanks.

Name: elShoggotho <elshoggotho@yahoo.de>
From: HOTU
Date: 11/11/03 14:34:09 MST
Just one question: Is there any server version of this game floating around? If not: WHY NOT? I'd certainly try and find someone to host the game...

Name: KSS Huma
From: Somewhere around Asheron's Call
Date: 08/07/03 21:31:12 MDT
A wonderful place, I miss the old days of stomping around Berun with GG Ice and GG Torm, pickin' fights with the Itties out there. So many old players gone, but a great site.

KSS Huma, never could land a thud to save my life...
but a slay living never failed

Name: Jeff V <jblow@home.com>
From: Google
Date: 06/17/03 14:50:56 MDT
Hi, Just found your site while browsing for NW websites. I was the former leader of the unsanctioned guild Lady of the Rose (LOTR). We were Neutral/Good aligned guild formed in 1996 and lasted to the last day sometime in 98. We have 12 members. Those were good times. "FOR THE LADY AND THE ROSE!!!"


Name: KRM Tracer <de@kracked.com>
From: Knights of the Rising Moon
Date: 07/24/01 12:35:21 CDT
I miss the days greatly... I wish I could rally enough people to work with me to recreate the neverwinter of old.. alas I dont think it shall ever happen though =( If you're itnerested in helping, drop me an email to de@kracked.com

Name: Killum <Killum#spam-me-and-die-a0l.com>
Date: 07/10/01 16:21:35 CDT
It was something, wasn't it?

To the GOC, hey! To anyone I've ever insulted, you still suck!


Name: Ringthanes <mpryor@carolina.rr.com>
Date: 07/03/01 23:06:05 CDT
Medar, the screencaps rock! Those are the memories I'll cherish from the game. I miss the sound of a good THUD! Hell at this point I even miss my own. Thanks taking us all back to better days.


Name: Sir Joseph, Rayle Fahr, Daarm <jplocki@aol.com>
Date: 07/01/01 18:44:16 CDT
Wow. This site is almost too much to handle. The shockwave intro, the graphics, the names, and the memories...

Good journeys, everyone...

Name: Ethndrshkn <rykar@mindspring.com>
From: Louisville, KY
Date: 06/20/01 23:40:31 CDT
Gosh its been so long. I have lost contact with all my Brothers in BOP. Sigh, Ethan's brother lives on in EQ. Thank you for creating the site. It brought good memories back.

Name: Sunny/NW Triel <SunKist@aol.com>
From: Original NWN
Date: 06/10/01 10:38:57 CDT
Oh my God. I had no idea that so many of the old players were still around. Az, you old fool. It's good to see you among others. Although I was of the Non-PvPers in COR, I still had a great time. Can't wait for the new version to come out. ::sniffle::

Name: bill6363 <bill6363@aol.com>
Date: 06/09/01 20:41:24 CDT
I tried the stand alone. Wow!!! Powerfull memories, but its just not the same running around the map without running into the full battles that you could not even pass through. I still have the printed manual and the maps someone sent to me. God I miss this game. *snif* :(

Click my link above guys. Its a young RPG called BARP. While not exactly the same as Neverwinter was it has been my haven. Best thing about it is that its browser based.

I miss the drac battles the most and all those folks who helped me battle with them.

Name: MECH Menac <abibabi@abiplanet.com>
Date: 06/06/01 13:24:38 CDT

I think I'm gonna cry ....

I think Kaaos has a copy of the last ladder standings. You may want to contact them to get that posted here.. GREAT site... Damn I miss this game ;/

/rude AOHELL
/rude Steve Case

Name: Sir Roger <rstt@kcnet.com>
From: loudwater, far south and east of Neverwinter
Date: 05/21/01 21:16:52 CDT
I about fell out of my chair when I heard the them music!! I immediatly flashed back to PC-GEOS, with AOL running, august 91!! YOWZA!! Thanks for the flashback this is a wonderful memory and very well done. FYI, I was a Berseker my first year in NWN, only name that comes to mind is Dpayen, then I helped form the Brotherhood of Pathfinders as a founding member!! Long Live Mielikki!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Nightslayer <Nightslyr@aol.com>
From: Just outside of Neverwinter
Date: 05/21/01 12:08:29 CDT
I'm so glad I found this site. I didn't play NWN as long as most. I was one of those that had started playing a little while before it got shut down. But it was an incredible game. The fun, the people...everything. Joining first the Seekers (it's good to have a cousin in high places ;) ), then later COR. Playing with Belfour and Archimedes (I believe it was Archimedes...the SN began with Arch, anyway). The big, nasty skull-and-crossbones upon death. Ahh...memories....

