The Guilds of Neverwinter Nights are what made the game as immersive as it was, from the first guild to the last. These groups of players all rallied under private banners, and took the roleplaying of the game to new heights with mock wars, intrigues, and huge fairs and events.

The guild community developed into a beast all its own, and the game guides soon found themselves setting up rules and regulations to forming guilds, and decided upon a recognition system for established guilds.

After a few years, the guild system was fairly set in place, with older guilds termed "Sanctioned" by Neverwinter, and younger formed guilds termed "Unsanctioned". The only difference between the two systems were that sanctioned guilds had public and private message boards hosted by AOL, and unsanctioned only retained public boards. And of course the status quo of being sanctioned...

Guilds were not limited to game recognition, and many secret or new guilds formed inside the game, but did not have the use of a guild message board. They were also not listed on any official guild bulletins, etc, but they could form in-game and travel as a group. Many groups did this to bolster their membership in hopes of becoming unsanctioned, and then sanctioned.

The power and community of these guilds is so strong, that many of them survive to this day, years after the game has shut down. See the sanctioned and unsanctioned guild pages for more details.

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