Nightslayer (a.k.a. Nightslyr)

Name: SirKhaled
From: The Moonsea
Date: 05/09/01 14:13:17 CDT
Ah, the sights and sounds are all coming back to me. (Like when you hook to someone w/o saying so and they start moving fast. ::crunch-crunch-crunch-crunch... etc.::) Hehehe. Thanks for this joyous visit to the past.
Forever Neverwinter!

Protectorate Cleric

Name: LrdEldric <LrdEldric@hotmail.com>
From: The Dalelands
Date: 05/05/01 21:57:32 CDT
Neverwinter, a land that many called home, for a while. But such is the life of the adventurer to be forever wandering...

Eldric Swiftarrow

Name: Ilustriel - Dramia <kyowell@ptd.net>
Date: 05/01/01 23:45:58 CDT
ICQ-589762 Thinking of hosting a server when the game goes out.

Interested let me know.


Name: Vic Kruger <cykotic@direcpc.com>
From: The Hills
Date: 05/01/01 12:38:01 CDT
Just seeing that intro screen Brings me back! :takes out one of Chef Remos famous triple feeb scrolls:
Ahhh The good old days

Name: Efzeak <dsh2000@gmx.de>
From: Germany ;-)
Date: 05/01/01 09:04:52 CDT
Hi! I never played the original NwN. But what I've read here on this page made my believe stronger for the upcoming new NwN. I'll hope to meet some of you there.

Name: vk <veekay@antisocial.com>
From: the "new" NWN
Date: 04/24/01 22:43:10 CDT
This page brought back some great old memories. I will admit that back in the day I used pirated accounts for the purpose of feeding my NWN addiction and it wasn't until the unlimited plan that I actually made a real one and then got stuck with that plague of the server always being full. Playing these games in single player at home just can't ever compete to the fun of being with the community on aol. It is still such a shame this game ever had to be taken away from those who loved it so much.


Name: Rathowen <rathowen@hotmail.com>
From: Tempers Ball
Date: 04/19/01 00:03:14 CDT
Well all I can say is thanks

This web site is more then just a web site, it's a shrine to our past and a game we all loved

It's enough to make a guy cry

*runs off to cry*

ERS Boyo

Name: an old timer
Date: 04/14/01 11:44:07 CDT
aaah the oldest are sometimes the best in with the new but to the aged be true long live nwn.

Name: Azagth0th <samsmith@cyberverse.com>
From: The Zonei
Date: 04/11/01 15:56:15 CDT
Ah, god this is too good. I miss it too. If they put it back up in V1.0, I'd prolly still pay that insane rate to play :O

Howdy y'all :P

Remeber all, Handler1 can NOT save against Poison :)

Name: Synergi Aka ArisTiger <Synergi5@hotmail.com>
From: NWN
Date: 04/07/01 21:57:25 CDT
What more is there to say. I've waited a long time to see someone finally put up a site like this one. You've done a wonderful job of bringing back wonderful memories for all the old NWNer's still out there.

Name: Jenn <naivetysstar@earthlink.net>
From: Lots of different palces...
Date: 04/06/01 12:19:58 CDT
Just reading through the guestbook and I see that some people never change...

We all appreciate a place to come remember better gaming times! I wanted to say, again, wonderful job Medar. Since I dropped 70+ MECH icons in your lap... ;> I knew I kept them around for something, not just because I'm too lazy and too nostalgic to delete them.

What was great about NWN? I met my husband in NWN and he still talks about the game! He uses the stats of one of his favorite characters for his lottery numbers! LOL!!

Lhianan (UDL)
TK Aston
NWA Nova/NW Persia

Name: MK Grizz <Grizzums@juno.com>
From: The Bar.
Date: 04/05/01 22:44:18 CDT
Wow, if I got sad, I'd prolly cry from seein this site. This is great. :D

Name: MastaM1nd
Date: 04/01/01 11:10:31 CDT
Ah the sweet memories of playing this back in the day. How vividly I can recall kicking and killing all the Drow lamers one by one. Bashing in the skulls of the loser guild WOH and WGW. Running my blade through wanna-be guilds like FOCLOL and MCA. Great game but the people, half of them couldn't fight or would change their skin color to Drow to try and be something they could never be.


That's because I was.

Name: Gel <gel@nospam.carigamer.com>
From: Gamespot.com
Date: 03/31/01 18:16:23 CST
I so hate it when big companies kill off great games like this original Neverwinter Nights. I heard so much about it from friends, but I wasn't around on AOL to play it back in those days. Ahhh well..... :) Things move on I guess...

Name: Trek <hctrek@aol.com>
From: NWN...
Date: 03/31/01 01:00:23 CST
That new nwn is nothing like the original, but it may be fun nonetheless.

On another note, you might check out
which is another project underway...

Name: bill <bill6363@aol.com>
Date: 03/30/01 12:06:14 CST
I miss this old version so much!! Someone bring it back.

Name: Sol Sun1 <i4nik82@hotmail.com>
Date: 03/29/01 08:14:13 CST
heyas been a long time..looking for lumen and others, find me at carrion fields..mooken or azhran

Name: Makmorg <Makmorg@yahoo.com>
Date: 03/28/01 22:28:10 CST
Ah Neverwinter, where it all began for me
Makmorg aka NWA Morgan

Name: Rounlin <Rounlin@earthlink.net>
From: The Camarilla
Date: 03/27/01 01:43:46 CST
Oh how I miss the old days.

Name: Rounlin <Rounlin@earthlink.net>
From: The Camarilla
Date: 03/27/01 01:43:46 CST
Oh how I miss the old days.

Name: Rounlin <Rounlin@earthlink.net>
From: Brotherhood of Pathfinders
Date: 03/27/01 01:43:27 CST
Oh how I miss the old days.

Name: Joe Atlanta <ter450@yahoo.com>
From: Gainesville, FL
Date: 03/22/01 21:26:24 CST
AOL dropping game is main reason I left them. Thanks for the site. Looking forward to new game.

Name: Gene Warlock
From: Neriak
Date: 03/21/01 02:05:49 CST
Neat. Was a fun time! Best $200/month hobby by far :)

Name: ITB Nasty <stdallas@hotmail.com>
From: The Sewers
Date: 03/16/01 03:09:05 CST
I love the site. Brings back a lot of memories :)

I miss my e-cloak!

Name: Plutorus <Plutorus@aol.com>
From: Subspace.net
Date: 03/07/01 00:01:07 CST
Amazing site, thanks for keeping the memory alive. :)

Name: TPA Ribby <tparibby@aol.com>
From: Twin Power Alliance
Date: 03/02/01 03:15:20 CST
Man it's like yesterday I was in the west woods fighting dracs and WOH's with some WGW guys.. and CHAOS4HIRE. I joined up with WGW later for a little fun in Sosaria on UO, but it's been a while since I've journied!!

Name: Swordshere <Swordshere@mediaone.net>
Date: 02/27/01 23:42:45 CST
Awesome site. Thanks for keeping it alive for all of us who spent countless hours there:)

The Protectorate

Name: FOCLOL/OmmRebel <OmmRebel@msn.com>
Date: 02/26/01 23:46:40 CST
I am Glade i found this sight, I do miss the Many friends i had made. I hope My long time friends see this post and call upon me to say hi 8-)

Lt. OmmRebel White Lance
Order of Might and Magic

FOCLOL evil to the BOne 8-)

Name: Alaric <allenn@aol.com>
Date: 02/26/01 01:31:01 CST
Cool Site! Had a great time remembering the Hours (and Hours and Hours and Hours...) I spent in Neverwinter!

Name: LokAmy <lokamy@hotmail.com>
Date: 02/26/01 01:16:47 CST
This site is beautiful :) -sniffles-

Lords of Krynn

Name: MECH Death <gasparini67@home.com>
From: MECH
Date: 02/26/01 00:26:40 CST
**Tears Streaming** I want to tahnak Div, without his sight I never would have found this. Very Cool.

Name: Cedric
From: The Original Neverwinter Nights Webring
Date: 02/25/01 14:00:47 CST
It made me a little sad to see the old pic, but none the less happy that you didn't have a pic of me getting a Feeb. You have a very nice site, and it sure does take you back when you see those old names, doesn't it?!?!?!

Cedric, The Immortal
"He who is not forgotten lives on forever"

Name: Brendil Tolinar <brendil@goldenstaff.org>
Date: 02/11/01 16:08:04 CST
Now this brings back memories!

Nice job!

OGS/GG Brendil
OGS Thalinor

Name: MISCt
Date: 01/11/01 23:55:35 CST
Been a long time, and I'm glad that somebody's keeping a record. This place is just awesome.

MCA Forever! :>

Name: Testing
From: NWN
Date: 01/05/01 23:26:21 CST
Testing guestbook

Name: Medar <Medar@bladekeep.com>
From: NWN, etc
Date: 12/30/00 14:50:16 CST
Guestbook has been archived due to the page getting pretty damned long.

Thanks to all of you who have provided information over the last 4-5 months - keep it up! See everyone in Shadowbane Beta ;>

This site has no affiliation with any games or
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